We never read much about her but is this the beginning of story abour Camilla Salander and why is

her fathers name left unmentioned? Is he alive? Is her biological father identity still a secret?

Chapter 1 ~ Introducing the Girl without a dragon tattoo

Google: “The Other Salander Girl”

According to her birth certificate, Milla’s full name was Camilla Sigrid Salander. She was one of a set of twins with the distinction of not sharing the same birthday. Her older sister Lisbeth was born on April 30th, 1978, while Milla made her entrance just two minutes after midnight on May 1st, 1978, exactly 11 minutes after her sister. Their mother, Agneta Sonja Salander, was 22-year old, unmarried and living in Stockholm. The place on the birth certificate reserved for their father’s name was blank.

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  1. Dure, I’m not sure you have read the three books, and my answer could frustrate you. I can speculate about some theories, but it would be better if you tell us what you have already read.

    Posted by Renato Freitas in Vitória da Conquista, Brasil ,

  2. I have read the third book “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” in swedish which is my native language and I have seen the three films in swedish. I was borned and raised in Gothenburg, the city where supposedly the father of Lisbeth ran a criminal network.

    What caught my interest is the line “ Zala is totally ready to join the ranks of famous bad dads, like Darth Vader, the stepfather in The Stepfather,” (google: shmoop.com girl-played-with-fire alexander-zalachenko-zala.html)

    Could he be a stepfather? There has been a defected KGB-agent running prostitutes and drugs who lived in Gothenburg who in that case would be the non-ficition model for Zalachenko. Who knows? What are your theories?

    Posted by The Dragon from Salanderville ,

  3. I wish there was another book in which Lisbeth finds her twin.

    Posted by Pamelia Faison-Davis in Garland ,

    1. Lisbeth encounters her twin sister Camilla (Milla) in The Girl In The Spider’s Web. It’s as you might expect, not having been written by Stieg Larsson but by David Lagercrantz. Lagercrantz’s last book in the Millennium series is The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye.
      Having just watched the Spider’s Web sequel, I won’t waste a moment on Eye.

  4. I believe the last time they saw each other, they nearly killed each other, might be wise not to let them meet

    Posted by missmousee in Albany WA ,

  5. Every fiction has its origin, for instance if we think about some story comes out like this which mention sex traffiking, drug traffiking and corrupted government does anybody really think government will let book like this to come out as a true story? True researchers have evidence that all what mentioned in the book does exist, not used to be very much popular subjects in american society, swedish..etc

    Posted by Cindy in St. Louis ,

  6. Why fiction ? No offense but what origin do yo think the Millenium Thrilogy have?

    1. Reality based on the life of two twin girls?

    2. Fiction to raise awareness about corruption?

    3. Fiction for the purpose of earning a buck?

    I find it a so called “Roma à clef”


    It would be interesting to meet the two women, now in their thirties and listen to their story.

    Posted by The Dragon from Salanderville ,

  7. Millenium Thrilogy has origin based on the life of two sisters, awareness about corruption needs to be raised and if good book gains attention it is obvious it will bring profit..

    you can easily see in the movies or while reading books that in our society girls who come from oversees get hurt very fast and easy ( when Lizbeth came into old Zalachenko property which she inherited after her father’s death and found that two russian girls were murdered by Niederman and these were the girls came to Sweden from Russia to go to college)There are much bigger subjects in the book are mentioned than just the corruption. For instance Zalachenko was a gangster for a very long time getting in trouble in a bar fights, etc. Police didn’t even find out that wasn’t his real name, how many more with not real name are there?

    Posted by Kesie in Australia ,

  8. Hello Kesie. I see you have read my post and grasped some of it’s meaning.

    I named this thread “the Other Salander Girl” and intended it to be about the other twin sister aka Camilla Salander. A wonderful and talented women who uses her skill even today to combat corruption and abuses of minors in Sweden and other countries.

    However I appreciate your comment and take the liberty to create another thread based on your very interesting question.

    “For instance Zalachenko was a gangster for a very long time getting in trouble in a bar fights, etc. Police didn’t even find out that wasn’t his real name, how many more with not real name are there?

    Posted by The Dragon from Salanderville ,


    The girls father in the Millenium Thrilogy is a very interesting character and my understanding is that he is composed of more than one real person. First naturally their biological father who appears to be absent in the books. Then there is their “stepfather” the Soviet agent who is father to Niederman with connection to powerful and corrupt persons in Sweden and post-soviet society.

    As from what I heard here in Sweden their biological father is the son of Carl Magnus Torsten Armfelt who was a real person who died in 2005 and left a son Carl Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt.


    Of course he was not a gangster but his identity was kept secret to him as well as the fact that he was father of two beautiful girls namely Lisbet and Camilla.

    If you are from Ontario you visit the gravestone of Torsten Armfelt


    Posted by The Dragon from Salanderville ,

  10. According to The Telegraph Thursday 09 July 2015 “Ikea gives £38 million to help Somali refugee crisis”

    That is really the spirit Camilla Salander displays, surely since she has been working in refugee camps in Africa.


    “ While working in Africa with an NGO, she’d (that is to say Camilla Salander) spent a lot of time in poorly equipped refugee camps, where emergencies were disturbingly common and supplies almost non-existent”

    I’m pretty sure that the real existing woman pictured as the character Camilla now in her late thirties are behind this good development of the IKEA company.

    Posted by The Dragon from Salanderville ,

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