The New Lisbeth – What do you think?

Here are enough fotos at last to see the range of looks,… These may be too arty because of being in “W” magazine. I am uncertain.

Posted by Leo Rivers in Cottage Grove , 15 January 2011

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35 thoughts on “The New Lisbeth – What do you think?”
  1. Noomi Rapace did a cracking job under the direction of Niels Arden Oplev and I can’t see Rooney Mara and David Fincher improving on the Swedish adaptation at all.

    I don’t speak Swedish but, even so, I felt that the English version of the novels was often awkward and occasionally quite poorly written. The story was great – the plot arc, the pacing, the tension and especially the characterisation – but the odd turn of phrase and many descriptive passages were often repetitive and sometimes boring. It was as if there was no joy in the use of language and it read like a second-hand account. Swedish speakers will be able to confirm or deny my opinion, but I felt that the English translation lacked something.

    The Swedish films were great insofar as they provided a visualisation of the characters, places and events of the novels, much like Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ was a hugely satisfying visualisation of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Like that trilogy, however, I thought the films only provided a brief synopsis of the plot. That’s perfectly understandable for a 2½-hour representation of a sprawling story that wanders down many avenues and has many layers. What the films delivered exceedingly well were the characterisations (chiefly Salander, but also Blomqvist and Berger) and mood of the novels.

    Each representation of the novels – whether the English translation, the Swedish films or, now, the English-language film – can appear to be a step further and further away from the original. In reality, however, the original can only be the Swedish-language novels. Everything else is just a representation and, on that basis, I’m prepared to be open to both Fincher’s film and Mara’s Salander.

    There are many things ‘wrong’ with the English-language remake – and by ‘wrong’ I mean that I don’t like the sound of. The different ending (which I hope doesn’t affect the beginning of the second film), the fact that Blomqvist is now an Englishman (as a foreigner I particularly enjoyed the insight into Swedishness that the books revealed and I cannot see how an English central character can portray this convincingly) and particularly having someone other than Noomi Rapace playing Salander (she totally nailed that character but I did read an interview in which she said she wouldn’t have wanted to do it again anyway). But the fact that Americans (and this is important – Hollywood always claims that they remake European films for an ‘international’ audience – they don’t: they remake them for lardass lazy Americans) seem to need a remake they can shove popcorn and hotdogs down their throats to instead of reading (can Americans read?) subtitles is very good for the Larsson estate’s finances.

    Now, whether the beneficiaries of that are the people Larsson would have wanted is another matter.

    Posted by genji in Lisbethtown ,

  2. Fuck hollywood – capitalistic bullshit is what this trilogy is going to be turned into, to make a buck. They are always looking for their next super franchise to rake in the millions and billions if they can get away with it, and that alone is enough to make me vomit every time they feel the need to re-make a work to fit their stupid american sensibilities. It’s the ultimate disrespect for the artists who created the original – fuck hollywood.

    Especially considering the authors opinion on this kind of capitalism – if you’re any kind of fan of Larssons work, you’ll stay far away from this insult. and if i remember the books right then lisbeth salander could even be a boy so any hollywood dumb ass with who doenst look like a tom boy fails eppicly

    Posted by jessica in alkmaar, netherlands ,

  3. Jessica, you are spot-on. European movies are subtle. Sublety is a concept foreign to Hollywood. No doubt characters will be opunching the air and shouting ‘God bless America’ in the court scene.

    Posted by Chris in Perth, Australia ,

  4. Does any one cares about Lisbeth`s black eyes??? I mean, You would NEVER place a Sherlok Holmes beeing blond right?? then why Hollywood will change Salander’s physognomy choosing an actress with blue eyes and boobs!! Come on! I mean there´s a little bit of meaning in Larssons not choosing those characteristics in Salander’s character, and those were to make a point, it is who she is what is important not her beautiful skyed eyes or her magnificent rack!!! I mean is completly anti-Salander choosing Mara! Altough yes! their dressers an make up artists made an amazing work on her…I prefer Noomi

    Posted by Victoria in México ,

  5. I posted this elsewhere but it fits here Looking at the recent poster release for the Fincher version does not me feel any better about the US remake. It is a classic badgirl/male fantasy look and is presenting the character of Lisbeth in totally the wrong way. (I am a guy by the way) anyone else feel the same?

    Posted by Paul1984 in London ,

  6. No, the US version will suck. It will make tons of money, but it will still suck. Rooney Mara is a terrible actress, at best. A privileged, upper class Irish/American girl cannot go head to head with a street-smart, hard-edged, half-Gypsy Swede, in a Swedish story. Mara would have to live 25 years, as a Swede to get the nuances, mannerisms, characteristics and behaviours of a Swedish woman.

    Posted by Veronica in Södra Äbgby ,

  7. No one can do Noomi Rapace but herself. The look alike is typical over the top hollywood crap. I used to like D Craig, but looks like he’ll do anything now. Hope he doesn’t ruin 007, he’s was going in the right direction with Bond, but who knows now.

    Posted by Kp in calgary ,

  8. There are several reasons to to look forward to the new movie. There were lots of holes in the Swedish movies including complete rewrites of Larsson’s storyline in ‘Tattoo’ Fincher is a good director and Zaillian is an Academy Award winning screenwriter who said he would follow the book closely…..however rooney is no noomi and it is Hollywood with its flash.

    Posted by hilodave in Hawaii ,

  9. Her boobs are too big, her eyes are not dark, she is not half-Swedish… FAIL!

    Posted by Veronica in Södra Ängby ,

  10. noomi rapace did a fine job as salander, but i think mara will play the role more envisioned in the book. when i read dragon, mara is more the character that i thought of instead of rapace.

    the swedish movie for dragon (can’t speak for fire or hornet, since i have not read them yet) totally massacre the book. there are so many different things going on, i can’t believe so many people actually like it.

    Posted by jose in florida ,

  11. Lisbeth is supposed to be short, weights around 40KG and looks like a teenager. She is very pale and doll-like. I think the Lisbeth Salander played by Noomi Rapace was never like the one in the book.Credit goes to Noomi though for creating a different kind of Salander.I think she was a little bit old for the real Lisbeth. I think Rooney Maara is more closer to the book but again other than the piercings and the tatooes, its difficult for anybody to bring out the real Salander

    Posted by lucia in new delhi ,

  12. Very nice actress. Make the picture strong, but with the wrong “the end”.

    Posted by Clovis Romero in Alvorada do Sul, Brazil ,

  13. I saw the American “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and the Swedish “Girl who played with fire.” Roony Mara definitely is closest to the description of Lisbeth and plays the withdrawn character well. The other actress just didn’t do it for me. Although the American version did leave out half the book!

    Posted by R. McClen in Huntington, N.Y ,

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