The New Lisbeth – What do you think?

Here are enough fotos at last to see the range of looks,… These may be too arty because of being in “W” magazine. I am uncertain.

Posted by Leo Rivers in Cottage Grove , 15 January 2011

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35 thoughts on “The New Lisbeth – What do you think?”
  1. I think she looks very good! This is the new Lisbeth!

    I am realy looking forward to the movie. I hope it will be great. David Fincher is a master-director and he is the right man for the job.

    Posted by AT in Stockhom, Sweden ,

  2. It’s also worth noting that Trent Reznor has signed on to do the music as well. I always had Lisbeth down as a Mine Inch Nails fan.

    Posted by Spiffer in Durham ,

  3. Hmmmm I’m a real fan of David Fincher films but not sure about this re-make. Different endings, different actors-nup, the Swedish films completed the job for me- to near perfectiong. I can’t see Rooney bettering Noomi- but we’ll see!

    Posted by wasteinyourspace in Manchester ,

  4. There is only one Lisbeth – Noomi Rapace! Mara will never fill her shoes. I like Fincher but I’m really skeptic about this remake. So skeptic that I’m even thinking about not watching it at all when it gets out in theatres. The ‘new’ Lisbeth looks awful, remindes me of some anorecsic catwalk model! This just ain’t Salander and that’s it!!!

    Posted by Nikolina in Buzet, Croatia ,

  5. Yes, so sorry Hollywood, but I will not be partaking of the remake. The originals are true to the novels and have great foreign actors (who aren’t all dolled up) the trilogy is just great!!!

    Posted by JAva in Indiana, USA ,

  6. I think Rooney Mara looks great as Lisbeth. As much as I absolutely loved Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth – she really was amazing – I think she may have been slightly too old for the role. We know Lisbeth can pass for a teenager and is often described as being ‘doll-like’ and ‘fine-boned’. For these reasons, I think Mara fits the bill really well. Apart from the fact that she actually does have boobs! Whether her acting will be up to the challenge is another thing.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  7. She looks more like the book portrays her than Noomi. Thats not to say Noomi was bad, she was great. The rest of the cast was horrid, and the movies butchered the book. Hopefully the U.S. version stays true to the books story, run time be damned lol, but like the Swed. version, i doubt it

    Posted by R.hunter ,

  8. R.hunter – Fincher is changing the end of the story. So, it will not stay true to the book!

    Posted by Nikolina in Buzet, Croatia ,

  9. Lisbeth might very well be one of those iconic characters actresses want to play (in the same league as Maggie from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Katherine from Taming of the Shrew). Noomie Rapace was beyond wonderful in the role and she herself said that she’d “played her Lisbeth” and was finished. I can understand another actress wanting to play such a complicated character and, as Nikolina said, this will certainly not exactly be a “remake.” My dream book/movie is that the 4th Millenium book is completed and made into a movie where Rooney Mara plays Lisbeth and Noomie Rapace returns as Camilla Salander. Since the books indicated that they were twins but didn’t look or act the same, there would be no problem with the difference in the actresses looks and Camilla, by the few bits of information given in the books, is a different personality – something new to challenge Noomi Rapace’s range of ability!

    Posted by Rose in California ,

  10. I’m not sure Mara and Rapace could play twins due to the obvious age difference. Nice idea though! :) If only there was that fourth book…

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  11. It really pisses me off that American directors always think they have to remake foreign films. People say that the remake will get people to watch the original, but I don’t think they will care. No subtitles for this country! Just watch the original, and Noomi for life!

    Posted by T.J. in Memphis ,

  12. if the books you have read leave you breathless ,and wanting more the author has done his job.any remake of book or film will not be the same.stieg larsson i salute you.lisbeth salander what a girl.

    Posted by john d in dartmouth devon england,

  13. Fuck hollywood – capitalistic bullshit is what this trilogy is going to be turned into, to make a buck. They are always looking for their next super franchise to rake in the millions and billions if they can get away with it, and that alone is enough to make me vomit every time they feel the need to re-make a work to fit their stupid american sensibilities. It’s the ultimate disrespect for the artists who created the original – fuck hollywood.

    Especially considering the authors opinion on this kind of capitalism – if you’re any kind of fan of Larssons work, you’ll stay far away from this insult.

    Posted by Loran mikan in København ,

  14. I looked at the pics of the ‘new’ Lisbeth. I gotta say Noomi is still my number 1 she did such an amazing job and it would be very hard for anyone to be a better Lisbeth. America i really annoying me now cant they let another country have the glory! they keep taking the stories and ideas and remaking them and most of the time they do a shit job!

    But i dont think o can resist no watching this…

    btw she looks the best in the 4th pic the others she looks like some sort of alien model….

    Posted by Kaz in Sydney ,

  15. Noomi was well-casted-she was believabele in every respect. One mistake ,in my opinion, made my American film makers is casting “a name” or “a pretty face”. When I saw Ms Rapace on screen-she was just as I had envisioned her character as I read the Trilogy.

    Posted by Peggy Cranston in Princeton ,

  16. Images four and five are the closest I think that portray Salander well. The others are not right. I doubt this film is going to serve justice to the books.. In fact I don’t think any motion picture could. It is simply too eloquent and sublime a creation of words that I find it would be hard, if not impossible to construct and mould it into a real life motion picture. Some things should be left as they are, but on the contrary, I would love to see the take on how people would portray the story and characters through reality. I’ve a love for all things in reference with this trilogy, though a conflicting annoyance to the things marring it’s originality and greatness such as movies that do it no justice. I’ll remeber the books.

    Posted by Georgia in Middlesbrough ,

  17. Noomi was the perfect Lisbeth. She looked exactly like the picture I got in my head when I read the books. I’m not going to bother seeing the Hollywood remakes… I just have a feeling that H-wood will find a way to f*** up the stories, like turn them into mindless action flicks. I’d rather have the full, uncut Swedish movies on DVD, and it sounds like those will be coming out sometime soon, so I’m saving my $$.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis ,

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