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Posted by Tony in Stockholm , 12 February 2009

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  1. Delighted to hear there does exist a sub-titled in English version.Dearly hope that it will be released in USA. Altho, I agree w/Susan in Florida, my mind’s eye is hard to beat. Would much prefer to see original Swedish film version than ANY Hollywood treatment, w/all due respect to QT.

    Posted by Mary Louise Furgurson in Silver Spring,Maryland USA ,

  2. surely someone besides me can see that the role is perfect for George Clooney and of course Ellen Page would be great as Slander

    Posted by sebastian in toronto ,

  3. I can see the Hollywood version of the book happening; however afraid that the hollywood treatment would ruin the whole storyline. Thankfully we will always have the actual books to resort back too !

    Posted by Stacy in Findlay, Ohio, USA ,

  4. I work in a bookstore in Melbourne Australia and there is a version of the first book being released in March with a Movie Tie In cover. Normally these covers are released within a month or two of the movies release. On the cover it says ‘starring Nyqvist’ and the other Swedish actor playing Salander.

    Posted by Ronnie Jones in Melbourne ,

  5. I am a great fan of Scandinavian literature and lately of their movies. Why are they not on the bigger movie picture, and more available in other countries? I had to get my DVD through a Nether-land friend. I live in South Africa but know that Stig Larson’s books were very popular and have been read by many. I think the film version of ‘ The Girl w t Dragon Tattoo’ was great and I hope to get the follow-up’s

    Posted by Magdel in Lichtenburg South Africa ,

  6. Just finished the second book and felt such sadness, knowing that there was only one more to come. From a bio that I read, Larsson had provided outlines for 10 books in this series. While I am definitely not a conspiracy nut, certainly the conspiracies, coverups and murders that are the heart of …played with fire, I can’t help but wonder if his position as editor-in-chief of “Expo” along with his deep interest in extreme right-wing and Nazi organizations, had anything to do with his untimely death. For those of you in Sweden, was there ever any discussion about whether his death was natural. There is nothing easier to induce than a heart attack. I know this is probably absurd, but right now I am just grieving for the loss of such an enormous talent.

    Posted by Rita in North Carolina, 19 February 2010

    Posted by Rita H. in Wilmington, NC ,

  7. Just finished this book last night and realized that Jon Hamm had been in my mind throughout the whole book as Mikael without my even realizing it. He is solid and subtle and would be perfect. Kristen Stewart IS Salander, offbeat, dry, indifferent (seeming!) and skinny. And she looks like she might just surprisingly kick somebody’s ass. Golf, anyone? Brad Pitt, no, no, no and no.

    Posted by Joy A. 2.21.10 in Phoenix, AZ USA ,

  8. I’m patiently waiting in South Australia, Adelaide’s bookstores unfortunately have limited repetoire & stock.

    As everyone (WORLDWIDE) has concluded, a captivating series & I’m intrigued by the film and possible interpretations to screen in the near future.

    Fingers crossed the essence of the murder mystery trilogy AND the Swedish culture are not diluted. I hope the characters, that are so vivid/distinct remain intact when portrayed by various actors.

    Posted by Meg, Adelaide in South Aust. ,

  9. We just watched the Swedish speaking version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, after listening to the books on tape…..it was fantastic!! i would, however love to have the films with English subtitles…..Just added my self to the group on Facebook.

    Posted by Christina in Madison Twp., PA USA ,

  10. I read “…Dragon Tattoo” in hours! I was kind of turned off by the financial talk in the beginning and then, BANG, things get hopping! I adored Salander’s character, of course, but I also really enjoyed how well Mikael was fleshed out and his relationships with the women in his life. Fascinating book.

    In reference to a US remake, I have no doubt it is being hashed out as I type. Unfortunately, these a rarely done well and will doubtlessly lack the Swedish authenticity that was so appealing in the novel. Brad Pitt, Ellen Page, blah blah blah. No thank you. Kristen Stewart even less so. (The talent of these actors is not in question, just their appropriateness). John Hamm actually seems like an interesting choice, however, to play Mikael. I can see Maria Bello easily playing Erika. As for Salander, it should be someone not American or an unknown who can slam dunk the role.

    That said, I am dying to see the Swedish version with subtitles ASAP! :-) If Let the Right One In was any indication, it will be awesome!

    Posted by Laura in San Diego, CA USA ,

  11. Just saw Dragon Tattoo in Highland Park, Illinois. Excellent, faithful to the novel!!! If the Americans make their version it won’t be as good as this one. Looking forward to seeing Fire this summer.

    Posted by Pamela in Barrington, Illinois ,

  12. my name is ronald niedermann where did stieg larrson get the name for his book

    Posted by ronald dean niedermann in toledo iowa ,

  13. Will the movie come out in Britian? And more importantly, in English?

    Posted by Ashleigh Southern in Little Whingy, Surrey ,

  14. Will this mvie be released iwth English subtitles? In USA?

    Posted by Jennifer T. in California, USA ,

  15. does larsson’s estate have control over movie production rights?

    Posted by jean gabriel in new york city ,

  16. I seriously doubt we’ll see a QT/Brad Pitt version of the movie, especially with “Inglourious Basterds” just recently released. I think most people will be more than happy with the original and English subtitles. Given the popularity of the book(s) I’m surprised this hasn’t happened by now.

    Posted by Kyle in St. Peter, MN, USA ,

  17. I just finished The Girl Who Played With Fire, and found this website in a search for information about whether Larsson died mysteriously or not. Was the heart attack a straightforward result of his life style and genetics? Does anybody know? It would make for interesting theorizing if his death was questionable.

    To hear that a movie has been made of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is exciting. I agree with the sentiment to release it with English subtitles, and keep it away from Pitt, Tarentino, and Hollywood in general. Even Bollywood would do a better job.

    I’m eager to read the third novel. It can’t be published soon enough for me.

    Posted by Tom in Hollister, CA ,

  18. i am very glad that the german translations of the trilogy has been released last year already, for once we have been a step ahead and i am very glad to have them on my bookshelf! but please, NO HOLLYWOOD VERSION of these perfect unique swedish jewels!the swedish movie is very close to the books in atmosphere and characters and the actors are perfect (my personal taste).

    Posted by christiane in luxembourg ,

  19. I have never been so captivated by a character as I have been by Salander…and now I am equally bummed to learn the author is deceased. I will be waiting impatiently for the third book in the series. I am also waiting to see the Swedish version of the film with English subtitles…someone please hear my plea along with the others posted on this site.

    Posted by Elaine in Mill Valley, CA ,

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