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Posted by Tony in Stockholm , 12 February 2009

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  • Tony in Stockholm says:

    Saw the movie “Män som hatar kvinnor” (“Girl with the dragon tatoo”) at a preview in Stockholm februray 10. It wasn’t great (like the book) but quite good. Perhaps not perfectly adapted for the big screen, but a really hi-quality TV-movie.

    I had, like many others, a few fears about the casting. But I’m happy to inform you that Noomi Rapace did a good job as Lisbeth Salander. Michael Nyqvist and all the other, very well established swedish actors, did of course deliver as expected, but many voices have been raised against the casting of mrs Rapace as the leading female character. We all have our own personal perception of the enigmatic computer hacker from the books. And not everyone will approve of Noomis version, but I think she does an excellent job. And it’s not an easy task depicting one of the most intriguing characters in modern crime literature.

    I’m looking forward to the next movie, and speaking of wich; I overheard a conversation at a shopping mall in central Stockholm yesterday (sorry for eaves-dropping, couldn’t help it). It was a big guy telling some friends of his participation in the filming of “The girl who played with fire”. It was a graphic description of a fight with Paolo Roberto wich leads me to think he plays the role of Ronald Niederman in the movie. The interesting thing is that he claimed they fought with real punches to make it look real. I don’t know the guys name but if he took Miriams Wu’s crouch kick without wearing a suspensory (wich I think he claims to have done) he’s definitely worth naming.

    It would be nice to hear some more reviews. They are running previews in Stockholm these two weeks before the opening on februry 27 so there’s got be a few opinions to be shared.

    Posted by Tony in Stockholm ,

  • barda in são paulo says:

    Hi, is there a version of subtitles, for non swedish speakers?

    Posted by barda in são paulo ,

  • Vibeke in Norway says:

    I beleive I was the ONLY person in the whole movie theatre (which was full) who had not read the books (sorry!). I thought the movie was great! Made me read the two first books in just one weekend. My husband had read them, and he thought the cast was perfect. Here in Norway the film has gotten top scores on just about every review I’ve read. Thumbs up!

    Posted by Vibeke in Norway ,

  • Sharon Mesenich in Australia Melbourne says:

    Will this movie be realesed with english subtitles?

    Posted by Sharon Mesenich in Australia Melbourne ,

  • Ashleigh Southern in Little Whingy says:

    Will the movie come out in Britian? And more importantly, in English?

    Posted by Ashleigh Southern in Little Whingy, Surrey ,

  • Jennifer T. in California says:

    Will this mvie be released iwth English subtitles? In USA?

    Posted by Jennifer T. in California, USA ,

  • Kimberly Farrington in Stockbridge says:

    I hope this movie will be written with English subtitles. I absolutely loved the book. I can’t wait for the book The Girl Who Played with Fire to e released over hear in the USA. I prepaid for it and am just counting down the days. It definately is too bad that Mr. Larssen died so soon.

    Posted by Kimberly Farrington in Stockbridge, Michigan ,

  • Linda .. in EDINBURGH says:

    just read the 1st book and loved it cant wait for next one. comes out on 9/7/09 can see lily allen as lisbeth ? in film

    Posted by Linda .. in EDINBURGH ,

  • annemarie in ottawa ontario canada says:

    This trilogy was absolutely amazing. I just finished the third and last book(I read them in french) and don’t feel the need to see the movies as nothing will ever compare to the scenarios that played in my imagination as I was reading the books!

    Posted by annemarie in ottawa ontario canada ,

  • kate in italy says:


    I have just come back from the cinema and i LOooooooved the film!

    I have NOT read the book and I am sure it will even be better than the film. I am looking forward to reading it. All three books are best sellers in Italy and the film is very well made. Especially for someone who has not read the book. it’s full of surprises. Not just the story but the actors and all. Just great!

    Posted by kate in italy ,

  • Dario in Catanzaro – ITALY says:


    I saw the movie on the first day it came out in Italy (29 may)…I couldn’t wait for it…especially because I’ve been waiting for it since I finished to read the third (also the last?) book (las January!!!).

    I can’t hide that I was so scared because I didn’t want my favourite character to become other people respect to what they were in Larsson’s mind and books…but…finally…I just want to say that it’s the first time that a movie doesn’t destroy the story and the real characters of a novel…and I wanna thank the director and the scripter for doing that!!!

    Posted by Dario in Catanzaro – ITALY ,

  • aj in new delhi says:

    why is no one answering the question about english subtitles?

    Posted by aj in new delhi ,

  • Clare in Italy says:

    I saw the film in Italy the other day, the cinema was full and eveyone was fascinated by it. We went on word of mouth, which is what most people are doing, and now I’m persuading my frinds to go. It was differnt, it was away from Hollywood, it was real – the actors are clever and subtle, they use silences and cigarettes just as much as words!

    Posted by Clare in Italy ,

  • Ivana says:

    Fantastic film that kept the integrity of the novel.

    Looking forward to seeing the remaining two on the big screen.

    Wonderful night out!

    Posted by Ivana, Chantal, Juan in Ottawa ,

  • socrates17 in mahwah says:


    why is no one answering the question about english subtitles


    Presumably because nobody knows yet.

    Keep talking it up.

    I doubt that “Let the Right One In” would have been released with English subtitles if that film had not gotten so much discussion on line.

    So, don’t stop asking, but ask on Amazon, IMDB, and places not only frequented by the cognoscenti.

    Posted by socrates17 in mahwah ,

  • Orlok in Stockholm says:

    According to imDb the film has been released in Canada, but that seems to be the only place outside Europe as of yet. No dates for the UK or the US though.

    There are rumors going round Swedish newspapers at the moment that Quentin Tarantino wants to do an American version of the first book. Starring Brad Pitt as Mikael Blomqvist. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, and there are no official statements either from Tarantino or the Larsson estate.

    Posted by Orlok in Stockholm ,

  • IMDb member in in US says:

    “…rumors going round Swedish newspapers at the moment that Quentin Tarantino wants to do an American version of the first book. Starring Brad Pitt as Mikael Blomqvist….”



    While I’m a grudging fan of QT, there is NOTHING in his body of work or Larsson’s books to REMOTELY suggest that QT would EVER be capable of handling Larsson’s work. The difference in their styles is greater than the distance between Hollywood and Cape Horn–I would say Neptune, but I’m trying be fair in the face of such an apples-and-pomegranates comparison.

    As for “The Pitts”, EVERYTHING in his body of work AND in his personal history says that there’s NO WAY ON EARTH [or off it] he could ever GLIMPSE Mikael by reading the books, much less play that fullsome character successfully. Martin? Sure…except that Pitt has “done” him so many times already it wouldn’t be worth using a free movie rental on down the road, and those who hadn’t read the book would know where to look for the villian immediately. I wouldn’t even cast him as Mikael in a farcical parody of this book [God forbid!], as he still has to understand the original character completely to pull it off. No need to mention that his hair, eyes, age, build, and mentality are all wrong.


    POST YOUR DISSENTS DAILY, not only on IMDb, but anywhere else you can find also!

    AND KEEP PUSHING FOR MORE SUBTITLES for the EXISTING movie in every remaining language!!

    Posted by IMDb member in in US ,

  • carol in Cedar says:

    Brad Pitt definitely all wrong for any role in this brilliant book/movie. I am thinking Alexander Skarsgard? Maybe??? And Ellen Page as Lisbeth. Interested in your opinikons

    Posted by carol in Cedar, B.C. ,

  • Carol in San Francisco says:

    i heard about Stieg Larsson from a Swedish seatmate on a US flight…immediately bought Girl with Tattoo… and have read it twice. very sorry to find that Larsson died so young… Looking forward to reading the other two, or maybe three, books. As for the movie, i do hope it comes out with English subtitles, done by the original Swedish cast. Agree that Brad Pitt is not right choice for Blomkvist…partly because he’s so well known. Cast should be less known but accomplished actors. Best of all…subtitles in Swedish films, and keep Hollywood away from it. Agree that Hollywood will put it’s sappy Hollywood imprint on it, and ruin the film.

    Posted by Carol in San Francisco ,

  • Juliana in Rio de Janeiro says:

    I’v just looked up for the actors that carol made mention. And I got scared with ellen page… She’s just… LISBETH! I feel like they have casted her out of my mind… but alexander looks too young to lead the role of mikael… I realized Mikael as Ralph Fiennes, sort of… I watched the movie in spanish(although I can perfectly understand spanish, once its my “sister language”, the accent from spain has freaken me out… =/)and I though Noomi was perfect! I did realize Lisbeth Salander way thiner and way uglier, Noomi is pretty… but I loved the way she embodied the character, she WAS Lisbeth!

    Posted by Juliana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ,

  • Julia in Bristol says:

    Please can the film that’s already been made just have english subtitles. I have read the first two books (which I couldnt put down, cant wait for the third) and thought the trailers of the film looked fab. But please NO remake especially from QT with hollywood A listers, et all, they can really destroy good films! I watched the swedish film ‘let the right one in’, so I know they can have subtitles, and the story/film won’t be ruined!

    Posted by Julia in Bristol, England ,

  • Patrick Ellingham in Hollywood says:

    I just read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on my kindle and have immediately had the second book sent, as well. I would love to see the movie, with subtitles. I don’t think QT would do the books justice. Not knowing about the movie having been done, I kept thinking of Lori Perry as Lisbeth. I may have to order the third book in German if it doesn’t come out in English soon enough.

    Posted by Patrick Ellingham in Hollywood, FL ,

  • Franklin in Santa Cruz Ca says:

    Will we get the film with english subtitles? Just picked up the second book.

    Posted by Franklin in Santa Cruz Ca, USA ,

  • Liz Gubler in Johannesburg says:

    Finished reading “Girl with the dragon tattoo”, found it to be enthralling and captivating! Rushed out to find “Girl who played with Fire” (English translation) and am so delighted to have found a copy…….. Hopefully the films will come to South Africa.

    Posted by Liz Gubler in Johannesburg, South Africa ,

  • Jana in Brussels says:

    It would be an huge dishonour having the role of Salander been played by another actrice than Noomi Rapace. Rapace did an excellent job. I pay huge respect to an actress that takes it to the edge to play a role like Salanders. Only the very truly and purely talented can do it as intensely the way Rapace did. Besides, she’s absolutely gorgeous. She mannaged to create the unique, skinny and boyish Salander look but combines it with an incontournable and intriguing beauty (admit it readers, the carachter in the books might be depicted looking weird, yet she must have something really seductive too. At least that’s how I interpret Larssons description of her . Blomkvist, Wu and others can’t all be wrong, can they? :-) )

    They should broadcast the movie in America with English subtitels and let the casting just the way it is. Apparently that’s a step Americans don’t wish to take. sad…

    Posted by Jana in Brussels, Belgium ,

  • Peter Clarke in Ireland says:

    Read first book. Excellent. Now on page 135 of second and its also great. Look forward to his third book. Has anyone read any other of his publications ?

    Posted by Peter Clarke in Ireland ,

  • Stephen in Aberdeenshire says:

    I have asked the production company if and when the film will be released in the UK and they advise “The film will be released by Momentum/Alliance. It will be in the cinemas before Christmas and on DVD next year” ……….Excuse me….I have a queue to join!!!!

    Posted by Stephen in Aberdeenshire ,

  • Lenna Webb in Dallas says:

    I read “Tattoo” in two sittings. Rushed out to get “Fire” and read it straight through in one day. Have not read anything of this quality in a long time and I read a lot, being in three book clubs. I am glad to here there is a movie of “Tattoo” out there and certainly hope it gets to the US with subtitles. Believe it or not, Dallas, TX has three art house theaters, so I would certainly hope it would come here if it gets to the US!

    Posted by Lenna Webb in Dallas, TX ,

  • Sandra in Maryland says:

    I read The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo in two sittings, leaving one hundred pages or less for the second day. I’ve ordered The Girl Who Played With Fire. Lisbeth Salander is the most interesting and complicated character in a mystery I’ve come across in a long time, and I read all the time. I was so impressed with the writing and the storytelling in Tattoo. I’m hoping that the U.S. will be able to see the movie or another one will be made, but please, not with Brad Pitt and not by Q.T.

    Posted by Sandra in Maryland ,

  • Marts in London says:

    Just finished reading “The girl who played with fire” a few days ago, sooo enjoyed it. I am glad to see others are also clamouring for the Swedish movie to come out with English subtitles. Honestly, I couldn’t bear a Hollywood remake. After the long list of failed Hollywood attempts, when a “foreign” language original already did a first-class job, is far too high a risk. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but it’s far more likely that the sniff of money will entice an unsuitable director and producer to take up the task.

    No thanks!

    It makes perfect common sense that people who know a country, language and culture are in the best position to portray a story from that country faithfully. “Let the right one in” really reinforces this conclusion (worth a see if you haven’t!), and after seeing the trailer for “The girl with the dragon tattoo” I was very excited, because the images captured the kind of atmosphere I imagined while reading the novel.

    It would be too much to see a US version try to market it as something more friendly to a separate market, on the basis of selling it to a broader audience. The “Swedish”ness of the movie, if that makes any sense, is part and parcel of what I want to see in the movie, because that is where Stieg Larsson is coming from.

    Posted by Marts in London ,

  • Sarah S in Boston says:

    I think the actor Eric Bana could play a good Mikael Blomqvist but I really can’t imagine anyone playing Lisbeth well.

    Posted by Sarah S in Boston, MA ,

  • Ann in Salt Lake City says:

    I need the third book in English NOW. . . and the movie with sub-titles please.

    Posted by Ann in Salt Lake City, Ut. ,

  • Julie in San Diego says:

    My husband, my sister and I and I have just read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and we are starting on the second book. We can’t put the books down. Hope the movies come to the United States soon and with English subtitles of couse.

    Posted by Julie in San Diego, California ,

  • Regina in Sydney says:

    I read a lot and never crime fiction, but I could not put the first two books down and now I am on a waiting list through Amazon for the english translation of the third book? What is taking so long? Can’t we pay some swedish to english translator mega bucks to get the damn thing done—like yesterday? Is this really that hard??!!! I want my third book “now!” Thank you… I’m off to pout–I hate waiting…

    Posted by Regina in Sydney, Australia ,

  • Lara in Portland says:

    Count me as one American who wants to see the Swedish made movie with subtitles. Keep Hollywood away!

    Posted by Lara in Portland, Oregon ,

  • Sassy Babs in Seattle says:

    PLEASE! not QT, Pitt or Hollywood! Remakes of excellent ‘foreign’ films are always a joke, if not downright disastrous. Originals w/subtitles are much preferred, so I’m eagerly awaiting the film. Fabulous books, what a shame this brilliant author died so young, states one who is beyond 60!

    Posted by Sassy Babs in Seattle, Washington ,

  • Tina in Tampa says:

    I just finished the book and was completely satisfied. Well the ending was a little disappointing but to be expected with a sequel. It certainly left me wanting to read more! The excerpt of the second book was such a tease!!!! I have to say that if Hollywood get a hold of this, it will be the destruction of the original movie!! Brad Pitt? Good Lord…NO!!!!!!!!

    In th meantime, I hope that the movie is released in the United States with English subtitles or at the very least with voice overs!

    Posted by Tina in Tampa, Florida ,

  • Gail in Ann Arbor says:

    Read the Dragon Tattoo book, recommended it to others and found this discussion to discover that a movie is out there. Put the DVD on my Netflix queue today and expect to see the Swedish film with English subtitles someday! Put the second book (Fire) into my library queue today. Great read.

    Posted by Gail in Ann Arbor, Michigan ,

  • Nazli Weiss in Amissville says:

    Read both the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the Girl who played with Fire. Loved the books. I am so sorry to hear that Stieg Larsson passed away. I have rarely been so thrilled with the stories and read them straight through dropping everything. Wow! Lisbeth Salander is a great anti-heroine. I applauded her in various parts of the books. Can’t wait to read the third book in English. I would love to see the movies in Swedish with English subtitles. From other readers comments I gather that they like the casting of the Swedish one. I hope they keep the same characters. There is nothing worse than having various actors play the roles in sequels. Will have to see the movie or get the DVD as soon as it hits the U.S. Please……stick with the Swedish actors. I do like Quentin Tarantino and his movies, but don’t see his movie making style as compatible with the essence of Larsson’s books, nor do I see Brad Pitt as a Mikael Blomquist! Please do not ruin it for us fans.

    Posted by Nazli Weiss in Amissville, VA ,

  • jean gabriel in new york city says:

    does larsson’s estate have control over movie production rights?

    Posted by jean gabriel in new york city ,

  • Kyle in St. Peter says:

    I seriously doubt we’ll see a QT/Brad Pitt version of the movie, especially with “Inglourious Basterds” just recently released. I think most people will be more than happy with the original and English subtitles. Given the popularity of the book(s) I’m surprised this hasn’t happened by now.

    Posted by Kyle in St. Peter, MN, USA ,

  • Tom in Hollister says:

    I just finished The Girl Who Played With Fire, and found this website in a search for information about whether Larsson died mysteriously or not. Was the heart attack a straightforward result of his life style and genetics? Does anybody know? It would make for interesting theorizing if his death was questionable.

    To hear that a movie has been made of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is exciting. I agree with the sentiment to release it with English subtitles, and keep it away from Pitt, Tarentino, and Hollywood in general. Even Bollywood would do a better job.

    I’m eager to read the third novel. It can’t be published soon enough for me.

    Posted by Tom in Hollister, CA ,

  • christiane in luxembourg says:

    i am very glad that the german translations of the trilogy has been released last year already, for once we have been a step ahead and i am very glad to have them on my bookshelf! but please, NO HOLLYWOOD VERSION of these perfect unique swedish jewels!the swedish movie is very close to the books in atmosphere and characters and the actors are perfect (my personal taste).

    Posted by christiane in luxembourg ,

  • Elaine in Mill Valley says:

    I have never been so captivated by a character as I have been by Salander…and now I am equally bummed to learn the author is deceased. I will be waiting impatiently for the third book in the series. I am also waiting to see the Swedish version of the film with English subtitles…someone please hear my plea along with the others posted on this site.

    Posted by Elaine in Mill Valley, CA ,

  • MM in London England says:

    Saw film yesterday in London, apparently first showing anywhere with English subtitles, as part of a film festival. Introduced as being on general release Arpil next year in UK. If enjoyed books the film is worth a look, quite graphic on occasions but then the books are too. Worth a look at.

    Posted by MM in London England ,

  • PMG in Marlboro says:

    So pleased that the film with English subtitles is out! Now we all have to scream LOUDLY so that it’s released in UK and US – SOON so we can all enjoy it.

    Brilliant writer – Fantastic story line – Lisbeth, my HERO!

    Posted by PMG in Marlboro, Massachusetts ,

  • KJ in Cinci says:

    The movie, in Swedish, is somwhere over the Atlantic…. HURRY UP, and thank you SO MUCH DEAR DEAR BROTHER for sending it!

    P.S. He said it was “okay” but he’s picky…. ;o)

    Posted by KJ in Cinci ,

  • Rory in Dublin says:

    Need to buy a copy of the film with english subtitles, anyone got one???

    Posted by Rory in Dublin ,

  • Sydney in Atlanta says:

    I wonder how long it will take to get the film to get to the US. The idea of Quentin Tarantino having anything to do with this story is appalling. The New Yorker review of his latest mess (with Pitt) called Tarantino “an embarrassment “, enough said. The book is riveting.

    Posted by Sydney in Atlanta ,

  • Caroline in The Hague says:

    I saw the movie, and i was a bit dissapointed, i had high expectations of it… because it was not in the right order and some things in the movie where told in another way than the book, like in the movie anita vanger was dead, and mikael went to harald’s house instead of Martin vanger before martin tried to kill him in his cell.

    but ok, they made the film good, but the book is the best!

    Posted by Caroline in The Hague, Netherlands ,

  • beth in santa monica says:

    i just finished ‘the girl who played with fire,” which i read immediately after dragon tattoo. when i found that the third one isn’t coming out in the us until oct. 31, i ordered it from amazon uk, coming out oct. 1. i think gabriel byrne would make a decent michael if they do an english version (which they should), or maybe even clooney. someone who looks his age though. not sure about salander.

    Posted by beth in santa monica ,

  • Jo in NC says:

    Please, no Hollywood version … they would set it in NYC so the average American could imagine it and yes, probably allow Brad Pitt to plat Blomkvist, which would be tragic.

    I cannot imagine who should play Salander so I’d rather it be someone I don’t know.

    I would much prefer seeing the Swedish version with subtitles.

    Posted by Jo in NC, USA ,

  • Len Doran in Grants Pass says:

    If there is a “Film God,” please keep the Americans (and, yes, I am one) away from a remake of the Swedish film. I haven’t seen it yet but form most of the comments above, it should be released here as it has been in England with Engish subtitles. Two of the most interesting and satisfying books I have read in my 68 years. If Lisbeth was real, I would propose!

    Posted by Len Doran in Grants Pass, Oregon USA ,

  • Dorothy in Virginia Beach says:

    I just finished reading “Tattoo” and found it to be the best mystery crime book I have ever read (and like Mikael I am a big fan of both Elizabeth George and Sue Grafton). Can’t wait to read the second book and then the third. Sure hope the rumors about a fourth book are true. So sad that such a great talent died so young. God forbid that Hollywood ever gets its hands on these superb works. You folks in Sweden should rise up in arms if this is ever seriously considered.

    Posted by Dorothy in Virginia Beach, VA USA ,

  • Keithy in Swindon UK says:

    Dare I say this, but I would be interested to see what QT would make of Salander. There is no way that he could capture the style of the books, and could not compete with the Swedish asthetic for the film ( which I have yet to see) but this is a terrific story with a terrific heroine, and QT has already created in Kill Bill’s “The Bride” , a realy strong female role.

    With regard the Pitt, he is not just a pretty boy ( Snatch, Meet Joe Black comes to mind) and whilst a a QT take on the story would be a good distance away from Steig Larsson, it would probably be a cracking good film. The real issue for Hollywood is “The Girl who Played with Fire” – Teenage Prositution, and “S&M Dykes” in Cinema -scope ? Who but QT could take that on ?

    Posted by Keithy in Swindon UK ,

  • KTO in Florida says:

    Both book are just breathtaking. The style and characters are just amazing and I didnt even know there was a movie! I agree just add subtitles to the original! If Tarantino takes it over Larsson’s beauty will be destroyed! When will the last book be released?

    Posted by KTO in Florida ,

  • Debbie Frangoudi in Nicosia Cyprus says:

    I read a lot but when I started reading The girl with the dragon tattoo I never thought it would be the best book I ever read in my life!!! So of course when I got my hands on the film I was so excited. The truth is I must say the book was much much much better. Lots of things were left out and in a different order and well… while it could be a good film for someone that hasnt read the book for someone that has its just ok. Lisbeth Salandor however was exactly like I had her in my mind. Noomi Repace did an excellent job. Maybe I was a bit disappointed because I had high expectations I dont know. Definitely recommend it. Hollywood STAY AWAY…

    Posted by Debbie Frangoudi in Nicosia Cyprus ,

  • Charlie in London says:

    Hi! I’m a London born English speaker and have thoroughly enjoyed watching both the films in the past week (the first on DVD and today at the cinema in Umeå). I’ve got a very basic knowledge of Swedish and found that due to the way the films have been made – very visual – most of it is self explanatory. It helps to have a Swedish speaker to possibly explain a couple of bits where dialogue is important, but still well worth watching.

    All those waiting for it in English – learn some damn Swedish!

    Posted by Charlie in London ,

  • Joni Pensack in Steamboat Spgs says:

    I too, very much enjoyed “Tattoo” and look forward to the next two in the series. When can we expect to see the film with English titles ? I agree with many…. I don’t think Hollywood could do it justice… Too bad . How sad that the world has lost such a talented author.

    Posted by Joni Pensack in Steamboat Spgs, Co. USA ,

  • Sally Valente in Illinois USA says:

    I loved Dragon Tatoo but was blown away with the Girl who Played with Fire.My fellow bookstore employees all agree with me. We LOVE Lisbeth and we can’t wait for the third book.

    I have a definite picture of what Salander looks like – she’s just so great -we all think she’s the neatest character ever.

    Bless you Stieg for creating such a memorable character!

    Posted by Sally Valente in Illinois USA ,

  • Vanessa in Bahia Brazil says:

    I really hope it comes to Brazil as soon as possible!

    Im really excited to see the movie, though I know it wont be as perfect as the book :)

    Posted by Vanessa in Bahia Brazil ,

  • Jana Rogers in Garden Grove says:

    I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and LOVED it. It is an excellent, EXCELLENT book. I couldn’t put it down.

    I’ve been interested in seeing the WORLD WIDE appreciation of Stieg Larsson as evidenced in this website. He had so much to say. It’s a tragedy he died so young.

    I agree with those who say NO Hollywood meddling with this story.

    Posted by Jana Rogers in Garden Grove, CA. USA ,

  • Julianna Hunter in Birmingham says:

    Just finished listening to The Girl who Played with Fire and had to know more. Netflix has the movie listed but with unknown availability. Agree with it shouldn’t be remade in the US. What would we do with that amazing of a female character. No victim there just an amazing character and story.

    Posted by Julianna Hunter in Birmingham, Al. ,

  • Helen in Sydney says:

    Just on my way to collect ‘The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest’, released in Australia today. Loved the first two books and have been waiting for the third. I agree, release the original movie with English sub-titles. It just wouldn’t be right for to see a Hollywood treatment of the story.

    Posted by Helen in Sydney, Australia ,

  • Dorothy in In Sydney says:

    There isn’t anything I can add to what everyone else is saying about the first two books, they were spellbinding page turners and I have been promoting them to everyone I talk to.

    All I can add is DON’T FORGET to send the film to Australia, we want to see it as much as the rest of the world.

    Posted by Dorothy in In Sydney, Australia ,

  • Alice near Philadelphia says:

    Dragon Tattoo was the best read in a long time. I just found out about the trilogy and will pounce on the other two. I look forward to the movie opening in the US. Please do not remake it, Hollywood. And, please no dubbing. I saw Let the Right One On In and was shocked to find that it was dubbed in English…not even with Swedish accents. It was wierd. Ditto to the comment that Hollywood remakes of “foreign” films are a joke.

    Posted by Alice near Philadelphia, PA ,

  • admin says:

    I am a Vietnamese who grew up watching Chinese films that were dubbed…and I hated it!! It was such a distraction. So, please do not dub the Swedish movie.

    At the same time, I would not like it if Hollywood gets their hands onto the rights. Too often Hollywood has butchered the plot and characters of plenty of good books: The DaVinci Code, The Bourne series, etc. If it has to be filmed in English, please use a lesser known director who can translate Larsson’s characters and storyline to a T. I can see an Indie-film director producing a great movie.

    Previous poster mentioned Ellen Page as Salander. I can see this as a possibility; however, she will need to lose weight to portray the character more accurately (Please do not think I am saying she is fat. She is far from it.).

  • John John III in Bangkok says:

    I agree with the posts begging that Quentin Tarantino NOT be the one to adapt Larssons’s first Millenium volume to the screen. Ibid for Pitt playing Blomqvist. This would be a disaster…

    Posted by John John III in Bangkok ,

  • Kathleen in Rockville says:

    I loved the first two books and just started “Hornet’s Nest.” (Not released in the U.S. yet, but thank God for the internet and!) I just read that the film will be released in the U.S. in March 2010, so we just need to be patient a while longer.

    Posted by Kathleen in Rockville, Maryland ,

  • Susan in Chicago says:

    I loved, loved, loved “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and am flying through “The Girl Who Played with Fire.” Both of the books are spectacular — I honestly could not figure out the ending to “Tattoo” until I read the last page — truly a mind-bending story and a real page-turner of a novel. As far as casting, I’d vote for Johnny Depp as Mikael and would have loved a young Rachel Griffiths as Lisbeth (think “Muriel’s Wedding”).

    Posted by Susan in Chicago, IL, USA ,

  • Brent in Nashville says:

    Oh, so hoping for a US release of the film. Finished both English Tatoo and Fire. What I find so amazing is that the English translation reads so well…the prose is great. (I’m a snob about that.) I’ve passed my copies on to friends, too, who’ve never heard of them. They love them, too. Tatoo was good, but Fire was spectacular. That spitfire Lisbeth…if an American film was made, Juliette Lewis has the ability to cover the character, IMHO.

    Posted by Brent in Nashville, TN ,

  • Maxi in Atlanta says:

    What about Kristen Stewart as Salander? I believe with some Tattoos and Piercings she’d be good as Salander. She’s pretty skinny and kind of different from the mainstream Hollywood actresses. Essentially though I agree with what others have posted before. The original movie should just be released with subtitles. Great books like Larsson’s deserve an artistic film adaptation and don’t really need special effects a la Hollywood.

    Posted by Maxi in Atlanta, Georgia ,

  • Marilyn in Pleasant Hill says:

    I just finished reading the “Hornet’s Nest. The whole series was wonderful, the best read I’ve had in a long time. Lisbeth was a unique and interesting character (must have been on the A. spectrum somewhere). I hope Stieg knows that the world is loving his writings.

    Posted by Marilyn in Pleasant Hill ,

  • Jim in Hatboro says:

    Unless I missed them, there don’t seem to be any comments in this series of posts about the English audio versions of Dragon (Martin Wenner reading) or Fire (Simon Vance). As good as these books are, I would say they become imcomparably better in these two readings. And although like many others I look forward eagerly to the movie with English subtitles, I highly recommend the audio as a way of “hearing” Blomqvist and Salander (and the other characters, as well as hearing Larsson’s authorial voice.

    Posted by Jim in Hatboro, PA ,

  • Cheryl D in Canberra Australia says:

    As a Kiwi living in Australia I would love to see the movie versions of the books but please NO Americans playing the main parts. Eric Bana, cool but definitely not Brad Pitt. Subtitles are a preference if Swedish or other Europeans are chosen to play the parts.

    Posted by Cheryl D in Canberra Australia ,

  • Jim in Hatboro says:

    A correction to my earlier post. Martin Wenner reads the abridged version of Dragon. Simon Vance does the unabridged versions of both of the first two books

    Posted by Jim in Hatboro, PA ,

  • Christopher Marcus in Copenhagen says:

    Re: The discussion about ENG movie versions … isn’t there something ‘particularly Swedish’ about the books, the society they take place in, the atmosphere, etc., that’s an integral part of the story? Or it just me … I mean, I’m open to the possibility that the ‘essence’ of the drama and plot and so on can be transferred into a succesful remake in the US, for example. (Although I, as a European, don’t really see the need … :-)


    —- – because one Millennium should never end!

    Posted by Christopher Marcus in Copenhagen ,

  • Sarka Hinzova in Prague says:

    I dont think anything! The movies will probably never come to Czech Republic! Im so pissed off!!!!!! Why do I have to wait for every movie years and years!!! I can only say that I saw the trailer and The actress of Lisbeth is looking EXACTLY the way I imagined her while reading the book… Im jelous of everyone who can see the movies…:(

    Posted by Sarka Hinzova in Prague, Czech Republic ,

  • Robin Wyatt in Braselton says:

    The audio books are absorbing. Tremendous visual as you listen to Larsson’s words being read, including of the swedish atmosphere. I and several others are waiting for the third book to be out in audio form and it is going to be a hard wait. This trilogy is a masterpiece and the audio production is up to Larsson’s skill.

    Posted by Robin Wyatt in Braselton, GA ,

  • cprsd in waikato says:

    what have people read after these 3 books that is even 50% close to stig larsson

    Posted by cprsd in waikato ,

  • Larsson Book Worms in Australia says:

    Its been a long time since either my husband or I have read such captivating and intriguing books – we devoured them and still hunger for more Steig Larsson! In my head I dont feel that Salander’s tale is finished!

    Please have the Swedish movie released Down Under with subtitles and I am thrilled to read that so many other readers dont want to see the Hollywoodisation or Americanisation of such a great story.

    Posted by Larsson Book Worms in Australia ,

  • macca in New York says:

    Russell Crowe as Mikael… he’d be perfect. Brad Pitt? Oh god no. He can’t act, is not subtle and is too self consciously pretty. Crowe has the intelligence, the talent and is just the right age and with enough unself-conscious sex appeal.

    Posted by macca in New York ,

  • B.L. Whelan in Vancouver says:

    Marvellous stories. Bought the first here in Canada before going to Europe and then picked up the other two in London. Fought over them with our travel companions. Have not seen anything about the film but will look forward to it. Other Swedish films with subtitles always worked well so no problem there. Maybe it’s our climate but there’s a sympathetic feeling to the stories.

    Posted by B.L. Whelan in Vancouver, Canada ,

  • Kathy Z in Newport News says:

    I have listened to the first two books on audio, twice through both books, and am completely mesmerized by Salander and Calley F…ing Bloomqvist! Awesome writing. Simon Vance is a SUPERB reader and brings Sweden, as well as the complex and interesting characters, to life. I can’t wait for the third book!

    Posted by Kathy Z in Newport News, Virginia,

  • Malin E in Norwalk says:

    No, there are no legal English subtitles on the DVD.

    As for a US remake… sadly but there will eventually be one made.

    I won’t say much about it, cause I loved The Departed (the US version) and I had no clue that it was a part of an Asian miniseries.

    So the film can be treated respectfully by other countries. As long as they have someone with some Swedish in them to help out.

    The US translation is pretty hideous compared to the original language. It has nothing to do with the languages being so different, only that the translater sucked.

    I just finised reading the English translation of “Låt den rätte komma in” (Let the right one in) and that just proves my point. Any book can be translated well and still keep the country color if the translator is good.

    As a Swede in the US, I can’t even rent the first movie, cause no one brought it in since it has no English subtitles on teh disc and didn’t win a slew of awards as Let the right one in. Thankfully my DVD player takes all regions, so fmily sent the first movie over. Sad that they more or less left the entire relationship between Berger and Blomkvist out. For future movies that is….

    If they do a US version, lets hope they pick unknown names for it as much as possible. Actors who aren’t too connected with other movies.

    Malin E

    Posted by Malin E in Norwalk, CT USA ,

  • Edward in Dover NH says:

    I guess that I didn’t now what I was getting into when a friend handed me the book. I read the first one in a weekend – couldn’t put it down – and started the second one right after I put it down. GREAT READ, GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND GREAT TRANSLATION FROM THE SWEDISH.

    Posted by Edward in Dover NH, USA ,

  • Steve O’Rourke in Bethel says:

    Thanks for the spoilers, Caroline and Malin. Now that I know that they substantially changed the story, I’m less inclined to see the film, if and when it gets here. It’s almost always a bad idea to read the book before the movie; it’s often a severe disappointment because so much has to be condensed or excised to fit into a limited running time. If it had been a miniseries, it could have fully explored the story, and could have been shown here on cable, sexual situations included.

    QT has made some great films, but he’s wrong for a remake of this. He needs to grow up and do a serious film soon, instead of his video store geek pulp genre films, or he’ll be nothing but a footnote in film history. If there HAD to be an American remake, I’d go with Steven Soderbergh, who’s shown that he can do (and still does) indie and commercial films. I really have no ideas on casting, except maybe Tim Robbins as the male lead.

    Posted by Steve O’Rourke in Bethel, CT, USA ,

  • Lea in Halifax says:

    Please dear God…. NOOOOOO to Brad Pitt playing Blomkvist and Quentin Tarantino would make a mockery of the book… I don’t want to see a Kill Bill version.

    How about Ellen Page as Lisbeth or Christina Ricci. They both have the acting chops to bring the role to life. Bring in a European director who knows the nuances of the original book.

    Posted by Lea in Halifax ,

  • celia in Houston says:

    SUBS–PLEASE!!! I listened to both the first books and loved the sound of the Swedish names and places. We can handle the sub titles, just please send it on soon!!!

    Posted by celia in Houston, Texas ,

  • Matt in Tucson says:

    I just finished reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, today (in one sitting). My wife gifted it to me for Christmas; what a great book. Please, contrary to one comment above, not all Americans are against the movie in original Swedish with subtitles. I imagine it would be spectacular.

    Posted by Matt in Tucson, Arizona, USA ,

  • admin says:

    Just saw the film (with english subtitles) here in new zealand last night. Loved it. Actors were perfect and I’m very fussy about book adaptations.

  • Justin in Spartanburg says:

    New topic: There is a strong tradition in mystery fiction ( at least in English) of making mistakes in reference to the features and operation of firearms. Some of this is the result of the author’s ignorance and some of it is a humorous referent on the part of the author. On p.457 of the American Vintage Crime paperback version of “Dragon Tattoo” Salander is described as taking the safety of a Glock pistol off safe. Glock’s don’t have external safeties. My guess, for what its worth, is that Larsson was fully aware of both this fact and the tradition of ignorant bliss vis-a-vis firearms.

    Posted by Justin in Spartanburg, SC, USA ,

  • Justin in Spartanburg says:

    I just now see that I am off topic and that there is a place to post my above comment elsewhere. If anybody knows how to shift/delete the above feel free to do so.

    My bad.

    Posted by Justin in Spartanburg, SC ,

  • Maurice in Crewe says:

    I have just read both books in the last 2 weeks. Totally engrossing and so enjoyed the characterisation of Lisbeth and Mikael. I am now really looking forward to reading the last part of the trilogy. In some ways I want to delay it so I can savour the thrill and anticipation of reading such great fiction.

    Films are out in UK I understand this year – 1st on March 12th with English subtitles I assume.

    Posted by Maurice in Crewe, UK ,

  • Katie in Marlborough says:

    I’ve just finished listening to the first book courtesy of audible and the narrator Saul Reichlin (who I thought was superb). Was pure heaven to surrender myself to the world of Blomkvist and Salander, and I’m champing at the bit for the next! Very excited to hear the Swedish film (with subtitles pleeeease!) is only a few months away. Looking forward to the visuals especially. Can’t believe that this time last week I did not know the joy that was Steig Larsson!

    Posted by Katie in Marlborough ,

  • Fiona in Ann Arbor says:

    Looking forward to the film with english subtitles here in the US. Will miss this very talented and wonderful writer.

    Posted by Fiona in Ann Arbor, Michigan ,

  • Troy Hubbs in Dallas says:

    It seems as if we were teased by god , when he took the great Stieg Larsson away from us . With only 3 novels, i find myself reading the same page again and “trying” to put the book down. Only to delay, the coming to the last page. Looking forward to a movie in english, but we all now it could never compare to the books.

    Posted by Troy Hubbs in Dallas , Texas ,

  • Jean in Petoskey says:

    By all means, Tattoo with subtitles. Is Nest available in Canada now? May is just too far off to wait.

    Posted by Jean in Petoskey, MI ,

  • Antonia in in Vukovar says:

    One of the best books i have ever read,and Lisbeth is the best character ever!!

    Will miss this great writer!

    Posted by Antonia in in Vukovar,

  • Beverly in Bellingham says:

    Loved the book and would love to see the film but need english subtitles, forget Hollywood just add the printed word on film. I stayed up all night reading, Stieg was an artist, too bad he died so young and didn’t get to enjoy his fame.

    Posted by Beverly in Bellingham, Washington USA ,

  • Clementine in Fredonia says:

    Loved the first two books and am eagerly anticipating the third. I will continue to be very watchful for the movie- please no Hollywood, QT or Brad!!!

    Posted by Clementine in Fredonia, NY USA ,

  • Susan Heft in Dade City says:

    Just found Lisbeth Salander after reading mysteries for 65 years. And I write this through tears for the loss of Steig Larson. I don’t believe I will ever see Lisbeth again, except by rereading Larsons books. As far as a movie goes I’ll go to see it, but I don’t believe it will will come close to what I see in my minds eye

    Posted by Susan Heft in Dade City, Florida ,

  • Mary Louise Furgurson in Silver Spring says:

    Delighted to hear there does exist a sub-titled in English version.Dearly hope that it will be released in USA. Altho, I agree w/Susan in Florida, my mind’s eye is hard to beat. Would much prefer to see original Swedish film version than ANY Hollywood treatment, w/all due respect to QT.

    Posted by Mary Louise Furgurson in Silver Spring,Maryland USA ,

  • sebastian in toronto says:

    surely someone besides me can see that the role is perfect for George Clooney and of course Ellen Page would be great as Slander

    Posted by sebastian in toronto ,

  • Stacy in Findlay says:

    I can see the Hollywood version of the book happening; however afraid that the hollywood treatment would ruin the whole storyline. Thankfully we will always have the actual books to resort back too !

    Posted by Stacy in Findlay, Ohio, USA ,

  • Ronnie Jones in Melbourne says:

    I work in a bookstore in Melbourne Australia and there is a version of the first book being released in March with a Movie Tie In cover. Normally these covers are released within a month or two of the movies release. On the cover it says ‘starring Nyqvist’ and the other Swedish actor playing Salander.

    Posted by Ronnie Jones in Melbourne ,

  • Magdel in Lichtenburg South Africa says:

    I am a great fan of Scandinavian literature and lately of their movies. Why are they not on the bigger movie picture, and more available in other countries? I had to get my DVD through a Nether-land friend. I live in South Africa but know that Stig Larson’s books were very popular and have been read by many. I think the film version of ‘ The Girl w t Dragon Tattoo’ was great and I hope to get the follow-up’s

    Posted by Magdel in Lichtenburg South Africa ,

  • Rita H. in Wilmington says:

    Just finished the second book and felt such sadness, knowing that there was only one more to come. From a bio that I read, Larsson had provided outlines for 10 books in this series. While I am definitely not a conspiracy nut, certainly the conspiracies, coverups and murders that are the heart of …played with fire, I can’t help but wonder if his position as editor-in-chief of “Expo” along with his deep interest in extreme right-wing and Nazi organizations, had anything to do with his untimely death. For those of you in Sweden, was there ever any discussion about whether his death was natural. There is nothing easier to induce than a heart attack. I know this is probably absurd, but right now I am just grieving for the loss of such an enormous talent.

    Posted by Rita in North Carolina, 19 February 2010

    Posted by Rita H. in Wilmington, NC ,

  • J. Chahine in Winnipeg says:

    All I have to say is Russel Crowe and Ellen Page

    Posted by J. Chahine in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ,

  • Joy A. 2.21.10 in Phoenix says:

    Just finished this book last night and realized that Jon Hamm had been in my mind throughout the whole book as Mikael without my even realizing it. He is solid and subtle and would be perfect. Kristen Stewart IS Salander, offbeat, dry, indifferent (seeming!) and skinny. And she looks like she might just surprisingly kick somebody’s ass. Golf, anyone? Brad Pitt, no, no, no and no.

    Posted by Joy A. 2.21.10 in Phoenix, AZ USA ,

  • Meg says:

    I’m patiently waiting in South Australia, Adelaide’s bookstores unfortunately have limited repetoire & stock.

    As everyone (WORLDWIDE) has concluded, a captivating series & I’m intrigued by the film and possible interpretations to screen in the near future.

    Fingers crossed the essence of the murder mystery trilogy AND the Swedish culture are not diluted. I hope the characters, that are so vivid/distinct remain intact when portrayed by various actors.

    Posted by Meg, Adelaide in South Aust. ,

  • Christina in Madison Twp. says:

    We just watched the Swedish speaking version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, after listening to the books on tape… was fantastic!! i would, however love to have the films with English subtitles…..Just added my self to the group on Facebook.

    Posted by Christina in Madison Twp., PA USA ,

  • Laura in San Diego says:

    I read “…Dragon Tattoo” in hours! I was kind of turned off by the financial talk in the beginning and then, BANG, things get hopping! I adored Salander’s character, of course, but I also really enjoyed how well Mikael was fleshed out and his relationships with the women in his life. Fascinating book.

    In reference to a US remake, I have no doubt it is being hashed out as I type. Unfortunately, these a rarely done well and will doubtlessly lack the Swedish authenticity that was so appealing in the novel. Brad Pitt, Ellen Page, blah blah blah. No thank you. Kristen Stewart even less so. (The talent of these actors is not in question, just their appropriateness). John Hamm actually seems like an interesting choice, however, to play Mikael. I can see Maria Bello easily playing Erika. As for Salander, it should be someone not American or an unknown who can slam dunk the role.

    That said, I am dying to see the Swedish version with subtitles ASAP! :-) If Let the Right One In was any indication, it will be awesome!

    Posted by Laura in San Diego, CA USA ,

  • Bill in Springfield says:

    Just joining the chorus of accolades for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” I was too absorbed to do my garden chores! Surely do hope for a non-Hollywood and authentic version (in English) if it is in fact only Swedish TV. Must read the next two…and can anyone do me a favor and email any suggesitons for similar Scandinavian mysteries? And yes, we must have a sequel for Lisbeth who on the last page simply turned on her heel.

    I have no opinion about Brad Pitt or others in a lead role. in Springfield, MO (Brad’s hometown)

    Posted by Bill in Springfield, MO USA ,

  • Betsy McLaren in Seattle says:

    Was at the preview showing for “The girl with the dragon Tatoo” in Seattle,Wa. tonight. Went because everyone at my oscar party was talking about reading the books. I have not read the books ,but will now. Was thrilled with the movie, and was on the edge of my seat through the entire movie. Loved the acting , the screenplay,the cinematography,the scenery,all the surprisesand twists and turns.I am not a mystery buff and my husband is and we both loved it. Would watch it again in a hot second and wil recomend it to all of our friends.This movie should certainly be up for an Oscar or two.

    Posted by Betsy McLaren in Seattle,Wa. USA ,

  • Pooch in Hertfordshire says:

    UK fans should be aware: there are 2 versions of the film being released here. One version is the original Swedish Version, with English Subtitles, and the other version is the original Swedish Version, but with an English dubbed audio track – for the cinematic heathens amongst you! Unfortunately, there are no details about who performs the English dub. Be careful, and check which version the cinema you intend to see the film at, is showing!

    Posted by Pooch in Hertfordshire, UK ,

  • Neve Guadagno in New York City says:

    For all of those dying to know when Swedish version of the film with English subtitles will be in the US..I have great news. Music Box Films an indie foreign film distributor in the US is bringing it to theaters starting March 19th 2010 – yes right around the corner. Here is the website They even have a DEMAND IT button so if you cant find it in your hometown you can demand it to play! I personally cant wait to see the movie and read the 3rd book…

    Posted by Neve Guadagno in New York City ,

  • Paul in London says:

    We saw the sub-titled long version in London last night and were bowled over by the film. This film along with ‘A Prophet’ has made a perfect start to my cinema year. I hope you all get to see ‘A Prophet’ too, a similar vibe to the experience.

    Posted by Paul in London ,

  • Ginnie in Basildon says:

    Went to see this film as a birthday treat …and what a treat it was! I saw the subtitled version and had no trouble following the plot – the story keeping me enthralled from start to finish. I hope the next installment will be released with English subtitles soon…I have been tempted to buy the DVD from Scandanavia, but alas it doesnt include English subs :(

    Posted by Ginnie in Basildon, Essex ,

  • Terry in Hull says:

    Have just discovered Steig Larsson, read the first two in record time, just waiting for the HORNETS NEST. I hope to see the film soon ( with English subtitles please ) . what idiot thought QT and the Pitt was a good idea for a remake. The pair wouldn’t know literature from a hole in the head. How to ruin a superb story ? Ans. let Hollywood get hold of it.

    and lets face it they have managed to kill some of the best……………..

    Posted by Terry in Hull, Yorkshire ,

  • in Australia mate says:

    I see no need to have US film made at all – but if it must be, then I would prefer total unknowns in the roles – surely that is not impossible – who wants yet another clooney or pitt or god forbid hanks in the role — uggggggg

    BUT I am disappointed that both leads in the swedish film look alot older than they should be! :D

    Posted by :D in Australia mate ,

  • Ian in in America *rolls eyes* says:

    Please DON’T let the USA remake these films. That would be doing a major disservice to the legacy of Steig Larsson – as well as an insult to the amazing acting and technical quality evident in all three films. (Just finished watching ‘Hornet’s Nest’ – the combined effect of all three films is something very special.) PLEASE don’t let the Americans remake them, ignore the dangling offer of dollars and let Mr Larsson’s legacy remain un-’Hollywoodized’. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting this. His work doesn’t deserve to be mutilated and dumbed down – as you know it will be if its remade.

    Posted by Ian in in America *rolls eyes* ,

  • Julie in Melbourne Australia says:

    just watched the first film in Melbourne today. Wonderful character portray by Noomi and Nyvist. Loved the 3 books and mourn the loss Larsson. Look forward to buying DVD in the future of all three – SWEDISH only please! [however no one has to watch any remake anywhere in any language]

    Posted by Julie in Melbourne Australia ,

  • Lara in Portland says:

    Just found out that the first film will open here in Portland on April 16th! Cannot wait! I hope it is captioned and not voice over, does anyone know?

    Posted by Lara in Portland, Oregon ,

  • CM in San Jose says:

    I saw the first fil in San Jose, CA tonite. It was fantastic.

    Posted by CM in San Jose, CA ,

  • Rodger in Johannesburg says:

    Was in London to witness birth of my first grandchild and went to hmv curzon in Wimbledon to see by chance ‘tattoo’, wow what a movie! Immediately bought ‘playing with fire’ and now searching for ‘hornet’…hooked! Keep it Swedish with sub-titles I say.

    Posted by Rodger in Johannesburg, South Africa ,

  • Joy A. in Phoenix says:

    Any preconceived notions I had of who should play Lisbeth and Mikael went right out the window today when Noomie and Michael appeared on the screen in this amazing Swedish film with subtitles! Perfectly cast, these two immediately just BECAME the book characters beautifully. This is the only film EVER that I have enjoyed equally as much as the book. I’ll see it again!

    Posted by Joy A. in Phoenix, AZ USA ,

  • Joy A. in Phoenix says:

    P.S. Hollywood, I love you, but please don’t mess with this book. The perfect Swedish film has already been done exquisitely. I’m still excited about it today, as I tear into this amazing author’s second book, and delve deeper into the mind of Lisbeth. What a character! One of the best to come along in years.

    Posted by Joy A. in Phoenix, AZ USA ,

  • Gita B in Bombay says:

    Amazing books, I’m on my third in the Trilogy and am hoping the movies come with English subtitles to India (Distant Dream)

    Posted by Gita B in Bombay, India ,

  • Carolyn McK in Glasgow says:

    LOVED the first book, not so keen on the second, and the third was a COULDN’T PUT DOWN. Sad now that the Lisbeth Salander story has come to an end .. maybe: or is the 4th book real.

    Thought the film was raw and well cast, however it misses out so much of the complexity of Lisbeths relationships with the men in her life. The subtitles were – in some instance – like for like and therefore not fluid English, but go and see it: it’s a must see for 2010 if you were a fan of the books/author.

    Posted by Carolyn McK in Glasgow, Scotland ,

  • Elsabe in Brisbane says:

    Australia is so far behind…down Under. Just saw “Tatoo” about 2 weeks ago. Loved it! Finished The second one and can;t wait to get my hands on Hornet’s nest!! Such good reading!! Good on you Larson!

    Posted by Elsabe in Brisbane ,

  • Pamela in Barrington says:

    Just saw Dragon Tattoo in Highland Park, Illinois. Excellent, faithful to the novel!!! If the Americans make their version it won’t be as good as this one. Looking forward to seeing Fire this summer.

    Posted by Pamela in Barrington, Illinois ,

  • in Phil in Adelaide says:

    Does anyone know when the movie will be released on DVD

    Posted by in Phil in Adelaide ,

  • ronald dean niedermann in toledo iowa says:

    my name is ronald niedermann where did stieg larrson get the name for his book

    Posted by ronald dean niedermann in toledo iowa ,

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    • Girl in the Eaglels Talon
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    • Girl in the Eaglels Talon
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