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Posted by Tony in Stockholm , 12 February 2009

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  1. Saw the movie “Män som hatar kvinnor” (“Girl with the dragon tatoo”) at a preview in Stockholm februray 10. It wasn’t great (like the book) but quite good. Perhaps not perfectly adapted for the big screen, but a really hi-quality TV-movie.

    I had, like many others, a few fears about the casting. But I’m happy to inform you that Noomi Rapace did a good job as Lisbeth Salander. Michael Nyqvist and all the other, very well established swedish actors, did of course deliver as expected, but many voices have been raised against the casting of mrs Rapace as the leading female character. We all have our own personal perception of the enigmatic computer hacker from the books. And not everyone will approve of Noomis version, but I think she does an excellent job. And it’s not an easy task depicting one of the most intriguing characters in modern crime literature.

    I’m looking forward to the next movie, and speaking of wich; I overheard a conversation at a shopping mall in central Stockholm yesterday (sorry for eaves-dropping, couldn’t help it). It was a big guy telling some friends of his participation in the filming of “The girl who played with fire”. It was a graphic description of a fight with Paolo Roberto wich leads me to think he plays the role of Ronald Niederman in the movie. The interesting thing is that he claimed they fought with real punches to make it look real. I don’t know the guys name but if he took Miriams Wu’s crouch kick without wearing a suspensory (wich I think he claims to have done) he’s definitely worth naming.

    It would be nice to hear some more reviews. They are running previews in Stockholm these two weeks before the opening on februry 27 so there’s got be a few opinions to be shared.

    Posted by Tony in Stockholm ,

  2. I hope this movie will be written with English subtitles. I absolutely loved the book. I can’t wait for the book The Girl Who Played with Fire to e released over hear in the USA. I prepaid for it and am just counting down the days. It definately is too bad that Mr. Larssen died so soon.

    Posted by Kimberly Farrington in Stockbridge, Michigan ,

  3. just read the 1st book and loved it cant wait for next one. comes out on 9/7/09 can see lily allen as lisbeth ? in film

    Posted by Linda .. in EDINBURGH ,

  4. Just on my way to collect ‘The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest’, released in Australia today. Loved the first two books and have been waiting for the third. I agree, release the original movie with English sub-titles. It just wouldn’t be right for to see a Hollywood treatment of the story.

    Posted by Helen in Sydney, Australia ,

  5. There isn’t anything I can add to what everyone else is saying about the first two books, they were spellbinding page turners and I have been promoting them to everyone I talk to.

    All I can add is DON’T FORGET to send the film to Australia, we want to see it as much as the rest of the world.

    Posted by Dorothy in In Sydney, Australia ,

  6. Dragon Tattoo was the best read in a long time. I just found out about the trilogy and will pounce on the other two. I look forward to the movie opening in the US. Please do not remake it, Hollywood. And, please no dubbing. I saw Let the Right One On In and was shocked to find that it was dubbed in English…not even with Swedish accents. It was wierd. Ditto to the comment that Hollywood remakes of “foreign” films are a joke.

    Posted by Alice near Philadelphia, PA ,

  7. I am a Vietnamese who grew up watching Chinese films that were dubbed…and I hated it!! It was such a distraction. So, please do not dub the Swedish movie.

    At the same time, I would not like it if Hollywood gets their hands onto the rights. Too often Hollywood has butchered the plot and characters of plenty of good books: The DaVinci Code, The Bourne series, etc. If it has to be filmed in English, please use a lesser known director who can translate Larsson’s characters and storyline to a T. I can see an Indie-film director producing a great movie.

    Previous poster mentioned Ellen Page as Salander. I can see this as a possibility; however, she will need to lose weight to portray the character more accurately (Please do not think I am saying she is fat. She is far from it.).

  8. I agree with the posts begging that Quentin Tarantino NOT be the one to adapt Larssons’s first Millenium volume to the screen. Ibid for Pitt playing Blomqvist. This would be a disaster…

    Posted by John John III in Bangkok ,

  9. I loved the first two books and just started “Hornet’s Nest.” (Not released in the U.S. yet, but thank God for the internet and Amazon.co.uk!) I just read that the film will be released in the U.S. in March 2010, so we just need to be patient a while longer.

    Posted by Kathleen in Rockville, Maryland ,

  10. I loved, loved, loved “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and am flying through “The Girl Who Played with Fire.” Both of the books are spectacular — I honestly could not figure out the ending to “Tattoo” until I read the last page — truly a mind-bending story and a real page-turner of a novel. As far as casting, I’d vote for Johnny Depp as Mikael and would have loved a young Rachel Griffiths as Lisbeth (think “Muriel’s Wedding”).

    Posted by Susan in Chicago, IL, USA ,

  11. I have just read both books in the last 2 weeks. Totally engrossing and so enjoyed the characterisation of Lisbeth and Mikael. I am now really looking forward to reading the last part of the trilogy. In some ways I want to delay it so I can savour the thrill and anticipation of reading such great fiction.

    Films are out in UK I understand this year – 1st on March 12th with English subtitles I assume.

    Posted by Maurice in Crewe, UK ,

  12. I’ve just finished listening to the first book courtesy of audible and the narrator Saul Reichlin (who I thought was superb). Was pure heaven to surrender myself to the world of Blomkvist and Salander, and I’m champing at the bit for the next! Very excited to hear the Swedish film (with subtitles pleeeease!) is only a few months away. Looking forward to the visuals especially. Can’t believe that this time last week I did not know the joy that was Steig Larsson!

    Posted by Katie in Marlborough ,

  13. Looking forward to the film with english subtitles here in the US. Will miss this very talented and wonderful writer.

    Posted by Fiona in Ann Arbor, Michigan ,

  14. It seems as if we were teased by god , when he took the great Stieg Larsson away from us . With only 3 novels, i find myself reading the same page again and “trying” to put the book down. Only to delay, the coming to the last page. Looking forward to a movie in english, but we all now it could never compare to the books.

    Posted by Troy Hubbs in Dallas , Texas ,

  15. By all means, Tattoo with subtitles. Is Nest available in Canada now? May is just too far off to wait.

    Posted by Jean in Petoskey, MI ,

  16. One of the best books i have ever read,and Lisbeth is the best character ever!!

    Will miss this great writer!

    Posted by Antonia in in Vukovar,

  17. Loved the book and would love to see the film but need english subtitles, forget Hollywood just add the printed word on film. I stayed up all night reading, Stieg was an artist, too bad he died so young and didn’t get to enjoy his fame.

    Posted by Beverly in Bellingham, Washington USA ,

  18. Loved the first two books and am eagerly anticipating the third. I will continue to be very watchful for the movie- please no Hollywood, QT or Brad!!!

    Posted by Clementine in Fredonia, NY USA ,

  19. Just found Lisbeth Salander after reading mysteries for 65 years. And I write this through tears for the loss of Steig Larson. I don’t believe I will ever see Lisbeth again, except by rereading Larsons books. As far as a movie goes I’ll go to see it, but I don’t believe it will will come close to what I see in my minds eye

    Posted by Susan Heft in Dade City, Florida ,

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