The Millenium Trilogy

I have read the preceeding novels, I am halfway through the much awaited Hornets Nest book and I can’t put it down. It all sits together so well and the translation from Swedish flows nicely and succintly. It is the classic tale of good against evil in a very modern setting. Salander evokes sympathy and curiosity and the actions of the government forces evoke every fear you ever had about big government., However good will triumph over evil… I am sure! The names were somewhat confusing as there were so many of them and the book could have benefitted from a glossary of characters. The plot was like a game of chess with both sides lining up their forces for the ultimate showdown. It’s a thumping good read with a little extra added in! I would recommend it to anyone who likes the who-done-it genre! Enjoy!

Helen D
Submitted: 9 Mars 2010

By Editor

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