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The importance of lawyer marketing

A lack of good knowledge about any subject matter at all could be dangerous – it hinders your progress and possible benefits from that subject matter.  Before anything else, let’s understand the idea of marketing.  Marketing is a platform where a business creates a relationship with a client, communicates with the client, knows the needs and wants of the clients and maintains the existing relationship between them.  It’s a strategy used in getting customers as well as maintaining them.

The Chartered Institute of marketing defines marketing as the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customers’ requirements profitably. The American Marketing Association looks at it as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, and the society at large.

But no matter the definition, marketing is basically pointing towards promoting, advertising or showcasing your services to both existing and potential customers and clients.

The benefits of marketing cannot be disputed when it comes to the ease and flexibility which it brings for running a business as well as the success. In fact, marketing is one of the critical factors that determine the success of a business. By now you should have figured out one of the reasons why marketing for lawyers is important. Let’s look at them.

The legal profession is also a business

Every profession is a business – buying and selling. As long as you get paid for any service you offer, it’s business because it involves buying and selling whether it’s a direct or indirect service you offered. This is why marketing for lawyers is critical. A lot of lawyers love their work; they’re just happy serving their clients and providing the best representations. You see, you can’t serve your clients when you don’t know how to make payrolls.

Whether you agree or not, the aim of every business or profession including law is to make money – that’s the reason for going to school anyways, to make a good living. You can’t make a good living without money. But a lot of lawyers don’t really look at it as though they’re operating a business; which is very wrong

Getting a client

Let’s say you just won a big case, whether you appeared in the Supreme Court or the case is all over the news. Now you have made a great success and on your road to success – at this point you’re expecting a flood of referrals and clients. But you see the professional skills you learned in law school don’t translate into making money, running a law firm, and even getting new clients. This is where marketing for lawyers come in. As a practicing attorney, despite your mastery of Constitutional laws, Torts or Contracts, those skills cannot translate into the reality of practicing law. You may have all the skills but you know that the law schools don’t prepare you on how to get your clients. With marketing as a lawyer, you would be able to reach out to your clients through a set of activities.

Identifying your real clients: your referrers

Apart from reaching out to clients, you need to identify your clients too. Business grows easily especially when you are able to buy targeted email lists and real estate agent email list as well,  in order to know who your true customers are. Getting a divorce case which involves a lot of money, real estate closing, or damage/liability case maybe good but they’re not your real clients. These cases are just a one-time case which you may likely not get easily. Your real clients are those who referred these clients to you and can continue to bring more of such if there’s a steady and good relationship.

Marketing for lawyers creates this platform where you identify and build relationships with your true clients. Your focus in a single transaction shouldn’t be on the money but on establishing a strong bond between you and your ideal clients. This way you are at a great advantage of having a continuous inflow of high income cases. The worth of your true clients is far more than a single high income case.

Staying in touch with your clients

Having got a list of clients especially your ideal clients, you need to nurture the relationship you’ve established with them. This is made easy through constant communication. Marketing for lawyers creates this avenue or medium for a constant communication which helps to sustain your relationship with clients. Let’s compare maintaining a relationship with clients to planting a flower.  If you don’t water a flower after planting, it would eventually die. And if eventually the flower survives, without constant pruning and trimming it may grow awkwardly and don’t look good. This applies to nurturing a new and existing relationship with your client through constant communication.

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