The Girl With The Stick-on Tattoo

The Girl With The Stick-on Tattoo

Henrik Vanger sat staring for hours

At the wall, in his office, with flowers.

Detective Morell

Was baffled as well;

This case was beyond his police powers.

“Mikael Blomkvist’s the journo for me!

I saw him last night on tv.

He’ll come live in my hut

And freeze off his butt

If I pay him a big enough fee.”

So Blomkvist was sent for and hired,

Far from happy with what was required.

Asked to track down a teen

Who’d for years not been seen,

He declared that he’d rather be fired.

Lawyer Dirk got our hero to stay

With a promise of increase in pay

If he’d find Vanger’s niece

His reward would increase –

By how much we would rather not say.

Turns out Martin was killing off women

And Harriet took her dad swimming.

Gottfried his name,

Raping daughters his game,

So it wasn’t a sin to do him in.

Blomkvist went down in the cellar

Which was not an idea that was stellar.

Soon he was swinging,

And Martin was singing;

He wasn’t the cleverest feller.

In the nick of time enter our Liz

That undersized technical whizz.

She don’t take no shit

and hit Martin a bit

With a golf club, apparently his.

So Blomkvist was saved once agin

From the mess he had got himself in.

Then Erika said,

“Come dear, let’s go to bed,

That Salander girl’s way far too thin.”

Posted by dkjanotta in Switzerland , 7 June 2013

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  1. That’s an amazing poem and enjoyed it. Hats off to you DKJanotta in Switzerland.

    Posted by Rory in Canada ,

  2. Question: Did you write more about the other books as well? Would love to read them too. Bravo!

    Posted by Rory in Canada ,

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