The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

What do you think of the first book in the Millennium-series?

Posted by Editor in Stockholm, Sweden , 17 November 2008

By Editor

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  1. I found this book “unputadownable”. The interest was there from the beginning right up until the last page. I cannot remember when l found a book as such.

    The fact that is was what l do enjoy in books and does not have perfectly formed type of people as the heros also played well with me.

    Being part Swedish and only having in Stockholm for a part of a day am now wanting to the visit the place for much longer.

    Hope we do NOT get an Americanised version of the film in due course and would love to see the original film if and when it comes to England.

    Have read the second book and that was just as enjoyable and am looking forward to the third and hopefully not final book; there is some talk about theer being another unpublished fourth in the series.

    Posted by Mike ,

  2. I’m a third of the way through ‘Girl’, and in agreement with the majority of posters, I love it! I’ve read Guillou and Mankell, very enjoyable they are too but this is so much darker. I love losing myself in a book and this is no exception. I’m not widely travelled but I love to use the narrative to imagine what the locations are like.

    Being someone who can only read English, I couldn’t say whether the translation is a hit or miss affair but I can only imagine that many books don’t translate well into another language from the writers native tongue. Nevertheless from what I have read so far, it’s not too bad.

    Once I’ve finished this book I’m sure I’ll suffer withdrawal symptoms until I can get the next one.

    Posted by Chris Luxford-Noyes in Kent, England ,

  3. Just finished Book 2. Bought it two days after reading Book 1, was desperate to get my hands on it, and glad to see that bookstores in Singapore have caught on to how popular it is, and stocked up on it.

    In retrospect, Book 1 felt more like a prologue of Book 2.

    Nevertheless, for both books:

    – does not insult the reader’s intelligence, and for me it was great personal satisfaction to read them, they don’t feel like some lightweight paperback novel

    – intellectually stimulating and satisfying

    – the plots were some complex and yet make sense!

    – on the downside, the Swedish names and multitude of characters was a challenge to keep up

    Have not read a book (or series of books) so satisfying for at least a decade! Certainly on the level of the great epic classics of old times, orders of magnitudes higher than Grisham or Dan Brown.

    Posted by Adrian C in Singapore ,

  4. 1066 pages

    I’ve just officially finished reading the girl with the dragon tattoo for the second time cover to cover. As soon as I finished it the first time I restarted it just to recatch all the details. Salandar as a character carries through the entire story, holding her prowess like an unasked for gift and just ends up as a character you respect. I’m so upset to hear we must wait for 5 months for the English version of the second book. Let’s start a petition to get it finished!!

    Posted by Sioux ,

  5. Amazing. Really great read, so multi-layered and multi textured. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Posted by Rakhee ,

  6. Good read. Complex characters, interesting plot, and sophisticated writing. A Swedish Janwillem van de Wetering or Nicholas Freeling. The book is a pleasant discovery indeed.

    Posted by Alan in Oakland, California ,

  7. Just finished the English version. I spent too much of the previous nights with reading because I just could not put the book down. The plot and the characters, complex but it all fits together. I was a bit disappointed by the end which is not really an end, until I saw on the cover that this was just the first volume of a trilogy. Waw. Can’t for the other two.

    Posted by Véronique in Brussels ,

  8. I thought I’d add a comment from the east coast of the U.S. I’m a high school math teacher and a mother of two girls. My six year old, on learning her Dad was going to watch a basketball game and be out of the house at night, insisted that I stay on the same floor as her. I couldn’t even go down to get my toothbrush! Fortunately, I had my Kindle with my copy of Girl with the Dragon Tatoo on it, slightly less than half finished. I climbed under the down comforter (it’s cold here in Maine!) with all my clothes on and was finished at 2am. What a wonderful book! I can’t wait for the next one. Given the bits I’ve seen on the web, a lot of discussion, love, and approval of Lisbeth, who I loved too of course, but I also thought that our Kalle was a really interesting character too. Best wishes for the holidays.


    Posted by Michele in Brunswick, Maine, U.S. ,

  9. agreed…it was a very good read and i’m already missing being transported to that Swedish landscape. it’s painful knowing steig larsson died so suddenly. i appreciated his “alter-ego”…

    Posted by pwb in madison ct usa ,

  10. I had to turn in to the library my copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo today. I was so sad! I got obsessed with this book. And Larsson doesn’t end the book with a “polyanna” ending. I’m excited to read more about this appealing character, Lisbeth Salandar. And of course, I really enjoyed the main character, Mikael.

    Posted by R L Baker in San Antonio, Texas ,

  11. Books this good do not come around that often. Now that I live in Stockholm it is even more exciting to read. I am obsessed as well as the others. No matter where I am going if I can sneak in a page or two on the train or in a waiting room I will not miss an opportunity until the book is finished. The first two were amazing and I can’t wait for the third. Thank you Stieg. You are definitely missed.

    Posted by Josh L. in Stockholm, Sweden ,

  12. I am 2/3 of the way through Dragon Tattoo amd love it! I was not at all surprised to find that Mikael reads Elizabeth George (and listens to the Eurythmics!…) as Mr. Larrson’s writing is as wonderful as Ms. George’s. The way the story is set up, and in which the characters are introduced reminds me very much of her style. How very sad that we have lost this wonderful writer and human rights advocate. We can always use another strong voice for the underdog.

    Posted by Kate J. in Phoneix AZ USA ,

  13. Hi! I am a student learning Swedish, living in California.

    The novel “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” was probably my favorite of the year.

    I think reading the book in Swedish will help me greatly.

    I am looking to find the trilogy here in southern California.

    Does anyone know a bookstore that may sell these?

    Posted by Jake Ivicivic in Mission Viejo, California, US ,

  14. A compelling read consuming very late nights. Did I miss threads about the early childhood issues responsible for Lisbeth’s differentness or was the allusion to Asbergers enough of an explanation?

    Posted by anfrasht in medway, usa ,

  15. I have now read the book in English, Danish and French, and felt compelled to write regarding the translation of the book into English. I read the entire trilogy in Danish in three days straight, suffice it to say I swallowed them whole. Then I immediately read the English version and was bitterly disappointed by the extremely poor translation. It is such a shame that the translation seems to have been rushed as I was left feeling incredibly sad at how the soul of the book had disappeared. For example the use of the phrase ‘bump and grind’ to describe the first sexual assault on Lisbeth was so utterly disgraceful, and tantamount to welcome an accusation of a second ‘literary sexual assult’ on Lisbeth by treating the act in such a laissez faire manner).

    The publishers would be well advised to commission a new translation – especially as I hear that book number two is even more sloppily translated.

    The changing of the title is equally disconcerting – I really do feel this has made the book lose much of the essence of what Larsson is really railing against – misogyny.

    I do want to end on a positive note which is that all if you who have yet to read the last two installments – do it on a weekend as I promise you will be riveted! Easily the most compelling books written in years!

    Posted by D Hviid in Paris, France ,

  16. Loved it, fantastic read! Have just started the 2nd book and am going slowly & savouring it!

    One of my favourites for sure!

    Posted by Krisztina in Melbourne, Australia ,

  17. Disappointing, started off very intriguing, but a cop out with the bizarre religious connections. Ludicrous and lazy denoument!

    Posted by robin in london ,

  18. A bit slow at the beginning,then WOW…what a novel mind you I’m not even a novel reader But I love this book,the story,the people hey Go Lisbeth I love Ya……..I hope Australia gets the Movie

    Posted by Gabby Donovan in Nambour ,AUSTRALIA,

  19. “The girl with the dragon tattoo” is a wonderful story, fully deserving of the high praise expressed in almost all the comments above. I totally fell in love with Lisbeth Salander. She is surely one of the greatest new creations in modern lit. I am just about to begin reading “The girl who played with fire”.

    Posted by Peter Westwood in Macau ,

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