The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

What do you think of the first book in the Millennium-series?

Posted by Editor in Stockholm, Sweden , 17 November 2008

By Editor

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  1. I just finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The beginning was a bit slow, but quickly, I was captured and absorbed by the mystery of the missing girl from the Vanger family. Mikael, the journalist who is strongarmed to investigate the mystery is the type of man who has a lot of appeal because of his determination, integrity, warmth and flaws. Lisbeth, the heroine, is a woman who wins your sympathy as you see her struggle to be unaffected and untouched by life. I read the book in two days–just couldn’t put it down! And re-read the relevant parts. Run and get this book! By the way, I can’t wait until I can get my hands on the next two books up here in Canada!

    Posted by Christine Huang in Toronot, Ontario, Canada ,

  2. I listened to this book in my car. I was so completely taken with the complexity of the characters and the complicated layers of story line that for a week, I did not remember getting to or coming from my job. Many times I could be in some parking lot just trying to get to a place where I could feel “comfortable” to wait until later to know what happened next. In my life time, I have read 2-3 books a week and I must say this book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is absolutely in a league of it’s own. I gave several copies of this book to those I love at Christmas. I am deeply saddened to know there will only be two additions to this wonder group of characters. I am thankful for this book however and completely recommend it to anyone in love with fiction.

    Posted by Twila Ross in Houston ,

  3. For D Hviid in Paris:

    I have read Millinium (the 3 books) in French early 2007, and was not bothered with the translation at all. Like most people I know, I just loved it and had trouble to get hooked with the same passion on a book after that.

    I wonder why you did not comment on the French version (only the Swedish and English versions). Have also been wondering of reasons why the French version did so very well, at least in my province, as it has been on best-selling lists for a very long time.

    Posted by Michelle H Roche in Montreal, Qc Canada ,

  4. I loved this book for all the reasons mentioned above. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the English translation, but I enjoyed the old British spelling of words, like “gaol”. The title in Swedish, I understand, is “Men Who Hate Women” which would not likely go over well with many readers in the U.S. Anyway, the book is as much about Salander and Blomkvist as with the criminal cases they (re)solved. The book just transported me to Sweden -it was like a vacation! And who knew that they drank so much coffee in Sweden?? The next one is coming out this month. I’m so psyched!

    Posted by Gary O’Connor in Southampton, Massachusetts ,

  5. Hi everybody! I am Finnish, but as Swedish as my mother tongue, so I read this book in Swedish. I had very high expectations as I had heard a lot (really a lot) enthusiastic acclaim for it from my friends and relatives. Since then I have tried to find a forum to write about it, but with no luck, so I am happy to find this forum.

    The book is Total Crap. I am so disappointed, and mostly because I cannot understand people who appraise it. It consists 90 % of totally irrelevant, frustrating description of the hollow characters, incidents and locations that things are happening. The ending is easily derived from the first pages of the trip to Vanger home. He wanted to leave the estate, without lissening to the story of the old Vanger, and this fact was repated 16 times in succession. It reminded me of “Da Vinci Code” in, that it was also a very poorly written book of shallow characters and plot, yet was a megahit.

    I will try to read the two subsequent parts of the trilogy, at least they got an official award, but this first one was absolutely a waste of time. Stupid!

    Posted by Keikobad in Helsinki ,

  6. I read the book for book club and loved it. I can’t wait to discuss it with my group. Did I miss why the dragon tattoo?

    Posted by Lisa in California ,

  7. It was a “bloody” brilliant book! I got the first one for Christmas, and the second for my Birthday, and I can only wonder at the sheer brilliance of what the third one will be …

    Posted by informationau in Wollongong, Australia ,

  8. It’s the best read I’ve had in quite some time. ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ is even better. One small point; as Lisbeth is leaving the basement room in ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ she flicks off the safety on a Glock pistol. I didn’t think Glocks had safety’s?

    Posted by David Page in Bridgewater, Massachusetts ,

  9. So, while reading, I reached for a pad and sketched the village a few times, making lists of suspects, and plotted the action as I read. Still, I was fooled!!

    Very fun!!!

    Posted by Elizabeth Johnson Tsang, Holden MA USA in Holden MA USA ,

  10. What a delicious book! I absolutely loved every part, every character, every plot twist, but especially Lisbeth! Can’t wait to have her back in my life! Bring on the next installment!

    Posted by Colleen Mead in Victoria, BC, Canada ,

  11. This is one of the few books I have ever read where I wished I hadn’t read it so when I go to pick it up it would be new and thrilling all over again. Not many books come along where you feel this way. After I finished it I went to the library to see what else the author had written and was upset to find out that he died. I see that some people have read the next book already. Is it available in Europe?

    Posted by Christina in Warwick, New York ,

  12. Mesmerizing….I’m sure something was lost in translation, but was enthralled none the less.

    Posted by Linda in Tampa, USA ,

  13. Absolutely brilliant, keeps you involved from cover to cover. Just about to start book two.

    Posted by Phil in Haywards Heath – England ,

  14. Just finished a riveting read of the Girl with the dragon Tattoo, marvellous characters a nd a wonderful evocation of the Swedish winter.clever plotting and a lot of complex computer speak to understand.I loved Lisbeth and Mickael and cannot wait to read the other books. I feel I need to reread in order to pick up all the asides, and also I need to do some research into Pippa Longstocking and Calle, who do not appear in UK fiction.

    Posted by Meg in Bedford england , 18 februari 2009

  15. Grabbed this book recently prior to boarding an international flight after recalling a positive review and boy what a read. Gripping. Layered. Complex characters and compelling story. Fantastic. Loved the pace. Will see the film first chance I get and will read the second book for sure.

    Posted by simon cuthbert in Hobart Tasmania ,

  16. Just a quick word to say I loved the book, and since some people had trouble with the translation, I was amazed at the talent of the person who translated the novel in French. It really flowed, and there wasn’t a fault. Best thriller I’ve read in years, and excellent translation.

    Posted by François Géneau in Amiens ,

  17. Having lived and worked in Stockholm two times it was really a treat to find a novel that transported me to my favorite city. I read the English translation and being from California I found the dialogue crisp and perfectly natural. As a retired social worker, who for eight years had a caseload of sexually abused children, I was toatlly enthralled with the style and flare with which Lisbeth dealt with her guardian. I would have loved to have turned her loose on a few of our less that admirable offenders. I have been studying the Swedish language for years and Larsson’s novels are giving my the incentive to press on. I’d love to read his stories in Swedish. As has been said by others, it is so sad we lost such a talented writer and political advocate.

    Posted by Larry in Fresno, California ,

  18. I read it in english and found the language lumpy and jagged.

    The story was fantastic and gripping as where the characters…but I agree with previous posters that the english turn of phrase was disappointing.

    Posted by Noreen in France ,

  19. English translation is not good. Some of the Swedish idioms seem to have been translated literally rather than using the English common phrases. Once I got over this it was a reasonably good read.

    Posted by Gordon in Edinburgh ,

  20. Fascinating read, no doubt. Anyway, the end of the second book reminded me some bad Hollywood thrillers. I believed in characters and situations – and was willing to believe them to the end, but… See what happens in the third part.

    Posted by Rita, Lithuania ,

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