The Girl Who Played with Fire-Movie release in Canada


I wanted to know if anyone knows the realease date in Canada for the movie The girl who played with fire. I’ve seached everywhere but couldn’t find it…

Thank you

Posted by Véronique in Montréal, Canada , 5 October 2009

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  1. Hello Tom

    I saw the first movie, Men who hate women, but I wanted to know when will we be able to see the second one in Canada…I know it’s been release in september in Sweden…

    I’m very anxious to see it…Maybe in November…

    Posted by Veronique in Montreal ,

  2. Is there still a life after reading the Millenium Trilogy?

    Posted by Leontine van Huet in Netherlands ,

  3. Of course Canada is the last to get this stuff! Still waiting for the last book, the movies have been out in Sweden since early 2009 and still nothing in Canada. So discouraging

    Posted by Valerie in Vancouver, BC Canada ,

  4. is where I got my copy. Took 1 week to get here. It is very good so far.

    Posted by Phil P in Hamilton ,

  5. Does anyone know if there is a version of the film available with English subtitles? I’ve read the first two books, and am on the edge of my seat waiting for the third. Those of you whoo think things take a while to reach Canada should try living here in Malaysia!

    Posted by Will Barclay in Penang ,

  6. It’s coming out in the US next year so for sure there will be a version with subtitles. There is a DVD version of the first film here in Denmark but unfortunately no Enligsh subtitles (what are they thinking?!) You should also be aware that there will eventually be a DVD with a much longer version of the films, as the two final films were originally intended for TV-series release only (in Sweden) and then direct to DVD. But after the succes of the first film you can imagine what happened … they made shorter, cinemaversions of the remaining two adaptations and sent them out and earned a lot more money :-). I have not heard when the tv-series versions or the DVD’s with ALL the material will be released, though. Much less when all THAT material will be available to an English-speaking audience. For such a huge sales succes, you’d think that the powers of capitalism would work faster bringing Millennium to English audiences but … apparently not. :-]

    Posted by chris from in Copenhagen ,

  7. I live in Toronto and found out the the 3rd book won’t be out until May – BUT I was just in Copenhagen and bought a copy of The Girls Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest at the airport. I’m almost 1/2 way done. If you live in TO and want to borrow it when I’m done let me know. Ann. Call my cell 4168036616

    Posted by Ann in Toronto ,

  8. I bought Book 3 from Amazon uk in Hamilton. I was desperate to see the dvd of Book one. I found it on Amazon France with french subtitles so if your French is adequate to good, and if you know the story well, thenit staves off the craving until a version with English subtitles is available. Now of course I am hungering for the dvd of Book 2.

    Posted by barbaradidoparis in hamilton ,

  9. October 26th is the release date Blockbuster gave me. I’m in Canada.

    Posted by Avalon in Moncton , NB, Canada ,

  10. Should have been released already in Quebec according to schedule.

    Posted by Can’t wait! in Toronto ,

  11. I recently went to Thailand where I found all three DVDs. Watched the first- enjoyed it. However, the other two don’t seem to be compatible with my US DVD player.

    Perhaps these DVDs will work on European DVD players.

    I was so looking forward to the next two. Bummer.

    Posted by HJ Tischner in Citrus Springs,Florida ,

  12. Hi, The books are amazing. Are the movies based on the first and second book have english subtitles? Any idea? I have not heard anything in India?

    Posted by Mana in Mumbai, India ,

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