The Girl Who Played with Fire

What do you think of the second book in the Millennium-series?

Posted by Editor in Stockholm, Sweden , 17 November 2008

By Editor

34 thoughts on “The Girl Who Played with Fire”
  1. I haven’t experienced such heart thumping, page turning reading in a long time. Excellent. Looking forward to the third book in the series. Would love to see them make a movie/mini series from these books. I’m sure I would be peaking out from behind a pillow as I watched it!

    Posted by Andrea in Cape Town ,

  2. I am a prolific reader, as I am sure many people here are, and I have to say I haven’t been this enthused about an author for many years. Larsson has managed to capture the real essence of storytelling with these novels. I’ve been trying to persuade my wife to read some of my favourite books for years and I invariably find that she has lost interest by the time she gets to chapter 3 or 4. She finished ??.Dragon Tattoo? in a couple of days and is now halfway through ??.Played with Fire? and is keeping ME awake a night with the bedside light on. As for myself, well I?m quite enjoying the anticipation and the frustration of waiting for the English translation of the third book ? in a masochistic kind of way!

    Posted by Kevin Ogilvie-White UK in TauntonUK ,

  3. I have just two questions … how did the Dr in Grenada who was killed, fit in with the plot and how did he get from the beach to a car park with bullets in his head? That was sure left hanging.

    Posted by Barb in Medford ,

  4. I first read the second book of Millenium trillogy (amazing…)… Now I’m reading the first part (also amazing…but not as the second part)… I enjoy both of them very much… I didn’t want to stop reading, but also didn’t want it to end…

    Posted by marta in barcelona ,

  5. Im reading the Girl who Played with Fire and really enjoying it but I’m irritated by the blatant “product placement”- Ikea, Billys Pan Pizza, Coca Cola, to name a few- seems to be excessive, unnecessary and inconsistent with the author’s politics/ehtics.

    Posted by Tourmaline in Moranbah, Queensland, Australia ,

  6. That was Teleborian, how he “managed” those who were “out of control” so to speak. I can’t remember the exact quotes, but if you read the prologue again and then the parts describing what Teleborian did to Salander you can see the parallels.

    Posted by Lucy in Minneapolis ,

  7. I’ve read the first two out of this trilogy and must confess that there has not been any book for at least two decades, which has given me such a great time of reading. Unfortunately there will be no more books of this kind from this wonderful author !

    Posted by jens ,

  8. I have just finished reading Book 2 in 2 days. I couldnt put it down. I thought the first book superb but had no idea book 2 could be so much more absorbing. Translation into English is excellent and I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a good mystery crime thriller. Look eagerly to the next book.

    Posted by Juleen Clarke,

  9. As good as the first tome, characters are right on, multi-layered and my god does this girl kick ass. Only down side is the terrible, terrible French translation. The worst I’ve ever read (and i read a lot, plus I’m a certified Fr translator). I understand how editors are always in a hurry to have translations done to take advantage of the momentum, but is there really no way to do a better job??? God knows there are brilliant translators out there.

    Posted by P. Renfer in Quebec ,

  10. I must say I agree with Andrea from Cape town Ive never experience a book like it .I had to have a break very hour all so because it was getting so ………..I cant explain……it was great………I cried I never cry it was brilliant……just finish the second book I cannot wait for the third…….

    Posted by Gabby Donovan in Nambour ,AUSTRALIA ,

  11. I have just finished “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and found it to be absolutely a page turner. I fell in love with Blomquist and Salander and cannot wait to read the second one when it comes out in July ’09. Really too sad that this wonderful author died way too soon.

    Posted by Betty in Birmingham, Alabama USA ,

  12. I wholeheartedly agree with all the postive comments. I loved GWTDT and enjoyed GWPWF even more – against all expectations that the follow-up could not possibly be more enthralling than the first. I am just sorry that I have already read them. Can’t wait for the next one.and wish there were more. I find it very tempting to think of Stieg Larsson as Michael Blomqvist – and f that’s the kind of danger he exposed himself to, I am not surprised by the rumours surrounding his untimely death. A great loss

    Posted by Zelda in Cape Town ,

  13. I know this will sound silly but I forced myself to slow down reading the second book hoping the third one would be out before I finished. Loved it, one of the worlds greatest writers in my opinion. What captured me was in ability to keep the story flowing. Never once was I bored. I have to admit at times I did get confused with the names (not knowing how to pronounce them) but I made up my own and kept going.

    Posted by Joan in Atlanta GA USA ,

  14. Who was the girl in the first chapter of the book? Irina? Salander? Or just a trafficking victim?

    Posted by Amber in Wichita Falls, Texas ,

  15. I took a trip from Canada to China and had to have a book to read. I chose the first book and am towards the end of book 2.

    One thing, if any one noticed. Blovmkist who doesnt believe in God, told Harriet Vanger when he first discovered her in Austrailia, something to the effect ” by the Grace of God, I wasnt killed “. I am sure it was this.

    Posted by Roger in Palm City, Florida ,

  16. Wow! Can’t wait for book three. Read two first and found it to be better than one, only because I knew much more background about characters.

    Like others, I found myself reading more slowly to try to put off reaching the ending. Wonderful!!

    Who do you think the girl who was tortured in book two is? I would guess it to be Salanader and that this referer to treatment by her father prior to the her trying to save her mother.

    Posted by Dave in Pittsburgh ,

  17. I was confused whether it was Salander or not in the beginning too… but Salander was pretty frank about how Teleborian treated her, and at one point she states that he never even touched her… but in the first chapter, the girl mentions being raped by her captor….

    Maybe it was Salander suppressing events? LOVED this book and ‘Dragon Tattoo’ cannot wait for third book to be released May 2010!!

    Posted by Alexis in Mount Olive, New Jersey ,

  18. The first chapter is what Salander experienced at age 13 while under the “care” of Teleborian. The first chapter never mentions any rape.

    Posted by JM in Iowa ,

  19. And also her mother is 46 in the first book, but 43 in the second. Could have done with a good editor.

    Posted by adriane in Perth WA ,

  20. its late at night and i have just finished the second book of the trilogy. yes, i couldn’t put the book down and he did create a complex and absorbing set of characters again. but i felt a little disappointed by the end of the book. i know theres a third in the series, but i felt the second book finihsed so abruptly. i also thought it could have done with a major twist with the identity of zala being a character we may not have expected. the first book was ridiculously good however. cautiously looking forward to the girl whokickedthe horentes nest.

    Posted by vin in melbourne ,

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