The car she semi-stole from her employer, Milton security, by using the codes of a employer at a vacation. I think the carpool would end up missing it… and then as they figure out where it is (Zalas home), sallys lil secret would be a bit more evident.

Dragan already suspects she sneks around and breaks into offices, with the installed camera, but that she could be using other peoples logins would be a new revelation.

The movies circumvented this by having her rent a car. So i guess someone else noticed the disrepancy :p

Posted by ikki in helsingfors, Finland , 12 August 2010

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8 thoughts on “the forgotten car”
  1. Don’t you think a security firm would notice someone using their old code from two years ago? That would tell them who had the car.

    Posted by Arlette in New Orleans, LA ,

  2. I don’t see a continuity problem here. 1]She covered herself for at least the time the employee was scheduled to be on vacation and “off the grid.” 2]She knew the security defenses at Milton and had exploited them before. 3]She couldn’t have anticipated the events at Goteborg, not seeming to have planned beyond finding and killing Zala.

    Lastly, after the events at Goteborg, I don’t think Armanski would have cared that she “borrowed” one of his cars.

    Posted by Nansi in USA ,

  3. Adding on to that, how did the Palm T3 wind up back at Fiskegatan 9?

    Posted by Andrew Situ in Fremantle ,

  4. Yes, it is possible Mick left it there, but that means he must have taken it from Dr Jonasson at Sahlgrenska.

    Also, he seems to have left Gothenburg in a hurry after getting Christer’s SMS. What about the VW he rented to drive up to Gosseberga?

    Posted by Andrew Situ in Fremantle ,

  5. …Kicked the Hornet’s Nest: Kalle is in ZL’s farm house and Lisbeth is laying on a bench. he is dressing her wounds and has removed her fants and finds the Palm Tunston T3 in its pocket. He puts it in HIS inside pocket of his jacket. then he fonds finds keys to her apartment anda ;passport for Irene Nesser. When the local cop arrives he finds he is dealing with an imbecile so he clams-up.

    The Milton Security car is never mentioned in this book–I assumed Armansky found it and got it back down to Stockholm at some later point. Stieg missed an oportunity to sweeten Armansky’s role and filled this character out more.

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  6. Mikael took her Palm T3 out of her pocket in Gosseberga, along with her Irene Nesser passport so the police wouldn’t find them.

    Posted by inkopah in jacumba ,

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