The books are liberally sprinkled with irritations

Retired for some years & consequently much more time for quality “crime” type novels.

I try to read all of a writers output, if at all.

There is much really good stuff, both scandanavian, USA & GB. I am in the high hundreds, so far!

However, despite the unfortunate death of the author, we should not over-praise because of the unusual nature of the young female investigator?

The books are liberally sprinkled with irritations, some relating to unlikely changes of tone or unexplained actions of secondary persons, not to mention the ” too obvious “? political leanings of the author.

I may be wrong, but I consider, as example, the completely clean background of the male sadist, in the first of the trilogy, is very unlikely indeed.

Tom Byrne i Birkenhead
Submitted: 29 September 2011

By Editor

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  1. Read up on the principle of the ‘successful psychopath’ and why generally do people consider only left wing politics ‘too obvious’?

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