The book you can’t put down..

This is a book that weaves you in and out of Intrigue and mystery. From the inside and out. It tells of a conspiracy within a government so deep that the Prime Minister doesn’t even know about this Secret organization. You are taken step by step into a world of computers, government and Spies. Into a world of domestic violence and child abuse that is being covered up by this Secret Organization just to protect a defector from another country. The only way that Lisbeth Salander can survive is through the use of her calculating mind and wit. Unknown to her though she has several friends on the sidelines. A writer publisher that she is in love with, a Police Officer that for some reason trusts her and a Doctor that goes out of his way, not only to save her life, but to be her friend. Read these books they are something that you can’t put down from beginning to end you are on the edge of your seat.

Drew Pitcher i Oklahoma City, OK
Submitted: 15 October 2011

By Editor

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