The best thriller I’ve read for a long long time!

I loved this book. I immediately started it following my completion of the Dragon Tattoo first novel. I loved that too – but have not ‘reviewed’ that one because the review above is far more eloquently written than anything I could have written!!

Fabulous writing. Totally addictive story-lines and characters that have you thoroughly absorbed from the first page to the last.

I was on the phone first thing this morning to my library to order the third book in the trilogy.

I finished last night at midnight after a solid 4 hours of reading! As I turned the last page I was totally enthralled and then…….Lisbeth and Mikael were left almost in limbo!!

I was frantically flicking through the ends of the novel thinking …he can’t end it like THAT!! What’s going to happen to Lisbeth for God’s sake!!??

My library said there’s a huge waiting list for the 6 copies of the third in the trilogy. I will wait a few days…if it doesn’t turn up quick I’ll have to buy the book. But I KNOW it will be worth it!!!

Stieg Larsson you have my gratitude. I love your work.

Steve Roberts
Submitted: 9 Mars 2010

By Editor

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