The American version of ‘Tattoo’

The new American version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is out in theaters next week…Dec 22 The reviews are mostly good to great. Does the movie hold up well to the book and the Swedish movie. Does Rooney Mara do a good job of filling Noomi Replace’s shoes as Salander There is an extended 8 minute trailer to google if you want a sneak peak

Posted by hilogreg in hawaii , 14 December 2011

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  1. I’ve liked Noomi’s portrayal less and less as I’ve seen more and more of Rooney; she is much closer, in both look and personality, to how I feel Lisbeth was described in the book.

    Plus, there’s the fact that if Stieg had lived, he planned on shopping the movie rights to Hollywood first.

    Posted by HiroProtagonist in Poughkeepsie ,

  2. I feel like this site deserves more pictures of Rooney, instead of just Noomi, especially considering Rooney’s closer to the book, and probably what Stieg would have preferred.

    Posted by jimmyjohn in california ,

  3. I understand Rooney will supplant Noomi

    that she is excellent in a well-done revamp –

    BUT that will never displace the accomplishment

    of Noomi who looked wrong yet by her personal force

    of skills and charisma lifted 1 A film, 1 B- film and 1 C film to international A accomplishment.

    Posted by Leo Rivers in Coattage Grove, OR ,

  4. Noomi Rapace IS Salander to me. Always will be. But, I will still see the new movie and hope it’s done well

    Posted by Danjo1 in Fullerton, Ca ,

  5. Saw it last night and thought it was very good. It lacked the darke eerie tone of the Swedish versions, but it went into areas that they didn’t. It showed Lisbeth as a bit more tender until she gets dogged by Micke etc. Rooney did well as Lisbeth, although I was way more scared of Noomi. Daniel Craig did well as Micke, (far better here than he is as Bond). The score by Trent Reznor kicked butt.

    Posted by Danjo1 in Fullerton, Ca USA ,

  6. Saw the new Tattoo yesterday an was surprised it was so good, truer to the book except for the little twist in London at the end. Liked Mara but still can’t help but picture Noomi as Salander, she still comes off tougher. Craig was good as Blomkvist as was the whole cast. Rooney looked great in disguise as this movie gave more time to her ripping off Wennerstroms millions. Fincher did a good job not to make it more gruesome than necessary.

    Posted by jack in portland oregon ,

  7. Rooney Mara was good and made Salander her own Character but to me she was more lithe and statuesque where as Noomi Replace was more diminutive and came off more menacing.

    Posted by Bill in SF ,

  8. Saw the new Tattoo this afternoon. Am torn as to whether original Swedish version or this is better. Will simply say they are different. Both excellent.

    I agree with Jack in Portland above that Noomi was “tougher” in her portrayal of Lisbeth … but Mara may be more true to Larsson’s Lisbeth.

    Excellent movie. We loved it … but it is hard to portray in a movie what in my opinion is one of the most intricately woven mystery novels I have ever written. Excellent!

    Posted by DKB in Sherwood, AR ,

  9. If your are a fan of the books you should enjoy the new Dragon Tattoo movie. After watching it we went home and replayed the Swedish movie to compare. David Fincher and Steve Ziallian tell the story better, closer to the book, although the Swedish original was still enjoyable to watch again. Liked the Swedish Armansky and Palmgren better though. Rooney Mara was good as Salander. But after watching her and Noomi back to back, Noomi still embodies Lizbeth to us. I guess it will come down to personal preference since neither one of them is 4’11? and weights 90lbs. The Hollywood casting was good and Craig played well against his Bond type as Blomkvist. We hope the series will continue on with more movies. The lower budget 2nd and 3rd Swedish TV movies begged to be remade.

    Posted by B & C in Austin TX ,

  10. I don’t think any book series divides it’s FANS more than this series. I see so many different interpretations and views of Lisbeth Salander in this topic alone that I’m starting to wonder if ANYBODY except Stieg understands her. And honestly, when I was reading the books there were parts where I thought even he didn’t truly know Lisbeth. Guess I better go read the books again to make sure I understand her.

    I personally feel that the new movie puts the Swedish version to shame. Rooney adds so many subtleties to each scene in the way she acts that she makes staring at a wall look like a challenging part to act. The new movie is my second favorite of all time, right after Avatar.

    Posted by Usmovers_02 in Goffstown, NH ,

  11. I hated the American version. They portrayed Lisbeth as weak. She actually asked Blomkvist if she could kill Martin??? Lame. They didn’t show her shoving the rod either. I don’t think American men can handle that, or at least Fincher didn’t think so. Her rape scenes were more graphic. They should have at least allowed her adequate revenge. They made Lisbeth look like she was a loser…no friends. She fawned after Blomkvist…Larsson’s Lisbeth would have been way more reserved. In the Swedish film, Blomkvist looked at her with affection. And during the first “love scene” Daniel Craig actually flips her over. I could go on, but it just irks me. I won’t watch the next American versions…Besides, what does America know about Sweden?

    Posted by Tara in Denver Colorado ,

  12. You make several good points, I too think Rooney Mara’s Salander wasn’t as menacing or as anti social as in the book or as she was portrayed by Noomi Replace in the first movie, still she did capture parts of Lizbeth’s character well. But come on the production value of the American version was way better on every level, and the telling of the story was much truer to the book. I really didn’t like how the first Swedish movie killed off Anita Vanger, changed the initials in the bible and barely touched on the raiding of Wennerstrom’s accounts all big missteps where in the American version there was only the twist in London at the end.

    Posted by hilogreg in hawaii ,

  13. #Tara. Lisbeth “asking” if she can kill Martin is not at all a moment of softness but a glimpse of her actual feelings for Blomkvist and the line is delivered with an almost childlike way – like ” I can have this …right?” She wants to make sure that wants she wants is in fact what is best. And that adds depth and growth to the character even though you get the feeling that she only asks as an afterthought and may have trouble not killing him on impulse anyway. Lisbeth is a fully realized human being in small moments of the film. I laughed out loud at this line and thought it was really inspired. Craig flipping her over says more about his character than hers – it’s an actor’s choice. Lisbeth is not just a badass. That makes her interesting. My read on the American film is that she was portrayed as complex and intense. And I loved the originals but felt this adaptation was much more stylish and exciting. What does an American know about Sweden? Does it matter? It is about storytelling and art. What did Spielberg know about the Holocaust? He read books. I liked the Swedish versions – great performances but the big budget version had a international cast and a lot of cash to make it pop on screen.

    Posted by jrwal in chicago, il ,

  14. The Swedish movie was by far better done in most aspects, also telling the story in more raalistic terms. The neclace was very important but not in the American version also Lizabeths part was more believable without the hollywood drama seen in some scenes particularly Daniel Craig reaction when in bed with Lizabeth, not real life. I have seen all 3 movies in the Swedish version and hope the last 2 that will be made in hollywood (The girl that played with fire) and( The girl that kicked the hornets nest) are not as senationalized but more about the mystery so the audience is not qestioning where did they get that from.

    Posted by DNS in CT ,

  15. No one can replace the intensity that Noomi brought to the role. As I said to a frien who saw the American film but not the Swedish version, she must see the other to get the feeling of the story line.

    Posted by MM in Fl ,

  16. Finchers “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”: Well made, cleaving more closely to the book–great performance actually by Daniel Craig (although I miss the revolutionary days of Hollywood in the early ’70’s when not all parts were played by ‘pretty’ people, and like in the Swedish version were played by normal looking, talented actors); Rooney Mara looks great and gives a much more subdued performance than Noomi (who will always be MY Lisbeth); Filmaking more sophisticated (bigger budget obviously) and I also felt that they went soft and pulled a few punches where the Swedish version met them head on. The opening title ‘sequence’ bugged me–not sure why, but why did they need it? Overall, though, Thumbs Up.

    Posted by soloranger33 in Chicago, IL ,

  17. I saw the American version today, lisbeth was too social with mikael. For example, I thought she should have been more withdrawn when she first met him. and what was up with the happy meals?! no Billy’s Pan Pizza?!! lol wasn’t happy about the way harriet was handled, won’t say more cuz i don’t wanna spoil it for anyone. sex scenes in american version were hot though :)

    Posted by polly in freeport ,

  18. I liked the opening credit scene in the Hollywood version. To me it signified lisbeth’s internal state of mind in a way. It was hinted in the books that she is on the autism spectrum. Her mind and ethics are different from mainstream society. Of course, we who have read the books and are big fans, love lisbeth for this. I think the Swedish films are more gritty in the story telling. Hollywood’s “tattoo” had a glossy feel. Course that’s what money does for you on the production process. I feel that both versions of the film are well made and stayed true to the overall story. There was the London “twist” that I didnt agree with but no movie can tell the whole story from a book without it being a six hour affair. No one would sit through it all at once. Daniel Craig really was wonderful was bloomkvist. I look forward to the next two Hollywood films with great anticipation.

    Posted by Laura in Lake charles ,

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