TGWTDT – The end

Watch the american movie and had a really good time… great storyline.

I do have to admit that the last minute of the movie kinda ruined it though.

Is she upset ’cause she found out about the relationship (which would be ridiculous with all the background check she did) or simply is she upset ’cause he goes on with his life as before?

Something to be explain in the sequel? (covering up/protecting something)

Posted by G. in Cape , 11 Mars 2012

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  1. i agree so different between the books and movies i don’t like to read but I AM SO HOOKED


  2. don’t read this comment if you haven’t finished the books, but didn’t other people want Salander and Blomkvist together at the end?? Larsson wrote so many little details about the closeness of their relationship and how she loved him and bla bla bla that I was certain they’d end up together. I was incredibly disappointed at the end when she “no longer felt that way for him” and we got a whopping page and a half that summed up their platonic reconciliation after two freaking books of separation. The only thing I can think is that this was supposed to be only the 3rd of 10 books and is therefore incomplete on purpose…I don’t know…but I find myself stupidly depressed.

    Posted by Erin in Virginia ,

  3. there is a difference it what you tell yourself as opposed to how you really feel. Just like in the last book Mikael “thinks” he is love. You know it when it hits you but you can also try to deny it as well.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  4. I have not seen the movie, I am an American and not sure that I want to see it at all. Don’t get me wrong I love Daniel Craig he was fantastic as James Bond. I have seen the interviews on Youtube where both actors state their main goal was to stay true to the book. I do not believe that can happen, I honestly do not believe that any director, producer nor actor could capture Larsson’s trilogy. That being said, Salander is upset more with herself, she cannot believe she ws about to expose herself and tell Mikael she had fallen in love with him when it seemed obvious to her that he had not fallen for her in the same way. She has let herself fall in love. She has not let another person so close to her in so many years save, Palmgren who is her previous Guardian whom she believed to be dead, and is crushed to see that Blomvkist apparently doesn’t feel the same as he is ready to jump back in bed with Berger. She is crushed and angry at herself for letting herself fall in love with him while it would appear to her that she was nothing but an affair to him. With the fact that she disappears and refuses to speak with him we never learn if his feelings run any deeper for her. He returns to a media circus created by the Wennerstrom and Berger. In the interm Salander runs to the Carribean to lick her wounds.

    Posted by Donna in Buffalo, NY ,

  5. Donna, There are great book to film adaptation, Gone with the Wind, The Grapes of Wrath, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Godfather. I love Steig Larsson and am obssess with the characters he created. But he is no Harper Lee. So don’t do yourself a disservice. Go and rent all of the movies. Both Swedish and American. PS Daniel was great as the female lead Bond girl. His performance has been truely underappreciated. Maybe if he got his nipple pierced people would appreciate him more.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  6. I think that concluding that Mikael did not have any feelings for Lisbeth and just went straight back to Erks is not necessarily correct. In the scene where Lisbeth is outside Millenium and she pays back the money she loaned from him, Mikael says “you look very pretty” or something like that. She do not reply but mentions something about christimas instead. I definitely could see this as Mikael’s way of trying to let her know that he has feelings for her to see how she reacts. But the thing is, Lisbeth don’t know how to handle a situation like that. She knows sex but are not good at feelings and love. if Mikael had just asked her if they should met for sex later, I could definitely see her accepting, but she did not know how to handle the compliment from Mikael, and it was not because she did not understand his intentions I think. So after that Mikael probably thought that she had no interest in him and eventually started dating Erika again.

    Should Mikael have known better, known that Lisbeth did had feelings but could not express them? Maybe, but remember that he has only seen a very self-confident Lisbeth that does exactly what she pleases. Only we as viewers have seen the vulnerable Lisbeth that “protects” herself so much from other people that she even have great difficult just saying a simple thanks to those who helps her.

    Posted by Henrik in Copenhagen ,

  7. She is upset because she fell in love. And she saw him with Erika and thought he doesn’t like her.

    Posted by T in Somewhere… ,

  8. T is right Salander was disgusted with herself for falling in love and with Blomkvist for being who he is. This scene follows the book more closely than the Swedish movie which had the scene in but edited it out from Swedish mini series version….this was maddening since in the next two movies you don’t know why Salander doesn’t want to have anything to do with Blomkvist unless you’ve read the books. In fact both ‘Tattoo’ movies have little irksome scenes that mess with the story line for no reason. The American Tattoo does a great job showing Salander ripping off Wernnerstom’s ill gotten millions, but then doesn’t show Blomkvist identifying the mysterious women in the Swiss surveillance footage and in the book or the Swedish movie he makes the connection…oh the little things

    Posted by hilogreg in Hawaii ,

  9. Salander was upset with herself because she realised that she was in love for the first time in her life and with someone who did not feel the same way about her. For someone as fiercely independant as Salander this realisation was painful.

    She also realised that being in love makes one vulnerable and her reaction was to try to forget Blomkvist and ignore his subseauent attempts to contact her.

    Posted by J in Paris ,

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