Is the narrator of the prelude Lisbeth? I think it is becasue she dreams of the car fire. My girlfriend says it’s background info to set up the story line. Please share your thoughts.

Posted by Sue in Woodbine , 17 October 2010

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3 thoughts on “TGWPWF Prelude”
  1. Who needs a revelation? When her “treatment” at the hands of Teleborian is described in Book 2, it was obvious that the girl in the prelude was Lisbeth. (If the description of her attack on Zalachenko was not enough)

    Posted by mpmarus in LA (Lower Alabama), USA ,

  2. Yes, it is definitely Lisbeth and, as mentioned above, revealed in the third book. Can you even imagine being restrained for more than a year? That would be true torture. I read PWF first and the prologue was what hooked me (and HORRIFIED me).

    Posted by Bob in Albuquerque ,

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