“Tattoo” filming Oct 2010

“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” is Fincher’s next film.

the English-language version is being produced by Scott Rudin at Sony with Steve Zaillian (“Moneyball”) currently writing the script

Carey Mulligan the lead role of Lisbeth Salander

Posted by l_rivers in Cottage Grove OR , 1 April 2010

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  1. Actually, I have heard David Fincher didn’t want her to be Lisbeth. He was looking for an unknown star. Sony and the script writer were those vying for Mulligan.

    Posted by tay in flint, mi ,

  2. I don’t see how these books can be “Americanized”. Much of the stories concern Swedish laws and the rights of the press. They are not the same in American and so the stories will have to be radically changed. If the new movies will take place in Sweden, why bother. The Swedish movies have already been made. Don’t reinvent the wheel. It will be like the remakes of classic movies that never turn out as good as the original.

    Posted by KL in Utah, USA ,

  3. the movies are only in the landmark theathers in the usa. most of the people who read the US books most likely wont be able to see it because

    A. they didnt know about it

    B. there is not that many landmark theaters and i doubt anyone is going to drive 4 or 5 hours to see the movie.

    C. it could open up the series to even more people. the only thing i knew about this book series was that it was an internatial best seller when my mom -i’m 13- dragged me out to see this movie -she lived in sweeden for 2 years durning collage and says i need more cultural exposer- and the movie was what made me start reading the books. i saw it yesterday and am now reading the second book because i really want to know what happens next, i’ll eventually re-read the series in a month or two form book one-three once book three comes out.

    Posted by juicy couture girl ,

  4. Can’t they just release the Swedish movie here in the US with English subtitles? I think the Swede version & characters are perfect in itself.

    Posted by Gwenh in Miami, Fl ,

  5. I’m not familiar with Carey Mulligan, but I had actually read that Kristin Stewart was a frontrunner for the role of Lisbeth. That would be horrible. I saw the Swedish version and have read the 3 novles and am glad that I did before the American film would have ruined the original story for me.

    Posted by James in Austin, TX ,

  6. The Swedish film is great. Why not just make it widely available throughout the US? Moviemakers think the American public is too lazy to read subtitles, but this movie could prove them wrong…

    Posted by Nancy Gallagher in Pasadena, CA ,

  7. I just saw the Swedish movie version today & it was more than I could hope for. I want to see it again! I’m so happy I found a nearby theater showing this film which is just a very happy coincident…

    Anyhow, please don’t let Kristen Stewart or Carey Mulligan play Lisbeth’s part. It wouldn’t do any justice at all to the character. Noomi Rapace is perfect for this! I totally agree with Nancy G., they should just make it widely available throughout US. Remaking this would be a disaster! I could almost see it tanked now in the box office.

    Posted by Gwenh in Miami, FL ,

  8. I understand Noomi speaks fluent english. So……………….

    Posted by G R in Chicago ,

  9. I didn’t hate the movie, but Lisbeth is the heart of the books; someone I really wanted to meet. In the movie she was mostly an undeveloped character who bared little resemblance, physically or otherwise, to Lisbeth in the book, and certainly was not the central figure. Very disappointing. The U.S. version will be much worse; probably concentrating on high tech computer stuff, with an equally shallow Lisbeth character.

    Posted by Richard in Denver ,

  10. The only good movies from books lately have been dennis lehane, and they are good movies, but not the same experience as the books. Check Shooter, others. I don’t think my imagination could stand the affront of someone else’s idea of lisbeth. Or Jack Reacher, which is bound to happen.

    Posted by sgpatien in livermore, ca ,

  11. I can’t see why we would need an “American” version. The first film was great and the actress, Noomi Rapace, perfect for the role.

    The only person I could see playing the role in an American version would be the singer Pink. Seriously I think she could do the dark bit really well.

    Still I say why remake what seems to be an already great film.

    Posted by hypathiausa in Bellevue, WA ,

  12. Agreed with not needing the Americanized version. I can’t see the book being translated well into the american version ? that would really botched up the entire story.

    And the choice of the actresses lined up so far won’t be able to live up to the character. Noomi did a really great job. Kristin Stewart? Gotta be joking, she can barely pull off Bella in Twilight series. Her as Salander? Disaster.

    Posted by komodo in vancouver ,

  13. I’m an American and I wouldn’t want to see an Americanized version. The last I heard, Brad Pitt is to play Blomkvist. If that’s the case, then I’m sure it would be a multi-million dollar film with plenty of “high gloss” which I am also sure would not do justice to the plot or it’s characters. I do look forward to future Swedish versions with the current individuals in their respective roles. Any other version would not be the same.

    Posted by Walt S. in Canton, MI USA ,

  14. I heard Ellen Page is also in the running and if I have to pick anyone from our limited pool, I would pick her. I’ve seen her in Hard Candy where she plays a violent revenge seeking 14 year old and I think she can pull off Lisbeth. Yet, Noomi did a fantastic job; her shoes would be hard to fill for any actress.

    Posted by mags in New York ,

  15. Read the book, saw the movie and like others I do not see a reason for an American version. If there is to be one then I unlike others I think George Clooney would be perfect to play Blomkvist. Under no circumstances should Brad Pitt (who I think is a good actor) play Blomkvist. I still have not determined who could play Lisbeth but definitely not Stewart or Mulligan.

    Posted by Jim F in Minnesota ,

  16. Ug. What is it about remaking “foreign” flicks for the American market? Look at what they did with “Death At A Funeral,” to name but a few. Maybe it’s because American’s are too illiterate to read the sub-titles?

    Posted by Bleh in California ,

  17. If they remake this in the US, I hope they keep the setting as Sweden. Just like Ancient Romans always have British accents, these Swedes could just speak with American accents. There is no way they can move the story to the US and be true to the characters–Mikael Blomkvist is uniquely European (he’d be considered an immoral pig for his sex life alone in the US).

    I see Johnny Depp in this role because he is a strong male lead who isn’t macho. George Clooney is far too macho for this character.

    Kristen Stewart has the right look, but she has a tendency to overact and I think the role of Lisbeth needs to go to someone much subtler. Mulligan would be great, but she just doesn’t look the part to me. I can see Ellen Page doing it.

    Posted by Nancy in Vancouver ,

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