Does anyone know the origin of the black punk t-shirt wore by lisbeth in the 1st movie.

Posted by D.Putchaconis in Fayetteville , 29 January 2011

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  1. Lisbeth has the funniest, punkiest t-shirt slogans, although they might lose something in the translation, Swedish to English..

    Posted by Vas in Washington DC ,

  2. Or design your own with Lisbeth’s wit online at Uber Prints

    Such as:

    “Consider This fair Warning”

    “Armageddon Was Yesterday, Today we have a serious problem”

    “I Am Annoyed” et al

    Posted by Rob in Austin, TX ,

  3. Is my memory slipping but didn’t she have one “Kill them all and let God do the sorting” I am too lazy to hunt thru three books to check my memory.

    Ir might I was looking more and retaining more of the slogans I saw around me after reading these books.

    Posted by turtle in Californis ,

  4. I have queried the internet for the t-shirt slogans in the original Swedish (Svenska) novels. In the US, Swedish language copies of the novels run over $30 apiece but I would like to find the slogans online so I could order Lisbeth t-shirts with my daughter’s favorite Lisbethisms if I just knew what they were.

    Posted by Lancerman in Louisville ,

  5. yes it is exploited i saw them play in blackpool a couple of times they have been going since the early 80s

    Posted by s.miller in fleetwood uk ,

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