above all, Stieg was a moralist, and that’s why we care so much about the good guys, Lisbeth and Blomqvist..

Posted by Vas in Washington DC , 12 September 2011

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3 thoughts on “Stieg Larsson”
  1. I can’t help but feel Stieg’s character emanating from the descriptions of Blomkvist. Eva (Gabrielson?) seems like the perfect Erika Berger.

    Posted by Ash in California ,

  2. vas, from washington, that is true, during all of the books (especially the 2nd and the 3rd) the reader does care A LOT about the good guys, because they represent something… man while i was reading the ”….hornet’s nest” i was reading for HOURS because i wanted to see what will happen

    stieg has managed to create great characters…

    that man was special… and of course a great writer… considering that he was writing for fun !

  3. Absolutely fantastic! The only dead end I see is the cavalier attitude many European have about sex. Some things better left for committed relationships. Proof included. Horses will not push carts.

    Posted by byron in brandon ,

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