Started it in Rome finished in Vancouver!

I have never read such a long book in one sitting, I literally did not put it down. I started it on my flight from Rome to Vancouver I read it continuously except for bathroom breaks, transferring between plaines, and eating. This is by far the most thrilling read I have had in ages. Lisbeth is an original! This is a female character who goes beyond all the stereotypes of the ‘good girl’ detectives!

I cannot wait until the other two become available in English. I will have them sent to me in California!

Beth Sawatzky
Submitted: 9 Mars 2010

By Editor

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  1. I read the first one just because I liked the story of the story: Stieg writing a big seller late in life and then dies. A kind of “hope for all l;ate bloomers”

    And, my daughter gave me a Kindle for Christmas–my eyes have been going and I found reading a strain too many hours at a CRT doing CAD drawings.

    These were the first books I purchased and I became that weird entity a Fan.

    Some one compared these books to “comic books” I would say that is in a way a compliment in that they are very visual in htat I had a clear notion of what Lisbeth looked like as well as all the other characters where I cannot say the same of Beck, or Winter or even V.I Warshawski or Hole.

    Maybe Reacher has a clear image but no one else is envisioned like these books, witness the discussion of the movies casts.

    – tuirtle in Calif,

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