Spanish translation is very bad too.

I have read the two first books in spanish and its translation was vwry bad too. Now, I I want to read the third one in english (is not in spanish) but after reading your mails about english translation, I think I’m going to wait!

Thanks for the information.

Posted by in Bilbao , 12 February 2009

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4 thoughts on “Spanish translation is very bad too.”
  1. Hi!! Just finished the second book in English and Im trying to get the 3rd one. I found out that then I will have to wait so I was thinking on getting the Spanish one because it has been released for some time. Now I have my doubts but I don’t think I will be able to wait for the English one.

    Posted by Lissett in Belgrade, Serbia ,

  2. i read the first two in spanish. the first was ok, very neutral for the different spanish speaking countries. but the second was horrendous, full of nistakes, repeated passages, and different sort of things that disturbed my reading. that is why i read the third inenglish and at least it was much better

    Posted by Debs in Mexico ,

  3. I read these books in English and also in Spanish. The Spanish translation was by far better than the English one. I would have liked some sort of notes to help the reader (me!) understand more about the country and their social systems.

    Posted by lisbeth salander in USA ,

  4. I’ve read all 3 books in Spanish and the translation perhaps should have been a bit better. Too many “Spanish” nuances: eg: “inri” and other in English such as; “Been there, done that”, so much for international Spanish. A translator from Latin America would have done a much better job. Anyway, as thriller go, Stieg Larsson is a lot better than Dan Brown. Enough said.

    Posted by Luciano in Ottawa, Canada ,

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