Does anyone know the name & artist of the song that Mikael is dancing to in the cottage when Erika walks in? Mikael is looking at the photos & pages on the wall of the cottage when she surprises him. This is the in the first movie of the extended version (currently on Netflix).

It isn’t listed on nor does itpear on the Soundtrack but if I had the name and/or artist I might can find it online.

Posted by Karen M in SC , 12 September 2013

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  1. Chances are that it was a piece composed by the man who wrote the score and played by studio musicians who were part of the music director’s crew. American producers did this a lot during the 60’s ad 70’s so that they didn’t have to pay royalties to groups whose music they might have wanted to play in a movie. I have to admit that it sounds a lot better than most of the cheesy stuff that went into some of those older American films.

    Posted by rickbull in Nashville ,

  2. How about the song from the scene at Mellqvist Kaffeebar where Blomkvist is opening Lisbeth’s mail? It’s in the DVD series.

    Posted by astoria2252 ,

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