Something like 2/3 of the way through the film, maybe further, Micke returns to the cabin to find Lisbeth researching alone at her computer. For a brief moment, we hear her listening to a song. It’s some sort of electronica tune.

What’s the song? Who’s it by? I want to listen :)

Posted by JJ , 8 November 2010

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6 thoughts on “Song Lisbeth listens to?”
  1. Region 1 DVD Occurrence: 1:36:36 ~ 1:36:50

    Audio Clip:

    I’ve recorded the short audio clip from the film during which this song occurs. Download at the mediafire link above.

    It’s possible that the music is one of the tracks listed in the credits. I wasn’t able to locate most of those songs and compare. Here’s an image of the music credits from the film:

    Please reply if you recognize the artist and/or title, or if you are able to associate the song from the clip with one of the titles in the credits…

    Posted by Jay Jech ,

  2. I have a music tracker application on my cellphone and it didnt recognize it. I believe it’s not electronic music but metal or rock. A guitar solo part.

    Posted by Mary in London ,

  3. Sounds like the Kings of Leon, but I know nothing of them other than the few songs I’ve heard on the radio

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