I am the frontman and lead singer for my heavy-metal, punk-rap, funk band, “Leif Eriksson & the Bears” and I wanted to write a song about the Millennium Trilogy or Lisbeth or something. I was thinking something like the girl that avenged or some bogus name like that, so I was wondering if anyone could offer me some suggestions on what it could focus on and how I could write it. Suggestions please, could be helpful as hell.

Posted by DJ Jablonski in New Wark, NJ , 26 November 2010

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  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a great title. I don’t know if you could use it without permission. Maybe just Dragon Tattoo.

    The Hornet’s Nest.

    The Girl Who Walked Away.

    Get Out Alive.


    The Girl Who Got Even.


    There’s a few. Good luck.

    Posted by John S. in minneapolis ,

  2. You could also go the opposite of literal and call it “Coffee & Sandwiches.”

    Posted by john S. in minneapolis ,

  3. Coffee and sandwiches! Love it… Maybe we could make a whole EP of songs about the stories.

    Posted by DJ Jablonski in Bratt ,

  4. Also we changed the band name and lost or got a few members. We are now (don’t laugh, we’re really anarchists) “The Extreme Liberals”

    Check us out on FaceBook

    Posted by DJ Jablonski in Bratt ,

  5. First of all, I would just like to comment that if you plan to write a song about Lisbeth and you are looking for a “BOGUS” name for it, then you have missed the point completely.

    I f your write a song about the trilogy try to remember the story. It is dealing with the pain and suffering that many young children; boys and girls have gone through at the hands of someone in power over them. Lisbeth Salander (the character) took her strength from deep within her soul and used it as her shield so that she could live and survive. The different twists and turns of the trilogy can make us forget that they were fighting against the sex trade that uses young unwitting victims.

    In any case that is my short opinion. I hope it helps you in some way on your quest to write your song.

    Posted by mmeblue in downtown ,

  6. thanks, most of my songs are about the oppressed and the people in power oppressing them

    Posted by DJ Jablonski in Bratt ,

  7. Where can I hear some of your songs?

    I looked for your facebook “Extreme liberals” but I don’t think I found the right place. I am not a blogger. This is actually my 1st participation so excuse my ignorance of how things work.

    I am a fan of heavy rock, metal, and other gut felt music.

    I am also curious to know more about Lisbeth’s tattoo in the movie. It is a very powerful image and we don’t really get to see it, and we don’t get a real explanation of how she got it and why. Is it also an expression of the oppression that she endured? My friends I wonder if it was done by one of her oppressors as she had mentioned that it took a longtime and alot of pain when her doctor (in the hospital after her attack from her father & brother) asked her about it.

    I believe that the dragon symbolizes strength and courage and is often portrayed as a protector, so somehow this image could be a part of your song.

    Posted by mmeblue in downtown ,

  8. So far our recorded stuff sounds horrible so we need to re-record, but thanks for looking us up, I’ll tell you when it gets re-recorded. Also, the tattoo she got herself, I am not sure for any specific reason stated though

    Posted by DJ Jablonski in Bratt ,

  9. You could look for inspiration in the Dynamite CD by Stockholm’s Stina Nordenstam (who’s gone to ground sadly).

    Posted by lucat in birmingham ,

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