Somebody watched the third movie?

I would like to know if the movie was good and if the movie includes this love-thing with mikael and monica (hope not).

OK, maybe someone already saw it and wanna write about it :-)

(I´m so exited, I just saw the second movie, was great, can´t wait for the last :-( )

Posted by , 29 November 2009

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7 thoughts on “Somebody watched the third movie?”
  1. I saw all 3 the movies back to back in an Millennium trillogy on Sunday, really enjoyed all 3, but 2 was my least favourite, it was the weakest in my opinion.


    Monica Figerola was in the movie but she played a much smaller part than in the book and she wasn’t a love-intrest.

    Posted by Michelle in Amsterdam ,

  2. I’m going to see it tonight and I’ll post an extensive review on my fan site soon after (probably stay up all night ranting :-). The reviews here in Scandinavia have been mixed, but I have the impression that fans like it more than the ‘official reviewers’ – as if *that* is news! :-)

    …. – ” … because on Millennium should never end”

    Posted by Christopher Marcus in Copenhagen ,

  3. The third film is very weak. They have cut so much out that if you hadn’t read the books you couldn’t follow the story.

    Posted by webbo in Leicester England. ,

  4. Loved all the films but did think GWKTHN would have been stronger and more coherent, esp for those who have not read the books, if not so many smaller things were taken out–things that should not have taken a lot of screen time. One is that Lisbeth’s hacker community was not included, only Plague. They were a powerful asset she mobilized from the confines of her hospital bed. Also that Bublanski’s team was eventually brought in to work in hand with Edklinth’s Constit. Protection team. I enjoyed in the book that there were all these different teams working to pull together the evidence that was brought to court in the end.

    Palmgren’s presence in court was also omitted and there were others.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Posted by Nansi in USA ,

  5. I agree with Michelle. The first and third were the best movies. I came out of the theater thinking that I liked Hornet’s nest the best. But I keep going back and forth between it and Dragon Tattoo. Definitely worth seeing if you like the books.

    Posted by John S. in Minneapolis ,

  6. hornets nest was the only millenium movie where i didn’t read the book first; not sure if that has anything to do w/ my reaction to the hornets nest. i loved loved loved the first 2 movies, but the 3rd was not quite up to par. when she went to court w/ her punk/goth clothing & full mohawk i thought that would be a climactic part of the movie, but it wasn’t that impressive. the movie was def very good, but i just don’t think it was quite as climactic as the 1st two.

    Posted by kristin in winchester ky ,

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