So who was the girl at the beginning of the story?

was she Salander? The girl at the start of the story who dreamt of playing with fire? Who is she?

Posted by Jimmy Hatton in WEstonburry , 8 November 2011

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8 thoughts on “So who was the girl at the beginning of the story?”
  1. That was Salander when she was strapped in the child psychiatric clinic and Taliborian was keeping her locked up.

    Posted by FrokenFerlisi in So Cali ,

  2. I remember that she was raped at the beginning of the story but later she said that Taliborian never touched her

    Posted by Tronaxious in Bahrain ,

  3. She wasn’t raped on that scene. The scene description makes the reader believe she was or at least would be raped, but in reality, the only physical contact between her and the “mysterious man” is when he places his hand on her forehead and while he straps her to the bed.

    Posted by Erick V. in Mexico City ,

  4. The girl with the southern accent is Lisbeth. The real lisbeth. She is more “Dance With the White Dog”, literally. She had to be suped up for this role. I haven’t finished the book. I’m scared to.

    Posted by HMS in shithole ,

  5. Dr T. is into child porn, of course he is into sexually abusing children. It is implied! Much more is implied than shown.

    Posted by Amber ,

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