So what’s next on your reading list?

after a marathon (1 month maybe too long?) for the 3 books, i feel like i need mystery/thriller books for my next reading marathon this coming Christmas break.

still looking around bookstores for some books to stock up on before december comes. i am looking at the George RR Martin’ Songs of Ice & Fire. but that seems to be too LONG!

so what are you next books on the reading list?

Posted by vicky too in hong kong , 26 November 2011

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  1. i was just thinking the same thing. I am almost done with the 3rd book and know I’m goig to miss reading these books, especially since I lived in stockholm for a summer during college… anyother good swedish mystery books out there that are worth reading?

    Posted by Leah in Nashville ,

  2. You can try The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg; it’s not all that similar, but it’s the only other book I’ve read in the same genre.

    Posted by Eric in Poughkeepsie, NY ,

  3. If you haven’t tried Carol O’Connell’s Mallory Series-you will love them. Also Dana Stabenow Series featuring Kate Shugak. They, along with Salander could take over the whole world if they ever got together. You HAVE to read these books in order and I will say that the last 4 or 5 by Stabenow are not up to her standard-in my opinion-but the first 7 or 8 are fine-and only Salander is equal to Mallory. There are also some excellent mysteries written by Per wahloo (spelling)one made into a movie, The Laughing Policeman-excellent book, fine movie.

    Posted by Larry Kelley in Bakersfield ,

  4. vicky too

    Well, if you enjoyed reading Larsson here’s another Swedish murder mystery not be missed: “Lars Kepler: The Hypnotist”. This is the first booked in a planned series, number two is out in Swedish already but as far as I can see not translated into English yet.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt, Gemany ,

  5. If you Larsson then I think you might like Jo Nesbo. His books are translated from Norwegian. Let me know what you think if you read them.

    Posted by Chedahl in Bellingham Wa ,

  6. If you liked Larsson … try Henning Mankell’s Swedish detective Kurt Wallander. Excellent as well.

    Posted by DKB in Sherwood, AR ,

  7. Val McDermid anything

    Grave Tattoo the best

    Tennila is not far from Salander

    And Stieg made advertising for McDermid

    Bloomkvist constantly reads her books in dragon tattoo

    Posted by Heckler in Spb ,

  8. The Betrayal of Natalie Holloway by Lauren Kate

    13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

    Remember Me by Christopher Pike

    Those aren’t quite as dark as the Millenium Trilogy, but I like them.

    Posted by Anders ,

  9. wwhen I was done reading the trilogy i started reading erika falks adventures from the writer camilla lackberg, whos swedish too and writes crime novels.

  10. Try Karen Rose’s ‘kill for me’. As we all know that nothin is compared to Steig’s work, these books kept me busy. Try if u wish. I’ve heard that Jo Nesbo writes like Stieg.

    Posted by Kolajon in Grenada ,

  11. After reading the trilogy, I read an extremely chilling ,dark and powerful book by the Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa called The feast of the goat. The book is based on real historical events and is set in the early 1960s on the Caribbean island of the Dominican republic in the final years of the brutal dictatorship of the Trujillo family dynasty. I personally think this book is a wonderful book to read after reading the millunium trilogy. The feast of the goat shares many social contexts that are found in the millenium trilogy such as a damaged female protagonist, a great deal of shadowy espionage and secret police agencies,international conspiracy and moments of terrifying violence. I think reading this book after reading and enjoying the millenium trilogy really made me think about the way that misogyny and violence against women is so deeply entrenched in society and the minds of many men. The combined effect of reading both of these books has definitely made me more aware of important social issues and has left me with a profound sense of solidarity, affection and admiration for the women that fight and overcome the adversity and hostility of men and triumph in a patriachal world.

    Posted by James Hanlon in Mexico city ,

  12. If you haven’t yet discovered Jose Saramago’s novels, I would heartily recommend “All the Names”,”Blindness”,”Sight”, “Stone Raft”, really all of his novels. David Guterson’s “Snow Falling on Cedars”, and I would with the earlier suggestion, Michael Connelly (harry Bosh) and John Connolly (Charlie Parker) novels are all good reads.

    Posted by steve from maine ,

  13. Why not make it the award winning parody “The Girl Who Fished With A Worm”?

    Posted by Harry Groome in Villanova ,

  14. While I don’t speak from personal experience but reputation; 1Q84 by Murakami – measures in a strange and entirely separate way to Stieg.

    Posted by Jo in Durban ,

  15. I have been reading random Swedish authors and an old standard Yank as well as a Norwegian, now I have begun a more systematic approach by reading all of the Inspector Beck by Sjowall & Wahloo from the first (Roseanne) they created the Scandinavian Police Procedural and I know Stieg read them probably when he was young.

    I like Jo Nesbo (Redbreast–Harry Hole–

    I alos like Helene Tursten (Detective Inspector Huss) and (Meet Me in Malmo) and (The Glass Devil).

    Stieg mentions Ake Edwardson in Tatoo, I think, (Death Angels) and (Frozen Tracks).

    And then there is Henning Mankell (Dogs of Riga)

    I have enjoyed them all but must observe that only Larsson has done a series that is not about cops front and center and has such a diversity of bad guys AND such a collection of characters…Miriam Wu and Erika Berger and Niedermann and then you get to the cops in the final book: Inspector Bubble and Faste and Figuerola. Is it about free enterprise

    just kidding

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  16. Finished ‘Hornet’s Nest’ yesterday. Last night began reading the slim volume that came with the boxed set – “On Stieg Larsson”. I’m at a loss as to what to read next, but I read a book last year that I can very strongly recommend for others: Garden of Beasts, by Jeffrey Deaver. The strong plotting and characterization in this book compare very favorably with the Millennium Trilogy; like the Trilogy, it contains elements of crime, police and political thrillers; it also contains at least one unexpected twist that you will remember forever.

    Posted by godwulfAZ in Scottsdale, Arizona ,

  17. I was at a loss as to what to read next too. The trilogy was so engrossing. I’ve enjoyed reading Mankell and Mari Jungstedt. For me, both authors create the special atmosphere of Swedish landscape and climate that was so much a part of the Millennium Trilogy.

    Posted by Jane in Exmouth England ,

  18. While not a Swedish author, American author Greg Iles is quite good. Most of his books are stand alone but there are a few reoccurring characters (Penn Cage). I highly recommend “The Quiet Game”. Also if you have the time to commit George R R Martin’s Fire and Ice series is worth the time.

    Posted by Bobbi_1025 in Jacksonville,Florida ,

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