I read the first book a couple of months ago when I was 13 and a few days after I started it, I realized that stieg larsson was DEAD! I’m so sad! especially for Eva Gabriellson who became poor after his death!! and his family is so mean they gave nothing of the money to her. Larsson didn’t even have the time to know he was famous and a stupid heart attack killed him. It’s just so sad don’t you think?

Posted by charlotte in guess , 11 December 2011

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  1. Eva declined $3.3 million from Stieg’s family estate. She merely wanted the rights to continue finishing the script for the 4th book Stieg was working on. He had finished appx 3/4 of a manuscript for the 4th book in a projected 10-book series. He and Eva had had death threats for many years and lived as anonymously as possible. It has been suggested that his ‘heart attack’ was induced. Supposedly he died after going up several flights of stairs as the elevator was out of order.

    Posted by MaryClare ,

  2. Mr. Larsson may very well have died of ‘natural causes’, but because of the sensitive nature of his publications, one can’t help but to wonder if foul play was involved. It’s common knowledge an overdose of potassium chloride can mimic a heart attack without finding evidence in the blood. We may never know the truth. It’s a tragedy that this gifted author is no longer with us.

    Posted by Cynthia Brooks in Payson ,

  3. if there is one person i could bring back from the dead it is for sure stieg larsson so that i’ll be able to tell him how great his book was and how it have become a bestseller.i really feel sorry for his wife ,his family should go easy on her.

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