Small, small acting world

Olga Rapace, Noomi ex husband as of 2011 is co staring in Daniel Craig’ 007 Skyfall movie. I wonder what other 10 degrees of seperation can be made with actors who place in both Swedish and American Versions of TGWTDT.

Posted by sonya in new britain. , 30 April 2012

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5 thoughts on “Small, small acting world”
  1. Noomi Rapace was in the Sherlock Holmes sequel and Michael Nyqvist was in the Mission: Impossible sequel that were above the third-ranked GWTDT at the box-office on its opening weekend.

    There’s also Michael Nyqvist’s daughter as a barista in a quick scene in the Hollywood GWTDT.

    Posted by Rachael in Toronto ,

  2. Not nepotisim it’s acting jobs and careers for those that can find work. As long as they can keep working and do good works like TGWTDT I will keep watching. Don’t be a HATER. . .

    Posted by Michelle- in New Mexico ,

  3. Also, the girl who gets Micke a sandwich and cigarettes in the coffee shop scene at the very beginning, is Michael Nyqvist’s daughter….

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