Similarities and Differences in the trilogy?

Hello all.

I am currently writing a school assigment about the trilogy (had to read them first – best homework in a long time – great books) and i have multiple keypoints that i have to analyze and describe. It is all going rather well, but i am kind of stuck at one point. The assignemnt here reads: “Compare the novels – similarities and diffenrencs”.

I have for now only specified a few minor differences between the books (example: “The second book is the only book where the title has been directly translated into english from the original swedish one”)

Could anyone please be so kind and list some key similarities and/or differences between the novels?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Posted by Felix in Norway , 2 January 2012

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  1. Nice try – asking for help on the internet – echoes of Salander herself.

    Nice try – asking for help on the internet – echoes of Salander herself.

    However, the only real way to do this assignment is to re-read the books for yourself answering the similarities and differences questions as you go.

    You know that the character Blomkvist would simply have stayed up to 5.00 am droning coffee and making notes in this iBook until he’d finished. And there’s your similarity – the notion of the power of hard work that runs through all the books.

    Here’s some tips for you.


    Morality – strong sense of fighting injustice couple with a sense of just retribution. Almost all the characters who do wrong are punished in some way either by death or through the courts.

    Feminism – just google Larsson and feminism and your’e off!

    Friendship and trust – common in all three books. They have to be earned and worked at.

    Sweden’s hidden problems – corruption, right wing extremism and the weakness of any opposition to them


    The stories move from personal/ family issues and tragedies to national and international issues. This is more of a development than a difference but it’s worth pointing out.

    Salander’s development as a human being – compare the first book with the final chapters in the last where she is seen to compromise, to trust people and to refrain in the final scene with her half-brother from actual physical violence.

    Good luck

    Posted by S MacMillan in Gibraltar ,

  2. The main basic difference in my mind – MB is the central character in book one, LS takes on that role in 2 & 3

    Posted by Jimmysod in England ,

  3. Thank you so much to those who answered here! I will most certainly use some of this… and to S.MacMillan.. I did also find a few other ones which I found through – rereading the books. Thank you for your help.

    Posted by Felix in Norway ,

  4. I don’t find too many books who mention religious holidays, much less Maunday Thurs. and all,but I was surprised they were mentioned throughout the trilogy? I don’t know whether to be thrilled or insulted. I was once Lutheran myself,having been born in Germany(Anlican-Catholic now), but I read that Sweden is very atheistic now. Was this a holdover from those days or what?

    Posted by Virginia Connor in Marietta ,

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