Should the books be read in chronological order?

I had put the first and secomnd book on hold at my local library. After a long wait I finally got my hands on one of them, but it is the second book ‘ The girl who played with fire’. I’m now hesitant to starrt it though, without having read the first one. Is it better to read them in order or does it not matter which one I read first. Should I wait for the first one?

Posted by Sandy S. , 18 February 2010

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  1. I read half of the 2nd book before deciding to get the 1st one. Do yourself a favor, and READ THEM IN ORDER!!!

    Posted by Bob in Fort Myers ,

  2. It is possible (but not recommended) to read the second book before the first. But, definitely, you shouldn’t try to read the third book before the second.

    Posted by Marcelo ,

  3. Are any of Larsson’s other books translated in english? Yes, read them in order if at all possible.

    Posted by linda in n.c. ,

  4. you must read them in order because basically they are three parts of the same book.

    when i read the first one i skipped the first few chapters because i found it very slow going, but when i finished all three i went back and read the first bit again and it was a lot easier to understand

    Posted by Alan C in LEEDS ,

  5. I am absolutely furious with the late Stieg Larsson. Because of his writings I have been unable to do any housework, go shopping, visit with friends or even talk on the phone. All I can do is stay immersed in that darn trilogy! I feel like I’ve been in Sweden for days now and am beginning to speak to myself in a Swedish accent. How did I allow myself to get so wrapped up in mere fiction? Ok, must go now…am almost finished with book #2 and have to race to the bookstore for #3. Please God, let it be there!!

    Posted by Elsa in Alabama ,

  6. I beg to disagree that the Millenium series should be read in order! It can be read with the third first and then start from first and second. I started with kicking the hornet nest and then got a tottoo before being burned by fire. The continuation of the first & second is obvious but by starting with the third you get to have dejavu feeling when reading the first with many thrilling “AHA” moment. It spiced up the reading for me. And I agree with Elsa… what was I thinking trying to read the book from page 1 to the last in one sitting…. now I am having withdrawal symptoms waiting for the fourth (if ever it comes out).

    Posted by Gwoeii in Kuala Lumpur ,

  7. Is there a 4th??? that would be great!!!!

    Order…1st…the girl with the dragon tattoo.

    2nd…the girl who player with fire.

    3rd…The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest.

    Posted by linda in nc. ,

  8. I agree with Gwoeii. I bought n read no3 first. then no 1 followed by no 2.

    Posted by choi in kuala lumpur ,

  9. I started quite right by reading the 1st book and advancing to the 2nd and 3rd book in chronological order. It could had been a disaster if I did it otherwise. It would be like putting your pants on before getting in your boxers. That would be a mess. Anyhow on what you intend to do does nothing to destroyed the intensity of the triology. Enjoy the book as you like it.

    Posted by red jet in philippines ,

  10. i’ve read the first book and then accidentally the third, is it still worth reading the second?

    Posted by P in Barbados ,

  11. red jet ~ Superman have his pants first before his underwear! He still is the longest serving superhero… HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Want to try? I’ll get you a pink one!

    I bet ES and Miriam Wu would love to see you in one! HAHA :) Cheers.

    Posted by Gwoeii in Kuala Lumpur ,

  12. Hmm… pants first before underwear? I bet ES and Miriam Wu would love to see you in that! :) Cheers.

    Posted by Gwoeii in Kuala Lumpur ,

  13. Definitely read them in order. Otherwise, you’re likely not going to understand what’s happening. The story unfolds in a very meticulous way, and you have to have all the details in place at one level before you can understand the next one.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis, MN ,

  14. Saw 2 of the subtitled movies “Tattoo” & “Hornet’s Nest” in that order; seemed that there was something missing in between (“Played with Fire”). Both movies were very good although and have started me on reading the the trilogy in the following order; Tattoo, Fire & Nest. Things are going to pot in my house because I can’t seem to put the 1st one down. Excellent writing.

    Posted by Mary McNeil in Nova Scotia ,

  15. I bought all three books together as I had a gift voucher and didn’t know what to buy. A woman in the shop said ‘When you get home, lock the doors, take the telephone off the hook and start reading them. They are great’. She was right. Read them in the correct order.

    Posted by Keith in Cranham ,

  16. You could read the first book only or start with the second and go on with the third. Number two and three definately have to be in order. After the books you can see the three movies….enjoy!

    Posted by Lotte in Singapore , 1 mars 2010

  17. Just watched dragon tattoo movie. Not understanding why movies came released/made out of order??

    Posted by Carrera in Alabama, USA ,

  18. just saw the 1st movie…haven’t read any of the books! Just ordered the first 3 books! The movie was a little slow in the begining but ended grea.t

    Posted by Tayboogie in los angeles ,

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