I’m normally attracted to women who are warm, open, and curvy; attributes of which Salander is the antithesis. Yet why do I want to sleep with her?

Posted by Bruce in London , 8 November 2011

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  1. Never had any siblings, it would be cool to have a sister like Lisbeth. There is a slight sexual attraction, but someone that feels safe to be close to; there is more power in that silence than most men.

    Posted by Estarme in Cebu, Phills ,

  2. Mmmm who doesn’t want to sleep with her? The question is, will she sleep with you? If you’re not careful you may get an ugly tattoo on your tummy soon…

    Posted by Kaat in Singapore ,

  3. LOL Kaat in Singapore you are sooo right!!!! like yeah I would love to have sex with her but I don’t want a damn tattoo on my tummy. HA

    Posted by Wspjims in Zurich ,

  4. She is also a psychopath, because she is so totally lacking in empathy that she enjoys inflicting severe physical pain. Her victims are total arseholes who deserve what she does to them but her behaviour is still psychopathic. The fact that she really is quite mad is what makes her such an interesting character.

    We should not confuse her functionality with sanity.

    She is also a serious criminal’ guilty of major fraud and tax evasion. Some hero!

    Posted by BM in Canberra ,

  5. Oh I was with you untii the last comment…Hard to say she was a criminal of fraud and tax since her situation has been a roller coaster. Maybe if the books continued, we would know more what happens with her money. There is no doubt she stood up for women’s rights:)

    Posted by Wen ,

  6. Lisbeth is wonderful and doesn’t take any shit. A real kick-ass gal. I love her can’t wait for more movies and books. I’m on the last one I hope stieg’s bother and father will let it be released

    Posted by Scorpio* 1961 in Spindale ,

  7. I believe it’s because Lisbeth doesn’t fit into the cookie cutter mold for characters in books/movies. She’s unique and flawed and that makes her real. Plus a lot of her flaws are realistic flaws. They’ve played around with the idea that she could have some sort of disability such as Asperger’s Syndrome. Which could be a partial match seeing as how she finds it difficult to socialize with other people and she has difficulty with empathy and emotions and how to embrace them. She also has her own way of solving things that aren’t acceptable in society and that is partially why she was deemed a psychopath and it added to the reasons for why she was in a mental hospital. She’s got a lot of depth as a character and that’s what makes the readers like her. She makes us think about how people are different and we develop respect for the Lisbeths in the world.

    Posted by Jade in New Jersey, USA ,

  8. Tough girl who can take care of herself but still needs a guy to cover her six even if she wont admit it. Reminds me of my wife (36 years)

    Posted by jeg in shelby michigan ,

  9. @Chris schroeder in New York- Because she hates fucking misogynists like you with your “men evolved for protecting women” bullshit. Almost no male organisms protect the females or the offspring except before and during mating.

    jeg in shelby michigan, you’re a fucking misogynist too

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