I’m normally attracted to women who are warm, open, and curvy; attributes of which Salander is the antithesis. Yet why do I want to sleep with her?

Posted by Bruce in London , 8 November 2011

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  1. Thanks for sharing… Maybe something to discuss with your therapist rather than your fellow Larsson readers?

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt ,

  2. she’s hot, tough, attractive and really cool :D I would have sex with her

    Posted by Charlotte-Ophelie Duplain in Montreal ,

  3. Charlotte, you sound like an equally cool chick. I bet you wish you’d kind of been around at the end of book 3. Me too. Damn that german guy!!

    Posted by Bruce in London ,

  4. because she attracts danger and needs to be protected… that’s what we (men) do, or at least have evolved to do over many thousands of years.

    Posted by chris schroeder in new york ,

  5. There’s a flippancy in the opening question but it’s a serious question. Why are ‘ordinary’ men attracted to ‘extraordinary’ women? In this case, Chris Schroeder’s reply above is perfectly plausible. But I also think that the attraction of Salandar has something to do with the fact that she does not demand that protection – in fact, as a married man I interpret her willingess to have sex-without-complications as attractive precisely because it doesn’t interfere with my safe world. She is the antithesis of the bunny boiler, and a much more attractive proposition for extra-marital than someone who is conventionally attractive.

    Ever play the game ‘shag, marry or avoid’? Salandar is shag, every time.

    Posted by Iestyn in Cardiff ,

  6. Because she’s got no need for a relationship. She takes what she wants from a man, i.e. when she goes to Blomqvist during the night, she takes what she wants and leaves. No man can possess her, and men, well, we always want what we can’t have….

    Posted by Jase in Birmingham ,

  7. I believe we all feel like Armansky, in our own sort of way. “Foreign creature to him”, “a life that was not real for him”. Before I read the book and saw the US movie, I was attracted to normal girls with some shap. If an Lisbeth Salander comes along, I would like to get to know here. So if your out there girl, I am avalable.

    Posted by Garrett in Hamlet N C ,

  8. its probably cuz she is an interesting and sorta mysterious girl, and she’s awesome and pretty. Duhh,lolz

    Posted by LAA in Hopkington ,RI ,

  9. her character and the way she acts is sexy.she is powerful , bad ass ,very smart and gets what she wants.she is a unique heroine and i love the fact that she holds a grudge against misogynists

    Posted by trinity ,

  10. I’m half way through the second book & I’m sooooo in love with Lisbeth & don’t know why either, guess it’s all the reasons previously mentioned, but I’m on hols for 2 weeks & just can’t wait to snuggle up on the beach with her.. prob. is what hell am I gonna do when I finished the Hornets Nest.. anyone any ideas? please..

    Posted by Dave W.M. in Lincolnshire ,

  11. Lisbeth is one of my favorite protagonists because she is precisely not like the rest of them. She isn’t portrayed as conventionally beautiful, polished, and charming. She has the body of a child, dresses like a teenager, and looks like a goth. But what charms us is her keen intellect, incredible resourcefulness, un-wavering principles, and strength of character. She is a modern superhero.

    Posted by Ronna in texas ,

  12. but how in heck did she dig herself out of that grave in Played with fire???? That is what makes her so attractive to men – her instinct to survive and mete out revenge

    Posted by John Luciani in Toronto ,

  13. She had sort of a magnet she really found the way to attract to people, first she had an amazing body, she weight is 90 pounds she is so tough she rarely talks with anyone, but she is so helpless inside. Everybody wants just to hug her, about everything she is been tru. But the fact that shes sexy and makes anyone to desire her in the way she is a shag with her it will be like “the best sex of anyone’s life” right?

    Posted by Wsp in Zurich ,

  14. I think men are attracted to Lisbeth because she is such a ‘guy’ in her behaviour, thinking and sexuaity…only with girly bits. Aside from her scarey intellect, she’s so WYSIWYG it is no wonder men like her. She does not play mind games (except as a torture device on enemies), she does not have a secret agenda that usually involves committment, she is not emotionally draining or demanding, she is sexually aggressive and, bonus, bisexual…the girl on girl stuff. It’s little wonder men like her…she’s perfect…lol.

    Posted by Jean Ferguson in Toronto, Canada ,

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