I think the only criticism I have is that many of the secondary and other minor characters didn’t have much identity, weren’t fleshed out, and ran one into another, colorless, indistinct..

Posted by Vas in Washington DC , 12 September 2011

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6 thoughts on “Secondary characters”
  1. GEtting the characters in Hornet’s Nest confused. Know of a character chart so I can keep the good guys and bad guys straight?

    Posted by dot ,

  2. Dot, That would be a great idea since the characters are so many.. but I’m afraid I’m already half way through the book and haven’t done that but I’ll post one if I manage to do it before I finish!! Enjoy the book.. as usual, it’s got new twists and even though I partly agree with the fact some characters are not very present, it still provides originality and realism to the plot… Looking forward to getting back to it!!

    Posted by Aless in London ,

  3. What about Erlander. For me he was completely lost between bublanski and eklinth.

    Posted by Jim the Slap in Boffo ,

  4. I also had trouble with so many characters and the use of surnames only, in the various levels of police and security. I am now re-reading all 3 books and getting more out of them this time around!

    Posted by Patricia in Toronto ,

  5. I started a character list while reading Nest there were far too many charatchers and the sameness of the names was seriously confusing me. So I started the book from the beginning I was in the middle (I think in part because I didn’t want it to end) and started a lst of the characters with notes as I went along. It is amazing to me that Mr. Larsson was able to keep so many characters in his head and busy at the same time.

    Posted by Donna in Buffalo, NY-USA ,

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