How has Sapo reacted to its portrayal in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest?

Posted by Tomas in London , 9 September 2010

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5 thoughts on “Sapo Reaction?”
  1. I had documentation to prove that everyone involved in portraying them in such a negative light was either coincidentally shot or hanged – but someone seems to have stolen it from me…

    Posted by Christian in Hacker Republic ,

  2. Check this out – Larsson – Stieg that is – seems to have hit the nail pretty close to the head in relation to the character of Sapo – witholding evidence that could have kept an innocent man out of prison for 6 years. And believe me – I’m not saying intelligence services in the US are any better:

    Posted by SteveA in Oakland, CA ,

  3. No, if they whew behind it he would have been arested while still in Sweden. No you can see the normal stumblings form the Swedish DA system.

    It may still be possibel (but unlikely) that SÄPO have a hand in that they are still pursued, but if they where behind them from the begining the DAs would have acteed faster.

    Posted by Cynic in Uppsala ,

  4. The portrayal in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest

    is a pretty nice one comapred to SÄPO is described in Jan Guillou Hamilton series, here they are at least competent and there are reasons other than stupidity or greed when they break laws and destroy lifes.

    Posted by Cynic in Uppsala ,

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