How did Blomkvist find out about it – I must have missed that

Posted by Pakman in Chicago , 2 April 2011

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6 thoughts on “Salander’s Stash of Money”
  1. In the epilogue, few pages in, Europol release a security camera picture of a lady, thought to be an assistant of Wennerstrom who has transfered his money to other accounts. It is of course LS in disguise; but Mikael just recognises her features.

    Posted by Richard in Almaty ,

  2. The glaring mistake at the end of the first movie is the fact as Mikeal recognizes Lizbeth from the security camera footage the Newsreader is talking about that several million krona was missing….not 2.5 billion…the error compounds itself when at the beginning of the 2nd movie she buys a 25 million krona apartment. Can’t figure out if it was a screenwriting error or a translation one….thoroughly enjoyed the books and the Swedish movies and understand the streamlining of the plot for the movies is necessary, but it is the dumb little mistakes that irk me.

    Posted by Hilodave in Hawaii ,

  3. is it true that he intended to write 10 books for the series and his partner is holding on to the 4th one? apparently it is father and brother who benefited from the book’s success instead of her and she helped him write these books.

    Posted by joyce in new york ,

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