during some of their correspondence, Blomkvist wrote to Slaander that she made a mistake when stealing the billions-that he knew she did it, but, we never hear what it is. Anybody figure that out?

Posted by Janna Wachter in Seattle , 30 April 2015

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3 thoughts on “salander’s mistake”
  1. Isn’t it that Blomqvist recognised her in the CCTV pics even though she was disguised?

    Posted by Nick in England ,

  2. Yes, I remember reading the account of his recogmizing ner in a photo from the

    Caribbeaan if I remember correctly. I think it was at the end of the third book.

    With love under will,

    Bob Pendell,

    The Wizzard of Jacksonville, FL

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  3. The only mistake I remember was her quoting verbatim (in her background report on him) Mikael’s trial statement (IIRC) before he’d publicly made it, when it only existed as a written draft on his computer. It was how he realized she was a hacker.

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