Salander prints on gun

How did Lisbeth’s prints get on Bjork’s gun? In my book it only says she saw the box with gun in it.

Posted by Clarence in Vermillion, SD , 17 April 2013

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  1. I, too, asked this question while reading THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, and, as a result, re-read the section of the book concerning her late-night visit to Bjurman’s apartment several times in search of an answer, to no avail. Ironically, Daniel Alfredson and Jonas Frykberg answered the question quite well with a bit of literary/film making license in the Swedish production of the trilogy, having Lisbeth threaten Bjurman with his own gun.

    My personal feeling is that Stieg Larson intentionally did not mention her handling of the gun in order to keep suspicion alive that Lisbeth may have been the one that killed Bjurman, then left the revolver for Niederman to find and use to kill Dag and Mia.

    Posted by rickbull in Nashville ,

  2. Thanks for the response. Glad to know that I am not the only one who noticed this and did not miss anything.

    Posted by clarence in vermillion ,

  3. Lisbeth makes two horrible mistakes in the books: handling Bjurman’s gun w/o gloves (but then she wouldn’t have been connected to the 3 murders and not lobbing a hand grenade into the little house Neiderman and Zala were holed up in. But… the books are pretty much perfection. And I liked the Swedish long version films so much better than the American film. I hope they dump Daniel Craig in the second and third American films and get a better screenwriter. I loved both Mara and Noomi’s performances…but there isn’t really a need for more American remakes. But you know they will do it anyway…

    Posted by MelindaLu in Seattle ,

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