Salander ditches Martin’s Laptop

Can someone please tell me why the hell Lisbeth got rid of Martin’s laptop and album??? Then she tells Frode that she wants him to watch the videos and try to identify the girls and compensate their families. Wouldn’t it have been easier to do that if she’d left all the evidence??? I’m so confused!

Posted by New Larsson Fan in Tampa , 18 September 2010

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  1. Several things in the books seem to be either red herrings, or uncompleated additonal story lines, and it was guilty of overplaying some things. EG the almost biblical quality they gave to the the so called “protection of the source” rules for journalists, it’s an ideal but in real life it’s flexible. I think Blomqvists sexual activities are a distraction and are overplayed, especially when he ends up bedding Harriet…why I ask myself.

    Posted by Ray V. in Normandy ,

  2. There indeed seem to be elements of the first two books that lead to nowhere… I wonder is it the tranlation or was Larsson that much of a novice (albeit brilliant)writer?

    Posted by Kat in Decatur,AL ,

  3. I’ve only read the first book and I was hoping that maybe something would be revealed in the others about this but I guess not. Very annoying for a fact finder personality type like me. I’m almost afraid to read the other books now as they might torture me in the same ways :)

    Posted by New Larsson Fan in Tampa ,

  4. Read the other books. I just finished them all. It really upsets me his (author) has another book almost all written by him but she is holding out for money. Greedy.

    Posted by Dragon girl in Harrah ,

  5. I cant remember the exact details of what all happens but she’s more concerned about leaving anything that might lead to her brush with authorities. That was her priority.

    Posted by Bihag in Gurgaon India ,

  6. I can’t remember that Blomkvist seduced Harriet or vice versa. Please tell me if either happened

    Posted by Buck in Montgomery ,

  7. Yes, he visits her several times whilst she is staying in a hotel in Stockholm. I don’t quite understand why Blomkvist has to bed nearly every woman he meets. In particular, Harriet… since he was so desperate to detach himself from the whole Vanger affair! A bit of a ladies’ man, as they say… pfft.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  8. Oh and I have no idea why she ditched his laptop but I suppose we can trust that Lisbeth had a good enough reason for it, it’s not like she did anything without thinking it through!

    Posted by Ro ,

  9. We will never know because word has it that Larsson planned 10 books in total and had almost finsihed a fourth and had skeleton plans for 6 others. These books may have held the answers to why Salander made certain (what appeared) irrational decisions.

    Posted by A-K87 in Bristol ,

  10. I have to say when I read that bit of the book I was very surprised. I thought for sure she would have annomously had the hard drive sent to SHE TV or someother outlet being that she did not trust the poice at all, I really thought that she would have given closure to the women’s families that have suffered never knowing what became of their loved ones.

    It also seemed strange that Mikael never flipped out about it. He just seemed to take it all in stride. It was sort of explained that with Henrik on the brink of death and still not quite knowing if Harriet was alive that the need to be able to keep up the investigation seemed more vital.

    Though Mikael and Harriet quasi discuss Martin’s home being demolished she is just as content to leave the matter alone with no thought to the women who had died at her brother’s hand as long as it wasn’t her. Mikael never discusses the families left wondering. I think that is awful of all three of them.

    Yet, Lizbeth makes sure the police are notified in Nest when she escapes Niedermann, and she discovers the womens bodies in the containers of water. Has she finally developed a conscious? Why then? Why was it ok to call the police then and not for those other women? unless there is a statute of limitation in Sweden, there is still the morality factor of giving closure to the families. I guess we will never know….

    Posted by Donna in Buffalo, NY ,

  11. It was discussed in book 1 between Frode, Mikael and Lisbeth. That Vanger Industries take a look at Martin’ videos and try to find the families and make a monetary donation. Also the Vanger Industry would have to donate 2 mil a year to a women’ organization. This didn’t sit well with Mikael and he stormed out. Lisbeth found him later and he accepted it.

    As for the hookup with Harriet, that happen at his cabin. She was visiting the island and they ran into each other. I think he started up the affair even though he tried to distance himself from the whole Vanger affair in an attempt to stay close to Lisbeth. Keep his memories of Lisbeth alive and fresh. Interesting, Blomkvist who usually likes the limelight and appearing on tv, lost interest in the Wennerstrom scandal soon after Lisbeth cut him out of her life.

    And for Lisbeth not calling the police about Martin that was her initial reaction and drive of not being involved with the police. But later she develop a way of alerting the police without every being a part of any police interview. I think that is a growth in her character development. Blomkvist still had lingering problems of keeping silent and Lisbeth new method of notifying the police resulted from how much it cost Blomkvist (in his heart) to do her the favor of not calling the police.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  12. I think it is stated that Blomkvist and Salander recognized that they did not want to introduce Harriet Vanger to the nightmare of her family being in the middle of a huge malstrom surrounding a serial killer that would be just added to her nightmare teen years.

    In finding her and bringing her back to her uncle who was their client they took responsibility for her well being. It was a part of not leaving things as they were.

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  13. I had thought it odd that she ditched the computer and such at the time. I had thought it was a panic type mode of what to do in that situation to hide the evidence, which she could have later regretted. In the 2nd book you find she has hacked many a computer and she may have had her software on that laptop and didn’t want it discovered.

    Posted by The Milkman in Denver ,

  14. If you ask me, Michael and Lisbeth are no better then Martin. They have cover up Martin crimes, and by doing that they have pissed on all Martins victims. The end of first book has made me feel sick.

    Posted by Natalia in Zagreb ,

  15. Yeah I found that bad too, Natalia. Covering up a crime llike that lands you in jail. Even more than the laptop, i have no idea why she destroyed the folders if she wanted them to find the victims families! Also, aren’t those victims going to want to find the killer? so they police will get involved anyhow….it was a really dangerous thing for them to do

    Posted by Cass ,

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