Salander gets under your skin – I know her….. but I don’t

Posted by Brodie in Colwyn Bay, Wales , 13 September 2009

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6 thoughts on “Salander”
  1. This girl made me feel – for the first time in my life! – that I might be a lesbian. Haha… You are right. I keep thinking about her as if she is real… You got me, Lisbeth.

    Posted by Sarka Hinzova in Prague, Czech Republic ,

  2. I’ve never fallen in love with a fictional character before. It’s a rather odd experience. Glad that I’m not the only one.

    Posted by Elijah Schweitzer in Deming, New Mexico ,

  3. I love her too, she´s really wonderfull behind the surface. For the few people she loves she would do everything (Holger Palmgren for example). I really adore her for her strengh and her courage and I´m so sad that we will never know how her life will develop. And I wonder if the cops will find out about her coup with Wennerström and the money. I mean they already found out that she has 2 million krones at her account and she can´t explain the source…and sometimes they will find out whre she lives and then? How will she explain that?

    Maybe someone has a opinion in this :-)

  4. I`m glad the i`m not alone, who is fowling in love with a fictional person.

    Reality is where the pizzaman come from

    Posted by in Germany ,

  5. such a cruel twist of fate that he died so prematurely, we are cheated by fate, no more Lisbeth, miss her terribly..

    Posted by Vas in Washington DC ,

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