Romance between Mikael and Lisbeth

In the second and third book, Larsson assures that Lisbeth’s feelings for Mikael have gone. But I really believed there was still a kind of connection between them.

Also, I didn’t like Figuerola’s role and romance with Mikael. I don’t understand how Mikael has fallen for her in that way. At some moments it seemed he didn’t care for Lisbeth, and he was only interested in Figueroa like a teenager. A little weird position after all the story between him and Salander.

Posted by Debs in Mexico , 13 December 2010
lisbeth salander and mikael blomkvist

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  1. Mick and Lizzie represent two sides of the same coin. it is impossible for both of them to get together because they are one and the same. Mick represents Stieg Larsson’s voice of reason throughout the series while Lizzie would be his feminine, wild and super-heroic alter-ego.

    Adding on to that, Niedermann would be something of a mutant. In a way, Larsson has created an alternate reality which is present in oh-so subtle tones that it is hard to realise it.

    Posted by Andrew Situ in Fremantle ,

  2. Id have to agree with Andrew. But Stieg Larsson is reported to have planned for 10 books before his death. The 4th is actully half finshed with 400 words written of the 600 planned. It is unfortunate but personaly i feel Lisbeth and Mickael may have been re-explored in that or a later book.

    We will never know, but i like to thing that beyond the trilogy their relationship would have grown to something more.

    I both curse and grieve Larsson for his death. But for someone else to finish his book it would be like a four year old finishing a Da Vinci. A crying shame.

    Posted by Nigel in London ,

    1. Lis is Bi sexual and emotionally damaged…Mikael is too selfish to love her or evrn understand would be a TOXIC , VIOLENT relationship who dont know how to love others; Mikael would be having sex with her to feel an edge he doesnt have with the self centered broads in his life and for Lisbeth it would be cinfusing swx with love and ultimately a form of daddy worship she could mever have…

  3. I didn’t pick up any romance between Mick and Liz. To me, it was just “Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.” Without the thank you.

    They hooked up. What am I missing?

    Posted by Barbara Cartland ,

  4. Lisbeth falls in love with Mikael and almost tells him so twice in the series. It is her jelousy of seeing him with Erika that makes her feel a fool and sends her into self-imposed exile. Mikael has so many sexual relationships with the women he knows, that he doesn’t see any real importance to an affair. He says repeatedly that he doesn’t know what happened between them. He does however have a deep emotional attachment and respect for her because of all they’ve been through. Old friends!

    Posted by PWE in Tewksbury, MA ,

  5. I didn’t care for Mikael’s numerous sexual liasions, especially his affair with Berger ( are we really supposed to believe that her husband was OK with all that?). I found it annoying that Mikael wound up in bed with so many women and was happy when Lisbeth cut him out of her life. I haven’t finished the 3rd book yet, but I hope Liz doesn’t take him back – he doesn’t deserve her!

    1. “are we really supposed to believe that her husband was OK with all that?”

      Yes. Not all of us believe that love is about possession, ownership, and telling people who they can and can’t touch parts with.

  6. His romance with Figuerola particularly annoys the shit out of me. I’ve just finished the third book and was hoping the whole ordeal would be squared up in the end. It just annoys me that he ends up falling for someone that we as readers barely know a thing about. Why Larsson? Why would he fall completely for her and not Berger or even Lisbeth? I feel like his relationship with Figuerola needed to be expanded far more for it wo be credible.

    As much as I enjoyed the books I would have been a sucker for a happy ending for Lisbeth and Mickael together. It really seemed like it could have been heading that direction too. Where did Figuerola come from? Sorry, it’s clear her involvement in the story really gets to me.

    I think I’ll have to live with the fact that maybe Larsson had planned for it all to go that way after The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Who knows? :(

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  7. I fell deeply in love with Lisbeth Salander and am brokenhearted that’s she’s gone

    Posted by Buck in Montgomery ,

  8. I agree with Ro about Figueola, she just didn’t seem

    like Mikael’s type. No believable at all. We will

    never know why Steig had them have a relationship.

    I can understand why he and Berger’s affair survived

    and I think she was his main love.

    Posted by Diana in Florida ,

  9. Yeah, definitely. Although, its hard to believe her husband would let someone else share his wife. I think Mikael really felt stronger for Erika than she did for him, otherwise they probably would have been together properly. I think the lack of monogomous relationships is hard to deal with for me, I’m too used to reading books with a bit more romance in them! Erika is a great character though. I’ve never seen so many strong female characters in any book.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  10. Actually I find all the characters in the book in one sense emotionally stunted in one way in that they do not need commitment or “romance” but then we are living in a new age of different relationships and perhaps it is the nature of these kinds of relationships ie non manogamous that Larsson was exploring. There is something coldly Nordic about it all. Very interesting. Margaret Wales

    Posted by M John in Swansea ,

  11. I agree, Margaret. I somehow put it down to the Swedish nature of the books but I’m not really sure that is a very relevant explanation. It would have been interesting to see how Mikael’s relationship with Figuerola would have progressed. I doubt it would have lasted through a fourth book, really. It’s interesting that Larsson chose to have so many unorthodox relationships between his characters, having presumably been relatively monogamous himself throughout his life. Maybe Blomkvist represents some kind of fantasy, that is sleeping with countless women without ever initiating any of it or causing any apparent harm.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  12. When Lisabeth threw away Mickael’s Christmas present and went home, it broke my heart. Larsson planned 10 books. I like to think that Mickael and Lisabeth would have teamed up to solve more mysteries, but never really be on the same wavelength romantically until the very last book, when surely he would have had them together ever after!

    Oh–I agree with Ro that Mikael’s being so irresistable to women was Larrson writing out every man’s fantasy.

    Posted by Amy in Tennessee, USA ,

    1. I like to think that Lisbeth and Mickael both had something to teach each other, both psychologically and romantically and I think this is what draws them to each other:

      Lisbeth never gets respect as a woman or to romantically and sexually make her own choices or take the initiative with a man other than Mickael. Men always try to take what they want from her or read more into something than there is. It’s almost like once she started to trust him a little, she tested him to see if he deserved her trust or affection by having sex with him and later actually sharing a bed with him. He still never took advantage and let her have her way.

      Mickael may have had sex with many women but it didn’t mean he trusted them with his life or everything he knew. He also never took advantage of ANY of these women and despite what many people think, sex isn’t dirty as long as it’s consenting adults and no one is being hurt which is something that Lisbeth does have a difficult time with.

      Basically Lisbeth has the trust of Mickael and ABILITY to love and be loved by him, but Mickael has to be let in and go slow so she knows that sex can be many things besides hurting, an escape, and a means to an end since he’s kinda the epitome of kind lover who lets the women make the choices.

      Hopefully that explains what I mean about how I see why they mesh together under the right circumstances. It would always have to be Lisbeth’s choice though and somehow I always felt that if Mickael thought he had a real chance with her, he wouldn’t stray unless that was Lisbeth’s choice of arrangement too.

      1. So do you think Stieg Larsson had planned for Mikael end up together with Lisbeth by the end of the series? From my point of view I do think so well probably..because by the end of the 3rd book they are friends again and since they were supposed to be 10 books in the series in made me think Larsson would put some drama or a plot twist in their relationship to keep the reader on edge because we wouldn’t know if they would be friends or lovers by the end of the series and in my opinion that’s what made the books interesting their relationship with each other.

  13. Great idea Amy! You sound like a romantic soul. Wish I had thought of that instead of cursing somewhat that Larsson didn’t get Mikael and Lisbeth together again.

    Posted by Vickie in in California ,

  14. Oh—and I agree with Ro in Ireland. The relationship between Mikael and Figuerola didn’t work for me. Figuerola came off as jealous without Mikael catching on. I like to think it wouldn’t have lasted another five minutes. They just were polar opposites.

    Posted by Vickie in in California ,

  15. I do think the relationship with Figuerola felt rather forced, more like an afterthought than a real developed plot point. Maybe it was just Larsson’s way of coming back to, and underscoring, what a “ladies’ man” Mikael really is, as we didn’t see much of that in the second book. There’s definitely something about it that feels underdeveloped, and maybe if Larsson had lived, he would have fleshed it out a little more.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis, MN ,

  16. well actually i think that stieg planned to releave 10 books about micke and lisbeth ,so he could not make that they were together at the third book.about figuerola ,she wouldn`t last more than the fourth book or the fifth ,she`s just one more caracter in stieg`s books..:)

    Posted by francesca in pizza ,

  17. Lisbeth was deeply in love with Blomqvist and that’s why she got so angry when she saw him with Berger on the street..then she kept him at arm’s length because she knew he had the power to hurt her..

    Posted by Vas in Washington DC ,

  18. I thought I was to naive and didn’t get nowadays relationships….But may God I hate Figueroa and yes Im a sucker for a happy endings too, so it wroke my heart when they dindn’t end up together

    Posted by Jime in Mendoza – Argentina ,

  19. When you made the list of Blomkvist’s bedmates, you left out Cecilia Vanger. In the first book, she approached Mikael and suggested the idea of a secret affair. This arrangement went on for several months. The movie (Hollywood version) left it out altogether. Blomkvist’s dalliances all seem to be instigated by the woman, who then falls deeply for Mikael and feels jealous when he wants to be with someone else. Kalle Blomkvist is emotionally shallow, but then all the characters in this series are damaged in some way. I think that Lisbeth is looking for somebody she can fully trust and depend on. Mikael is trustworthy as a friend, but he proved unreliable as a lover.

    Posted by Margaret B in Virginia ,

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