That was one hell of an interesting bout and set my imagination running. It would have been great TV to watch if it were ever televised. The only thing would be the life-and-death nature of that particular bout, and the absence of any umpires.

So far, it was the most well-written excerpt from all 3 books put together. A pity the author has passed on or else he would have contributed more to the literary world.

Posted by Andrew Situ in Fremantle , 14 December 2010

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2 thoughts on “Roberto vs Niedermann”
  1. I’ve seen people in real life naturally born extremely strong, so would easily believe there could be a blond giant in real life

    Posted by Nurlan Mukhambetrakhimov in Almaty, Kazakhstan ,

  2. I think it is interesting that Stieg placed are real person into his books when all other characters are fictional. I guess there was no one else that could play Paulo Roberto in the films but himself :)

    Posted by Jörgen in Malmö, Sweden ,

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