Ringtone of Mikael Blomkvist

Anyone know the ringtone Mikael Blomkvist uses on his phone? I know its a Nokia ringtone. But which one?

Posted by Ocho , 8 November 2010

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22 thoughts on “Ringtone of Mikael Blomkvist”
  1. It is the “Sony-Ericsson” default tone. This is the starndard tone that all Ericsson (Swedish company) phones have

    Posted by exfat in Madrid ,

  2. Also looking for it– definitely none of the above, although I have a hard time locating the Sony-Ericsson default tone.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

    Posted by bc in TN ,

  3. It’s the default sony ericson ringtone, I think it’s called ‘sony ericons’. I know it’s available on the Sony Xperia Play phone. Search google for sony’s ringtones and you should find it

    Posted by M in Rochester,ny ,

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