Reference to Astrid Lindgrens work

I Think i have found something here. I have seen that Per Oscarsson, the actor who plays Holger Palmgren, have been in one of Astrid Lindgrens movies. He stared in Ronia: The Robber’s Daughter as Borka, the leader of a group of bandits. This could be another referens to Astrid Lindgrens works.

I was surprised when i found this out. I loved it. A great idea to let him star in the millenium series.

Here is the imdb sait about Ronia: The Robber’s


Posted by Splurr in Stockholm , 8 October 2010

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3 thoughts on “Reference to Astrid Lindgrens work”
  1. Per Oscarsson is one of the greatest actors sweden’s got, although he never made it too the international films. He has played in many of swedens greatest productions trough out the years. I’m afraid he won’t be around for much longer though, the guy’s getting old. However, a truly brilliant actor!

    Posted by Simon in Stockholm ,

  2. In fact, he is likely dead. Articles from the press in Sweden say that authorities believe that Per Oscarsson and his wife died in a house fire at the end of December. Last I checked it hadn’t been 100% confirmed but the unfortunate death of this great actor appears likely.

    Posted by Millennium Addict in Kingsburg, Calif., ,

  3. Yes, it has been confirmed that his remains were identified in the fire. A tragic ending!

    Posted by Vanessa Hobbs in Linden, NJ ,

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