Real people appearing as characters

Paolo Roberto the boxer is mentioned as a character in The Girl who Played with Fire. He plays himself in the movie version.

Journalist Kurdo Baksi is mentioned as someone that Blomkvist seeks a favour from in The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. In real life, Baksi’s publishing house Black & White did exist, and he was involved with Stieg Larsson’s Expo Foundation.

Even Thorbjorn Falldin makes a small appearance when Detective Holmberg makes a secret visit to the former Swedish PM and Centre Party leader during the course of his investigation into the Section’s wrongdoing.

Posted by Andrew Situ in Fremantle , 5 January 2011

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  1. True…Roberto played himself, Baksi is a real person, also worked with Larsson, and Falldin was in the film too. There’s a book My Friend Stieg Larsson, written by Baksi.

    Posted by Nikolina in Buzet, Croatia ,

  2. How much of the story would be based on reale facts…I know that this is not a true story but I m sure that a lot of similar story’s do happen in the world, people with power tend to become very corupt ….look what will happen to the Wiky Leeks man, he has no chanse

    Posted by Bad Boy in portugal ,

  3. BAd boy, I suspect Sapo had something to do with Julian Assange’s case. It seems like the Section may exist in real life after all.

  4. It took me a while to get ito the first book, almost gave up, but the first good and after reading the second one, i had made my mind up that ‘tsttoo ‘ was the best, then I read ‘hornets nest’ thats was brilliant and for me the very best

    Posted by Marjorie Kilbride in LONDONDERRY N>Ireland ,

  5. I also found it intriguing that Larsson used a few real people as characters. Makes the stories more fun, IMO.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis, MN ,

  6. Estoy en shock con esto, soy delgadisima, tengo 19, tve problemas en la infancia y muchos otros…me visto como dark, tengo el cabello corto y negro, en realdiad soy de cabello claro, tengo piercing, amo las motos, soy buena con los ordenadores, soy timida e introvertida pero fuerte de genio. No me separo de mi chaqueta de cuero. Uso una macana electrica. Tengo tendencias bisexuales. Hago lo que quiero cuando quiero. Ya tuve un problema x corrupción, nací el 21 de abril no el 28 pero cerca, mi hermana es mi opuesto, en vez de un dragón uso un fenix (el fenix es lo femenino del dragón, Larsson dice q el dragón de lisbeth es algo oriental)

    Esa soy yo…


    Posted by Paloma in Santiago de chile ,

  7. This one could could very well be a model for Nils Bjurmanöran_Lindberg

    Karl Göran Gustav Lindberg (born 25 April 1946 in Uppsala) is a Swedish convicted serial rapist and a former police chief.

    Posted by The Dragon in Salanderville ,

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