my hard cover is missing pages 411-442 due to a printing error (pages 379- 410 duplicated) What am I missing? It looks like the beginning of the trial.

Posted by Lori in Canada , 10 August 2010

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  1. Seems like “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, judging by the trial and the fact that it’s closer to the end of the book.

    Posted by Lisbeth Lover in Burlington, ON ,

  2. I’ve just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo – published in paperback by Penguin Canada. I am missing pages 116 – 149. I can’t find a similar error in the second trilogy book – have lent my hard cover (yet to read!) to a friend so I’m dreading that there is the same error. I’m going to make an enquiry with Penguin – I have a feeling this is widespread due to typical print runs.

    Posted by Tassie Vacationer in Toronto, ON ,

  3. you can always bring your book back to any book store you do not need a reciept and they will exchange the book for you with a book that has the correct page sequence. they will send the damaged (mixed up printing) book back to the warehouse and will get credit for the book. hope this helps you.

  4. managed once to find wholly unrelated book wherein something akin to 300 out of 500 pages were missing. Right beside it were complete copies. Took a while to figure out why the shorter book seemed wrong.

    Then just tossed it to the cashier who got rid of it.

    Posted by ikks in helsingfors, Finland ,

  5. I’ve just read that part. Mostly about Station. Fed. Pros. gets involved. Trail has not stated yet.

    Posted by lvteacher in vega, usa ,

  6. I am missing pages 245 to 276 in the penguin paperback of The girl with the dragon tattoo.It seems to be a common problem.Sadly A friend read the book first and did not even notice. Not a good sign.

    Posted by A in Vancouver BC ,

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