I don’t know anything about ballistics or forensics beyond what you see watching crime tv/movies BUT wouldn’t it have been pretty obvious early on in the police’s investigation that the shooter of Dag and Mia was of an extremely different height than Lisbeth?

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  1. Well the thing is based on the angle of the shots it would be immediately obvious to forensic investigators what the height at least of the gun was and whether the angle of the gun was upwards or straight on. And given the extreme difference in height between Lisbeth and the actual shooter, it should have been mentioned. The fact that it was overlooked, I think is an oversight.

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  2. I don’t know much about forensics either. But, if it is true that the height discrepancy is important I don’t think it is an oversight. I think it goes further to illustrate the injustice in Lisbeth’s life. The police don’t even consider anyone else when they discover her fingerprints on the gun. Faste immediately jumps on the idea that she is a lesbian satanist and won’t let the idea go even when contrary evidence is produced. I feel like this makes us see why Salander doesn’t trust anyone.

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  3. I imagine it was not an oversight. I think it was a demonstration of police fumbling the investigation and left out intentionally. It could have merely been a matter of bueracracy- the forensics results not being back in a timely fashion and/or the police and media taking the view that Lisbeth was guilty until she was proven innocent. Swedish police may not have access to that sorta investigative practice reaily may also be another option.

    An alternate theory is that someone like Faste with-held that evidence, but I haven’t read the last book.

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  4. Ok, BUT if it wasn’t an oversight, then why wouldn’t it have been pointed out that the police were overlooking such a glaring descrepancy? If it was intended to show the police were screwing up, why not note it?

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  5. they didnt eaven consider anything else beacause lisbeth was implicated via sercumstansial evidence beacause she was the only one with prints on the gun other than bejurman whom it was rejesterd to, also she has the old phsyciatric reports as well as lengthy criminal record that make her seam rather fit for the crime

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  6. I don’t consider it to be a GLARING oversight. It seems to me that if you shoot someone at very close range in the head your height doesn’t matter much. I don’t think it would be glaringly obvious the way a knife wound made by a left-handed person vs. a right-handed person would be. I think the fact that the gun was found on the scene with only Lisbeth’s fingerprints on it is a bigger oversight. She lives right in the city and evades the police for weeks. Would she be so careless as to leave such incriminating evidence behind? Why didn’t the police consider that? That seems like a bigger oversight to me. I also don’t think anyone needs to point out that the police are fumbling. That is completely obvious. Ekstrom, Faste and Pulsson care far more about being right and being obeyed than they care about the truth. The police continue to say that Salander is KNOWN to be a prostitute when there is absolutely NO evidence of it. I believe Larsson’s main point in the trilogy is about how prejudice is so wrong and damaging. The public should be outraged over what Lisbeth has had to deal with, but instead they quickly condemn her because she is different.

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  7. I sort of agree with kja68. Its not a glaring error. I know onald was a big man but the difference in height between him firing from the hip and Lisbeth firing from a high stance would be about the same.

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  8. Crime scene reconstruction in the way you’re talking about is not usually very accurate anyway. I’m doubtful many investigators use it often and they certainly don’t use it as an integral piece of proof/information when looking for a murderer.

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